Howie Voigt (SayoHu)
a.k.a. - Buurin

Howie Voigt

Hatching Date


Hatching Place

Appleton, Wisconsin, USA

Nesting Site

Madison, Wisconsin, USA

Member Of #RGVC Since

May 1996

Favorite Games

Space Invaders (Arcade, and consoles), Pengo (Arcade, 5200), Qix (Arcade, 5200), Pyros/Wardner's Forest (Arcade), Black Tiger (Arcade), Cadash (Arcade), Warlords (2600), Adventure (2600), Zelda (NES, SNES), Solomon's Key (NES), Crystalis (NES), Bomberman (any "true" version), Ys I,II,IV (DUO/PCE), Kiki Kaikai (PCE), Tengai Makyo II (PCE), Phantasy Star 1, 2 (SMS, Gen), (Shin) Megami Tensei (all of 'em), Linda Cube (PCE)

Favorite System

NES and PC Engine

What Systems I Own And Collect For

I own many but focus on PCE/Duo, NES, and SNES.  I mostly collect games based on series or development team/creator rather than collect for a specific system. For example, I bought three systems just so I could play the one game in the Tengai Makyo series that came out for each -- PC-FX, Neo-Geo, and Saturn. Of course now that I have them anyway I enjoy other games too. =)

How Many Games I Own For Each System

All the good ones. :P

How Long I've Been Actively Collecting

The first system I really started collecting for was PCE, in about 1992, when there weren't any more US Turbo games coming out. (;_;)  As for other systems, around 1995.

Possessions In My Collection I'm Most Proud Of

My original 6switch 2600, because it started it all for me when I was 2.
All my rare PCE games I didn't have to pay alot for :P
My complete works of Shouji Masuda games collection.
My almost complete Kiki Kaikai collection.  I need the Famicom Disk System version and also the Sayo-chan UFO Catcher doll Taito had in arcades back in the 80's.
My barely legal collection of insanely cute games.

Other Tidbits/Comments

If you played any part in the making of Hydlide on any platform, log off your computer and kill yourself

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