Recent - AWOL less than a year
Somewhat recent - A regular until 1-2 years ago
A while back - A regular until more than 2 years ago
Looong ago - Near the beginning of #RGVC

NOTE: Some of the below people may occassionally drop in on #RGVC but are not frequent enough visitors to be considered "regulars."

IRC Nick(s) Name Last A Regular
AaronStJ Aaron St. John Somewhat recent
Acey Martin Nielsen A while back
AgentQ Sam Hartmann Looong ago
AIO Jeremy Horwitz A while back
Akmed/AkmedSC Rich Depping Recent
Albertini Carl J. Gade A while back
arcade Mats Ranlind A while back
Arken Daniel J. Geduld Looong ago
arton Casey Wales Looong ago
Beest Jon Folkers Looong ago
BK2K Jay Forman A while back
Blackface John Danielson Looong ago
BlakFlag Brad Clifford Looong ago
Brian_M Brian Moyles Looong ago
BriH Brian Hanechak Looong ago
btomlin/Bruce Bruce Tomlin Looong ago
btr9p Bryan Raynor Looong ago
Bussell Glenn Bussell Looong ago
Bwolk Jacob Wolkowitz Looong ago
camster Camiel Dobbelaar Looong ago
Carneiro David Carneiro Looong ago
catcher/Chevy Mike Cherven Looong ago
Classics/Steve_T Steven J. Tucker Looong ago
cmw CM Wagner Looong ago
COCOMAN Jason Reighard Looong ago
Colecoman Norman G. Sippel A while back
Conjurer Dave W. Looong ago
Crawphish/Porkins Andy Crofford Somewhat recent
crisisx Michael J. Harper A while back
CVGRULE Mike Genova Somewhat recent
cybrreapr Looong ago
Daemon Daemon Recent
Damitol Matt Schneider Recent
Danox Dan Mowczan Looong ago
DaveStein Dave Stein A while back
DaWiz Scott Kelley A while back
D-FENS Bill Foster Looong ago
dnathan David Nathanson A while back
DngrMouse Steve Wineberg Looong ago
Dodger Ted Milker Looong ago
Dogberry Looong ago
DogZilla Chris Mair Looong ago
DougJ Doug Saxon A while back
DougM Doug Manegre A while back
DWar Zac Quinkert A while back
Ericg Eric Gustafson A while back
famitsuo Jessen Jurado Recent
FastEddie/FastEd Ian Holbrough Somewhat recent
Fractal Gilles Thizy A while back
Frags Kevin Bowen A while back
Freder Fred Fredrickson Somewhat recent
_Frogger_/Spirit99 Tom Piatkowski A while back
Gaspode_T John Babich A while back
GBreadMan Daniel J. Stevans Somewhat recent
Gutsman Mark Magdamit Looong ago
hack98 Ken Longshore Looong ago
Hiisi Looong ago
Holstine Patrick Holstine Looong ago
HPMan Charles Morgan Looong ago
JackFlack Jay Colen Looong ago
jat Jason Tatem Looong ago
Jax Gary Wethington A while back
Jehu Patrick Devine Looong ago
jsvare/pastyx Jim Svare Looong ago
KeithW Keith Weisshar Looong ago
Kid-EZ Arne Kuilman A while back
King_Asmo Mike P. Moffatt Looong ago
Kingpong Shane D. Shaffer A while back
knapsack James Huffman Looong ago
Kujo Keith Kuzujanakis Looong ago
LA^Eskimo Jason Miller Recent
lagwalker A.P. Hilliard Looong ago
Lord13 Mark Nautsch A while back
luxmundi Thomas Keller A while back
marimacc Marian McBrine A while back
matthewp/Optimizer Matthew Pritchard Looong ago
mattusc Matthew Wilson Somewhat recent
Mezmaron Stacy J. Dunkle A while back
miester John Hammil A while back
mimsy Alan Ricotta Recent
MMuzzy Michael Muzzy Looong ago
Mneko Jess Ragan A while back
Mushroom/Mushy Brian Hammack Looong ago
MuTaNt Rik Marshall A while back
|Nate Nathan Frame A while back
NoWhereM Patrick Wickwire Looong ago
Oyster Piero Cavina A while back
PammyK Pamela Coker Looong ago
PacEm/taleson Trevor Song A while back
Paranoid Damien Looong ago
PatEwing Jason Whorton A while back
Paul-S Paul Smith A while back
penfan Justin Welsh Recent
PinkShirt Doug Bancroft Somewhat recent
P-Man Andy Welburn A while back
Potsy Craig Smith Looong ago
Prince Tony Salvaro Looong ago
Psquare Paul Potvin Somewhat recent
Quizzle Quizzle Somewhat recent
Richardh Richard Hudson Looong ago
riffraff Michael Garber A while back
Riparian Brian Heward Somewhat recent
Rmonster Richard Muse A while back
Rog Roger Earl Looong ago
_Ross_ Ross Hamilton A while back
RST38h Marat Fayzullin Looong ago
SaintMick Mike St. Clair Looong ago
Saltine Bob Colbert A while back
San-d-2000 Sandy Huner Recent
Sarlaac Craig Taylor Looong ago
SAV2880 Scott Vieth Somewhat recent
savetz Kevin Savetz Looong ago
SayoHu/buurin Howie Voigt A while back
SCSIJoe Joe Grand Recent
SegaMan/_MrDo_ Clint Dyer Looong ago
sharm Nathan Page Looong ago
shawnm Shawn Mativetsky Somewhat recent
s-kelly Sean Kelly A while back
skwerly/nibbler- Larry Lawrence Looong ago
snapsnare Grant LeTourneau Looong ago
Spazpol Damien Knox Looong ago
SteLLaZin Eric D. Christensen Looong ago
Tapeworm Dave Hallock A while back
Tara-fr Olivier Boisseau A while back
TCB/tcbconst Steve Totschek Looong ago
teevtee Ted Tamburo A while back
therion23/t23 Bo Krogsgaard Looong ago
TimG Tim Grooms A while back
Tomalek Charles Taylor Looong ago
TraunStaa Reinhard Traunmüller Recent
Valis Pete Rocha Looong ago
Varan TJ Rappel Looong ago
VaStFeAr Eric Ames A while back
VGR Craig Pell Looong ago
Violet6 JoAnn Sciarappa Looong ago
VT Keith Feinstein Looong ago
Warmgent William Kelley Looong ago
webb John Webb Looong ago
Weirdman Dustin Hubbard Somewhat recent
Wembley Rick Miller A while back
Xeno Jeremy Wilson Looong ago
XStrobe Ben Strobel Looong ago
xTrix Patricia Strobel Looong ago
Yari Looong ago
ZachD Zach Douglas Looong ago
ZeroByte Barry Yost A while back
Zerothis Zerothis Baud A while back
Zube John Dzubera Looong ago

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