Yup, this is what Deleto has. Over 500 games, of which over a 150 boxed or shrinked. Okay, thatincludes a load of pirates (I own over a 100 including label variations).Rarities are a little nonsense, they are US ratings and based on VGR'slist.. Check out the European Rating Rarity List to see what we think..Condition is what comes with the game or the shape it is in (M=Manual, B=Boxed with manual,S=Factory sealed or Shrinkwrapped, A=the Accessory like a keypad and, N=NTSC).
Now showing games I want/need, right here!If you want to trade stuff, look HERE.Last update: 25/01/99.

# Title                         Producer                        Year     serial #    rarity  cond.1  8 in 1 Multigame Cartridge   Pirate                          198?     2402-041-01     R     B1  9 in 1                       Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 16 in 1                       Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 32 in 1                       Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26163         ER    B1 3-D tic-tac-toe               Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2618          U 2 Acid Drop                     Salu Ltd.                       1992                     R     B                                               1 Action Force                  Parker Brothers                 1983     PB5920          ER1 Adventure                     Atari Inc.                      1980     CX2613          C       N1 Adventures of TRON            M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT4317          U       N1 Adventures on GX-12           Telegames                       198?                     R1 A Game of Concentration       Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2642          R     B1 Air Bone Assault              Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Airlock                       Data Age, Inc.                  1982     DA1004          C       N1 Air Patrol                    Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Air Raiders                   M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5861          R       N1 Air-Sea Battle                Atari Inc.                      1981     CX2602          U     M    1 Alices Abenteuer              Quelle                          1983      Germany        R1 Alien                         20th Century Fox                1982     11006           U     B N1 Alpha Beam With Ernie         Atari Inc.                      1983     CX26103         R     M N1 Amidar                        Parker Brothers                 1982     PB5310          U                                                                                    1 Arcade Pinball                Sears Tele-games                1981     49 75161        R       N1 Armor Ambush                  M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5661          C     M N1 Assaulrt                      Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Assault                       Onbase Co. Ltd. (BOMB)          1983     CA281           R5 Asteroids                     Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2649          C     B1 Asteroids                     Sears Tele-games                1980     49 75163        U       N2 Astroblast                    M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5666          U       N1 Astroblast                    Telegames                       198?                     R     B1 Astrowar                      Arctic                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Astro War                     Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Atari Video Cube              Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2670          R       N1 Atlantis                      Imagic                          1983     IA3203          U     S1 Bachelorette Party/B. Desire  Playaround, Inc.                1982     202             ER    S N1 Backgammon                    Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2617          U  1 Bank Heist                    20th Century Fox                1983     11012           R     N1 Bank Maze                     Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Barnstorming                  AcTiVision                      1982     PAX-013         U     M1 Barzack                       Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Base Attack #13               home vision                     1983     VCS83113        R1 Basic Math                    Atari Inc.                      1977     CX2661          U     M N2 Basic Programming             Atari Inc.                      1979     CX2620          U     S1 Basis-Angriff                 Suntek                          198?     SP-208          R3 Basketball                    Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2624          C     B1 Battlezone                    Atari Inc.                      1983     CX2681          U     B1 Beamrider                     AcTiVision                      1984     EAZ-037-04I     R     B1 Beany Bopper                  20th Century Fox/Sirius         1982     11002           R       N1 Beat 'm & Eat 'm              Mystique                        1982     1003            ER    S N1 Bermuda Triangle              Data Age, Inc.                  1982     112-007         R       N2 Berzerk                       Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2650          C     B N1 Berzerk                       Sears Tele-games                1982     49 75168        R       N 1 Big Bird's Egg Catch          Atari Inc.                      1983     CX26104         R     A N1 Bilard                        S.S. (StarSoft)                 1983      Germany        R1 Black Hole                    Pirate                          198?      Germany        R1 Blackjack                     Atari Inc.                      1977     CX2651          C     M N1 Blackjack                     Sears Tele-games                197?      6 99805        U     M N1 Blue Print                    CBS Electronics                 1983     3P41765000      R     B N1 BMX Air Masters               TNT Games                       198?     