Aaron St. John (AaronStJ)

Hatching Date

1982 July 19

Hatching Place

Oregon, USA

Nesting Site

Federal Way, Washington, USA (20 miles south of Seattle)

Member Of #RGVC Since

January, 1998

Favorite Games

Pitfall (2600), Combat (2600) & S.T.U.N. Runner (coin-op)

Favorite System

Atari 2600

What Systems I Own And Collect For

Atari 2600

How Many Games I Own For Each System

Embarrassingly few (about 25, right now.  My collectoin is being funded by my allowance.)

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting

Since December, 1997

Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

Geez, nothing, really.  I think having a 20-year old system that actually still works is pretty cool, though! =)

Other Tidbits/Comments

I haven't been collectiong long, and I may not now as much (technical or trivial stuff) as the more seasoned #RGVC'ers. But I am learning fast, and my pitiful collection is growing!

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