S M U R F S    2 6 0 0    P A G E

Why Smurfs? Because they were born in PAL-land, France to be exact, because there is arare and special smurf deal that was withheld from us poor Europeans, and because we haverare pictures to show.
For the 2600, these smurf games were made, or about to be made (in 1982):

We all know Rescue in Gargamel's Castle, a mighty cool game with nice graphics and sound. But what about the other smurf games ? The last three are pretty interesting. Actually, the lasttwo were never made, not even found as prototypes. Papa Smurf's Treasure Hunt  is alsomentioned as Smurf's Hunt.
As for Smurfs Save the Day, this one comes with a load of extras, and is hard to find allcomplete. It was released in 1983, and only in the United States. The package consisted of:

1 cartridge
3 cassette tapes (#1="Harmony Smurf", #2="Handy Smurf" and #3="Greedy Smurf")
1 Kid Vid Voice Module (/Controller)
1 lead

The Berenstein Bears  set (#2658), which also consisted of a cartridge and three tapes,was the only other game developed for the KidVid Voice Module, and was sold seperately (and makes iteven tougher to find these days)

Parts of the package. © Pictures taken by Deleto. Rip on request.

As you can see, the Voice Module looks like an ordinary tape-player. The difference is that it hasa remote port for the lead. The controller-lead jacks into the right joystickport of the VCS.The tapes tell the program on the cart which game to bring up, and the cart and tape interact witheach other throughout the game, providing dialog and music. Imagine this must have been quite someradical stuff for children.

The three games on the cartridge corrrespond with songs on the tapes. Instead of a bleepy 2600 tune,the player will hear a smurf's song coming from the Kid Vid speaker. After a while the tape will bestopped (don't be afraid here, the tape is not being eaten by the recorder, it is simply stopped in arather primitive way). The graphics are simple, ugly even, in the charming 2600 way we're allfamiliar with and love.

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