Olivier Boisseau (Tara-fr)

Olivier Boisseau

Hatching Date

1971 March 28

Hatching Place

Bordeaux, France

Nesting Site

Bordeaux, France

Member Of #RGVC Since

1998 September

Favorite Games

Micro Machines (any version & system) especially Micro Machines V3 for PSX!
Pitfall (any system)
Skate Boardin' (2600)
Indy 500 (2600)
Tempest 2000 (Jaguar)
Hover Force (Jaguar)
Skiing (Intv)
Zorgon's Revenge (ORIC)
Lode Runner (Timex/Spectrum)
Cabbage Patch Kids (Coleco)
Jungle Hunt (Coleco)
Bump'n Jump (Coleco)
Smurfs (CV)
In fact I don't really now! Too many games!

Favorite System

ColecoVision and Vectrex

What Systems I Own And Collect For

I collect everything from computers to videogames systems and carts. My actual collection is listed here

How Many Games I Own For Each System

INTV: 24
ColecoVision: 9
Atari 800/XE: 10
Atari 2600: 97
Atari 7800: 11
Atari Jaguar: 8
Megadrive/32X: 6
SMS Cards: 8
Sega Game Gear: 10
Spectrum: 150+
Oric: 25
Laser 200/300: 2
Philips VG-5000: 10
MSX: 2
Hanimex HG-7900: 4
Hanimex SD-070: 4
Hanimex MPT-03 (RCA Studio II clone): 2
Soundic MPT-03 (Arcadia clone): 3
MB Microvision: 1
Vectrex: 10

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting

I have been collecting since start of 1998

Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

First, my 115 machines!
Then my Dendy Junior 2 (Famicom russian clone) with its two 4-in-1 carts.
My Lansay 64
My Rollet Videocolor
My Videopac Microsoft Basic module
My Soundic MPT-03 (Arcadia clone)

Other Tidbits/Comments

I also collect computers, that was my first goal, but then I started to collect videogames and carts too as this is great fun. I love to organize 8-bit parties for my friends so they can recall old memories. Some of them nearly cried...
I love the multiplayer games like Indy 500 (VCS) or Space War (Veccy).
I'm also giving a lot of my time to my site which is about old 8-bit systems. Please, come and say hello!

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