T H E    F L E E C I N G    O F    T H E    W O R L D

In Depth reports, analasys, uncoverage and more of how the poor 2600 collectorsall over the world were and still are ripped-off. Millions of carts stowed away under the ground ?EPROMS that will start to rot away ? White- or Blue-labeled carts taking over your collection ?Carts and games you and I will never see or find ? Different TV-systems ? No thriftstores in yourarea ? Game Copyers that do not work ? Conspiracies ? Pirating ?

A Boxed NTSC version of Galaxian. ATARI Europe ripped-off all European comic fans by NOT including thefive exclusive ATARI Force Mini Comics by DC Comics in the PAL games.. American-style SuperheroComics weren't really big in the Eighties in Europe, so ATARI figured to save costs and releaseDefender, Berzerk, Star Raiders, Phoenix and Galaxian without the adventures of the ATARI Force Team.Same for Yar's Revenge and Centipede - no comics came with those either..

This is just one puny example out of the plethora of skrew-ups that have been pushed through ourthroats over the years! But we are tired of taking the fleecements and tell you the true story. Timeto check out what has really been going on!

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