Zerothis Baud (Zerothis)

Zerothis Baud

Hatching Date

1974 September 14

Hatching Place

Northern California, USA

Nesting Site

Northern California, USA

Member Of #RGVC Since

April 1999

Favorite Games

Best of all is "Robot Odyssey" for Apple ][ and other computer systems
The "Zelda" series (LA is the best) for Nintendo systems
"Adventure" AtariVCS
"Cobra Triangle" NES
"Combat" NES
"Marble Madness" arcade
"Gauntlet" series (IV is the best)
"Dragon Warrior IV" NES (III is good too)
"Ecco the Dolphin" series (the original is best)
"Tengen Tetris" NES
"Ultima" series for various systems, 6 is best
"Solstice" NES
classic "Frogger" arcade and various systems
"Galaga" arcade
"Goldeneye007" Nintendo64
"Lode Runner" Apple ][ and various systems
"Indy 500" Atari VCS
"Joust" series arcade
"K. C. Munchkin" series Odyssey²
"Pitfall" Atari VCS and other systems
"Pitfall II Lost Caverns" Atari 5200
"Super Mario Bros. 3" NES
"Metroid" series (original is best)
"Midnight Magic" Atari VCS
"Monopoly" NES
"Ms. Pac-Man" various systems
"Rally Cross" PlayStation
"Rampage" arcade
"Rampart" various systems
"River City Ransom" NES
"River Raid" Atari VCS
"Rock N' Roll Racing" Super NES
"Scorched Earth" PC
"Secret of Mana" Super NES
Any Supercharger game Atari VCS
"Sim City" various systems
"Snake Rattle N' Roll" NES
"Spy Hunter" arcade and various systems
"Thrust" Commodore 64 and new DOS version
"Agent USA" Apple ][ and new Windows version
That's 40, a nice round number, not in any order, I'll stop now
Quest for The Rings

Favorite System

The original Nintendo is my favorite. Though I like the Atari VCS and think Atari Jaguar has the most amazing hardware

What Systems I Own And Collect For

2600, 5200, 7800, Atari 8-bit, Intellivision, Vectrex, TurboGrafx, Saturn, 3DO, Coin-ops

How Many Games I Own For Each System

Atari VCS 130
Atari 5200 28
Atari 7800 39
Atari Lynx 13
Atari Jaguar 19
Atari 130XE 16
Nintendo NES 364
Super Nintendo 71
Nintendo GameBoy 59
Nintendo 64 27
Nintendo VirtualBoy 5
Sega Master System 33
Sega Game Gear 15
Sega Genesis 41
Sega CD 24
Sega 32X/32XCD 27
Sega Saturn 6
Sony PlayStation 44
Magnavox CD-i 14
Magnavox Odyssey 6
Magnavox Odyssey² 21
Colecovision 16
Intellivision 53
Commodore Vic-20 14
Commodore 64 16
Apple ][ plus 4
Palmtex PVS 1 (Game only, no system yet)
TurboGrafx 16 16
Amiga CD³²/CDTV 8 (I don't own a CDTV player, just games)
Nintendo Game&Watch 1 (Zelda type 1, black band, yellow face)
DOS 74
Windows 16
Linux (I have not decided how to count these yet)
Windows9x (I have not decided how to count these yet)
WindowsNT (I have not decided how to count these yet)
1207 Total

IBM-PC 8088
IBM-PC Pentium 66z with 3Dfx card
IBM-PC Dual Pentium II 450z with ATI RAGE PRO card
Atari 800XL
Tandy 1000HX
Atari 2600jr
Sega Genesis CDX
Sears QuadraPong
4-player Pong clone with Indy 500 and Demolition Derby style games built in.
5200 to VCS converter
Super 8 (Tri-Star) FC/NES/SFC to SNES converter
Power Base Genesis to SMS converter

I collect everything except big items like Coin-Ops. All my entertainment equipment, computers, consoles, books, furnature, bed, consoles and 1200+ games are contained in a 12x12x8 space

I average 38 games per system but that's kind of decieving since I own 128 for Atari VCS and 364 for NES.

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting

I've been actively collecting since I played Ridge Racer September 9, 1995. The awful game left me with an unconrolable urge to play Indy 500

Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

A complete Quest for The Rings Odyssey²
Complete Tetris by Tengen NES and every Tengen cart except Cyberball
Complete Tombs & Treasure
Mint Double Dragon Atari VCS
Mint Double Dragon Atari 7800
Mint River City Ransom NES
Mint Hatris NES
Mint Cowboy Kid NES
Complete Swords & Serpents Intellivision
Complete Pac-Man by Namco
Complete All 6 Aladdin carts
Mint Stella Gets a new Brain 2.0
Mint Sid Meier's Civilization SNES
Mint Super 3D Noah's Ark SNES
Tron Deadly Discs Atari VCS
Squeeze Box Atari VCS
Entombed Atari VCS
Artillery Duel + Spike's Peak Atari VCS
BASIC Computing Language Cartridge Atari 8-bit
Dug Dug Intellivision
Diner Intellivision
Hover Force Intellivision
Thin Ice Intellivision
Thunder Castle Intellivision
Tower of Doom Intellivision
Complete Frogger Atari VCS (No UPC symbol)

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