We know that some games were released in Europe
only, but theres a lot the other way around too.
Loads of games never made it to Europe (through the
official channels).These games can be considered
rare, or extremely rare. Australians have the same problems/advantages..
A shout out goes to Teflon in the UK and Keita in the US for helping me out.

NEWSFLASH!   In the States, A PAL Telesys Cosmic Creeps  was found.It had a large P on it and the label was different from the NTSC one. Deleto owns it now.

The PAL Data Age riddle is solved. In 1984 a company called Game World bought [the distributingrights for Europe from] Data Age and offered titles like Bugs, Sssnake  andAirlock. The cartridges are not much different from the original ones, only the Data Agelogo is replaced for a Game World logo.


All salu games: Acid Drop (UK-Only !?) Ghostbusters II My Golf Pick 'N' PileGames by HES (Home Entertainment Suppliers) from AustraliaAll ITT Family games: Alien's Return    (#554-33 391) Base Attack      Cosmic Town       (#554-33 375) Fire Birds        (#554-33 383) Hell Driver       (#554-37 729) Laser Base        (#554-33 367) Meteor Defense    (#554-33 391) Mountain Man      (#554-37 737) Peter Penguin     (#554-37 338) Pumucki I Wilma WandererAll games by Home Vision32 in 1                                  - ATARIAction Force (=GI Joe: Cobra Strike)     - Parker BrothersAsterix                                  - Atari, IncDefender (Blue-labeled rerelease)        - Atari, IncDumbo's Flying Circus                    - Atari Proto Labs this must be the rarest PAL game,  since it was a Prototype onlyFighter Pilot                            - AcTiVisionIkari Warriors                           - Atari, IncJumping Jack                             - DynamicsKLAX                                     - Atari, IncRobin Hood/Super Kung-Fu                 - XonoX (Double-Ender)Vulture Attack                           - K-TelWhite Water Madness                      - Atari, IncWing War                                 - ImagicAll Carrere Video/TELDEC Games (vidtec/U.S. Games games, in tigervision cases): Eggomania Gopher Octopus PicnicAll German Pirates and games by Quelle, StarSoft (S.S) and Goliath.This might come as a shock to you..games fromAbsolute EntertainmentBOMB OnBase Co. BIT Corp.GakkenSanchoSalu are not too hard to find in some parts of Europe,and games from HES and Salu are found more easily in Australia.Uncommon/rare/extremely rare (yet less rare then in the U.S.):32 in 1                                  - Atari, IncBumper Bash                              - SpectravisionFatal Run                                - Atari, IncGas Hog                                  - SpectravisionKLAX                                     - Atari, IncMangia!                                  - SpectravisionOff the Wall                             - Atari, IncRoad Runner                              - Atari, IncX-Man                                   - GameXZ-Tack                                   - BOMB Onbase


All SEARS gameswith Stellar Track, Steeplechase andSubmarine Commander being superexclusive All Apollo games (although these have been imported)All Avalon Hill gamesAll Commavid Games (?! have been spotted in Europe)Most M Network games (some where released by Telegames UK)All Mystique gamesSEGA games (?! have been spotted)All Twentieth Century Fox games (have been found in Europe)Most vidtec/U.S. Games (some where released by Telegames UK and Carrere)All ZiMAG gamesAtari Video Cube                         - Atari, IncBerenstein Bears (and KidVid)            - ColecoHomerun                                  - Atari, IncKrull                                    - Atari, IncQ*Bert Qubes                             - Parker BrothersQuest for Quintana Roo                   - Sunrise Software Inc   (released by Telegames UK tho)RealSports Baseball                      - Atari, IncRescue Terra 1                           - Venture VisionRubik's Cube                             - Atari, IncSmurfs Save the Day (and KidVid)         - ColecoSpitfire Attack                          - Milton BradleySpy Hunter                               - Bally MidwaySurvival Run                             - Milton BradleyTax Avoiders                             - American VideogameTaz (Same as Asterix)                    - Atari, Inc


These where only available in limited quantities (or thru special orders) in theUnited States and are thus even rarer for PAL ppl!Chase the Chuck Wagon                    - Ralston Purina (Dogfood) by SpectravisionCrazy Climber                            - Atari, IncCoke vs Pepsi Asteroids                  - Coca-Cola, by Atari, IncCoke Wins! Asteroids                     - Coca-Cola, by Atari, IncCubicolor                                - Rob Fulop (Imagic)MagiCard                                 - CommavidMusic Machine                            - Sparrow, Christian Software Dev. '83Tooth Protectors                         - johnson and johnson.Quadrun                                  - Atari, IncVideo Life                               - Commavidand the Best Electronics Atari Protos..


Both systems, thought to be PAL-Only or NTSC-Only, yet rare:Asterix                                  - Atari, Inc Boing!                                   - First StarBumper Bash                              - SpectravisionFatal Run                                - Atari, IncGas Hog                                  - SpectravisionIkari Warriors                           - Atari, IncMotorodeo                                - Atari, IncObelix                                   - Atari, IncRoad Runner                              - Atari, IncXenophobe                                - Atari, Inc  Sources used:The Combined Collection from the Ancient ATARI PAL*DivisionDigital Press Classic Videogames Collector's Guide Vol. 4Various issues from the 2600 Connection fanzine.and Many friends from #rgvc.Some pictures taken at RGVC-CON, Dayton OH, 1996
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