It all started when Deleto showed me this classic videogames book and said:"Here look at this, there's even a sexgame for the 2600 !". Adifferent friend had also pointed out that he had played such a game at a friend'shouse. No way, this was beyond madness and coolness. A sex game for the 2600 !After wiping the drool from the pages of the book the issue was soon forgottenas we knew we surely wouldn't see this game in our lifetimes.

Just for the none-insiders:
X-man is the one and only game from GameX serialnumber GX-001 probably producedunder the SpectraVision brand. It was released in 1983 primaraly in Europe,where the marketing of such a game would cause less problems than in theUnited States. The game is rated UR on VGR's list, which stands for UltraRare, the highest rating a released game can receive.
While the Atari can never reach high detail for any game to be offendingthe contents of the cart were considered obscene enough for those days tomake X-Man a difficult cart to buy. Not considered for children the gamemust have been sold to adults only or from "under the counter".
The object of the game is to maneuver your horny self towards the centerof a maze, where a willing dame would let you give a shot at pleasing hertowards an orgasm. This is done by quickly wriggling the joystick to andfro.
While maneuvering yourself through the maze your protruding private partsare subject to some very sharp items/monsters. By quickly hiding in a sidealley of the main maze you must try to avoid these razorsharp and wittyitems/monsters. Every time you reach the center you are allowed to try andreach the top in different poses.
This is X-Man !

Part of the coverof X-Man.

Queen's day in the Netherlands

This is one day that you foreigners may have heard of after our find.On this particular day the whole of the Netherlands is allowed to sell theirjunk on the streets in all the different cities in the Netherlands.We decided to visit the same spot as last year since we found some cartsthere.

It was clear from the beginning that this particular square would be a luckystrike. We found all sorts of carts and a box full of Odessey games.The load was too heavy so we dumped our finds in the back of my car andcontinued our trifting. All the while we also had additional "thrifters"searching games for us. After Deleto and I concluded that the square wasdevoid of any more carts we returned to my car, where the other "trifters"(read parents) presented their finds. It varied from boxed Col 'N' s toPac-Man and there were so many different bags that we didn't have an overviewstraight away. Pirates kept coming and going with the most oddball mistitlings like "ReeverRaad"...
Rummaging and quickly skimming through the contents of thebags Deleto saw it.

There it was !!! The bright blue label with the large yellow lettering "X-Man"
Man, HIS cool find. My jealousy was beyond normal levels.

Later when we were driving we found another one in a bag (!) Imagine me tryingnot to cause an accident at 120 Km/h (70 Mph for you American folks).

The best thing was two other "trifters" had also found 2 X-mancarts in different cities. So on Queensday the 30th of April we found 4X-Mans ! (along with 130 other 2600 carts. Among them were Roc 'n Rope,Gas-Hog, Nightmare and 12 pirates) The bad thing was more X-Man's were seen but weren't bought, cause theyalready bought one for me and figured I didn't want doubles !

Hell, how was I supposed to know so many X-man's were scattered around inthe Netherlands.

Yours, Kid-EZ.