26192           ER      N1 Bobby Gehts Heim              Pirate (BIT)                    1983      Germany        R     B1 Bobby Gehts Nach Hause        S.S. (StarSoft)                 1983      Germany        R1 Bobby Is Going Home           BIT Corporation                 1983     PG206           R       1 Bogey Blaster                 Telegames                       198?     5861 A030       R     B1 Boom Bang                     Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R     2 Bowling                       Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2628          C     B1 Boxing                        AcTiVision                      1982     EAG-002         U1 Brain Games                   Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2664          U     S N1 Breakaway IV                  Sears Tele-games                1978     49 75107        C       N1 Breakout                      Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2622          U     B N1 Bridge                        AcTiVision                      1980     AX-006          U       N1 Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom   SEGA                            1983     005-01          U     B N1 Bugs                          Data Age, Inc.                  1982     DA1005          U       N 1 Bugs                          Gameworld                       1983     DA1002          ER   PAL! 1 Bumper Bash                   Spectravideo                    1983     SA 218C         UR      1 Bump N Jump                   M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT7045          R       N   1 Bump 'n' Jump                 Telegames                       198?                     R     B                                                               1 Burgertime                    M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT4518          R       N1 Burper                        Fantastic Game (Pirate)         198       Taiwan         R     B1 California Games              Epyx                            198?     19319R          U     B N2 Canyon Bomber                 Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2607          R     S N 1 Carnival                      CBS Electronics                 1982     4L2277 PA244525 U 1 Car Race                      Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Casino                        Atari Inc.                      1979     CX2652-P        C2 Centipede                     Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2676          C     S1 Challange of Nexar, The       Spectravideo                    1983     SA-206          R     B2 Championship Soccer           Atari Inc.                      1980     CX2616          C1 Chase the Chuckwagon          Spectravision/Ralston Purina    1983                     UR      N   1 Checkers                      AcTiVision                      1980     AG-003          ER1 Checkers                      Sears Tele-games                1980     49 75156        ER      N1 Chess                         Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R     B    1 China Syndrome                Spectravision                   1983     SA-205          R     M                                                                                       1 Chopper Command               AcTiVision                      1982     AX-015          U     M1 Chuck Norris/Artillery Duel   XonoX (Double-Ender)            1983     6230            R       N1 Circus                        Sears Tele-games                1981     49 75122        C       N1 Circus                        Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R     B5 Circus Atari                  Atari Inc.                      1980     CX2630          C     M1 Coco Nuts                     Telesys                         1982     1001            R       N1 Code Breaker                  Atari Inc.                      1980     CX2643          U     B1 Col 'N'                       Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R8 Combat                        Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2601          C     B1 Commando                      AcTiVision                      1985     AK-043          R     B1 Commando Raid                 vidtec (U.S. Games)             1982     VC 1004         R       N1 Communist Mutants From Space  Starpath/Arcadia                1982     AR-4101 #2      U     S N1 Condor Attack                 Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Congo Bongo                   SEGA                            1983     006-01          R     S N1 Cookie Monster Crunch         Atari Inc.                      1983     CX26102         R     B1 Cosmic Ark                    Imagic                          1982     720104-2        U     S1 Cosmic Commuter               AcTiVision                      1984     AG-038-02       R     S N1 Cosmic Creeps                 Telesys                         1982     1002            R       N1 Cosmic Swarm                  CommaVid                        1982     CM-003          ER      N1 Cracker Pat                   Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Crossbow                      Atari Inc.                      1987     CX26139         U     B1 Cross Force                   Spectravideo                    1982     SA-203          R     B1 Cruise Missile                Froggo Games Corp.              1987     FG 1007         U     S N1 Crypts of Chaos               20th Century Fox                1982     11009           R       N1 Crystal Castles               Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26110         C       N1 Custer's Revenge              Mystique                        1982     1001            ER    M N1 Dancing Plate                 BIT Corpration                  1982     PG205           R  1 Dare Diver                    Sears Tele-games                1977     49 75118        ER      N1 Dark Cavern                   M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5667          U       N2 Dark Cavern                   Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26151         U     S1 Deadly Duck                   20th Century Fox/Sirius         1982     11004           R       N2 Decathlon                     AcTiVision                      1983     EAZ-030         R     B1 Decathlon                     H.E.S.                          198?                     R2 Defender                      Atari Inc.                      1983     CX2609          C     B1 Defender                      Sears Tele-games                1981     49 75186        C       N1 Defender II                   Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26120         R     S N2 Demon Attack                  Imagic                          1982     IA3200          C     S1 Demon Attack                  Pirate                          198?      Germany        R2 Demons to Diamonds            Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2615          C     S N1 Demons to Diamonds            Sears Tele-games                1982     49 75140        ER      N1 Der flinke Architect          Quelle                          1983      Germany        R2 Desert Falcon                 Atari Inc.                      1987     CX26140         C     S 1 Diagnostic Test Cartridge     Atari Service                   198?     TE016643 2.6P   ER    S N1 Die Ente und der Wolf         Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R     M1 Die hungrichen Frösche        Pirate                          1983      Germany        R1 Die Springteufel               Pirate                         198?      Germany        R1 Die Unterwasser-Bestien       Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R2 Dig Dug                       Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2677          U     B N 2 Dodge 'Em                     Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2637          C     S1 Dolphin                       AcTiVision                      1983     AX-024          U       N1 Donkey Kong                   CBS Electronics                 1983     4L2274 PA241125 U1 Donkey Kong                   Coleco                          1983     2451            C     M N1 Double Dragon                 AcTiVision                      1989     AK-050-02       R     B          1 Dragon Defender               Taiwan R.O.C.                   198?     TP-605          ER1 Dragonfire                    Imagic                          1983     IA3611          C       N              1 Dragonstomper                 Starpath/Arcadia                1982     AR-4400 #6      R       N1 Dragster                      AcTiVision                      1980     AG-001          C       N1 Dschungel Boy                 Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Dukes of Hazzard              Atari Inc.    -BEST PROTOTYPE-           CX2678          EP      N1 Earth Dies Screaming, The     20th Century Fox                1983                     ER      N1 Eddy Langfinger, der Mus.dieb Quelle                          1983      Germany        R1 Eggomania                     U.S. Games                      1982     VC2003          R       N1 Eishockey-Fieber              Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Emdurl                        Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Encounter at L-5              Data Age, Inc.                  1982     DA1001          U       N1 Enduro                        AcTiVision                      1983     AX-026          U     B1 Entombed                      U.S. Games                      198?     VC2007          ER      N1 Escape From The Mindmaster    Starpath/Arcadia                1982     AR-4200 #5      R       N1 Espial                        Tigervision                     1983     7-012           ER    B1 E.T. The Extra-Terrestial     Atari Proto Lab -signed-        1982     EPROM           UP      N2 E.T. The Extra-Terrestial     Atari Inc.      -signed-        1982     CX2674          C     B1 Exocet                        Sancho                          1982     TEC001          ER1 F-14 Tomcat                   Absolute Entertainment          1989     AK-046          ER    B1 Fantastic Voyage              20th Century Fox                1982     11008           R       N1 Farmyard Fun                  Taiwan R.O.C.                   198?     TP-617          ER1 Fast Eddie                    20th Century Fox/Sirius         1983     11003           U     M N1 Fast Food                     Telesys                         1982     1003            R       N1 Fatal Run                     Atari Inc.                      1990     CX26162         ER    B1 Fathom                        Imagic                          1983     O3205           R       N1 Feuerwehr im Einsatz          Pirate                          1983      Germany        R1 Fireball                      Starpath/Arcadia                1982     AR-4300 #3      R     S N 1 Fire Birds                    ITT Family Games                1983     554-33 383      ER1 Fire Fighter                  Imagic                          1983     IA3400          R     B1 Fire Fly                      mythicon                        1983     MA-1002         U       N1 Fishing Derby                 AcTiVision                      1980     AG-004          U       N1 Fishing Durbi                 Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Flag Capture                  Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2644          C     B N1 Flash Gordon                  20th Century Fox/Sirius         1983     11015           R       N                      1 Flash Gordon                  Digivision                      198?     038             ER1 Football                      Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2625          U     S1 Football                      Sears Tele-games                1979     49 75114        C       N1 Football                      Telegames                       199?                     R                               2 Football                      Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R 1 Fortress Defense              Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Fox & Goat                    Pirate                          1983      Germany        R1 Frankenstein's Monster        Data Age, Inc.                  1983     112-008         R       N1 Free Way                      Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R                                                                               1 Freeway                       AcTiVision                      1983     AG-009          U     B  2 Frogger                       Parker Brothers                 1983     PB5300          C     B                                                          1 Frogger                       Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Frogger                       Pirate                          198?      Germany        R1 Frogger II: Threedeep!        Parker Brothers                 1984     PB5590          ER      N1 Frogs and Flies               M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5664          U       N2 Frostbite                     AcTiVision                      1983     EAX-031-048     U1 Frostbite                     Polyvox / ATARI                 1983                     UR1 Fuchs  & Schweinchen Schlau     Star Soft                       1983      806.1749       R     B 1 Fun With Numbers              Atari Inc.                      1977     CX2661          U1 Galactic                      Hotshot                         1983      Germany        R4 Galaxian                      Atari Inc.                      1982-83  CX2684          C     S1 Gangster Alley                Spectravideo                    1982     SA-201          U                                                       1 Gas Hog                       Spectravideo                    1982     SA-217          ER1 Ghostbusters                  AcTiVision                      1985     EAG-108-04      R     M  1 Ghostbusters II               Salu Ltd.                       1992                     ER    B1 G.I. Joe: Cobra Strike        Parker Brothers                 1983     PB5920          U       N1 Glacier Patrol                Telegames UK                    198?                     ER1 Gopher                        U.S. Games                      1983     VC2001          R     M N1 GORF                          CBS Electronics                 1982     M8793           C     B1 GORF 4 in 1                   Pirate                          1983      Australia      R     B1 Goufer                        Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Grand Prix                    AcTiVision                      1982     EAX-014         C   1 Grand Prix                    Pirate                          1983      Taiwan         R  1 Gravitar                      Atari Inc.                      1988     CX2685          U     S N1 Great Escape                  Onbase Co. Ltd. (BOMB)          1983     CA282           R1 Gunslinger                    Sears Tele-games                197?      6 99822        U       N1 Gyruss                        Parker Brothers                 1984     PB5080          R       N1 Hangman                       Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2662          R       N1 Haunted House                 Atari Inc.                      1983     CX2654          C     B           1 H.E.R.O.                      AcTiVision/Salu Ltd.            1990                     R     B1 Hey! Stop!                    Suntek                          198?     SS-012          R     B1 Hili Ball                     Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Home Run                      Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2623          U     M N1 Human Cannonball              Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2627          U     S N1 Ice Hockey                    AcTiVision                      1982     EAX-012         U     B1 Ikari Warriors                Atari Inc.                      1989     CX26177         ER1 Im Reich der Spinne           Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Indy 500                      Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2611          U     B N2 Infiltrate                    Apollo                          1982     AP 2006         U     B N1 International Soccer          M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5687          U       N1 Invasion der UFO'S            Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Jawbreaker                    Tigervision                     1982     7-002           R                                                               1 Journey Escape                Data Age, Inc.                  1982     112-006         C       N1 Joust                         Atari Inc.                      1983     CX2691          C     S N2 Jungle Hunt                   Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2688          U     S N1 Jr. Pacman                    Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26123         U     S1 Kaboom!                       AcTiVision                      1981     PAG-010         U       1 Kampf dem Steinfresser        Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Kampf um die Schatzinsel      Quelle                          1983      Germany        R2 Kangaroo                      Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2689          U     S 1 Karate                        Froggo Games Corp.              1987     FG1001          U     S N2 Keystone Kapers               AcTiVision                      1983     EAX-025-041     U     B1 King Arthur                   Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R2 King Kong                     Tigervision                     1982     7-001           R     M                                          1 KLAX                          Atari Inc.                      1990     CX26192         ER    S1 Kool-Aid Man                  M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT4648          U1 Krull                         Atari Inc.                      198?     CX2682          R       N1 Kung-Fu Master                AcTiVision                      198?     EAX-039-04I     R1 Kung-Fu Superkicks            Telegames                       198?                     R     B2 Laaser                        Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R 1 Laaser Voley                  Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Labyrinth                     Quelle                          1983      Germany        R1 Laser Base                    ITT Family Games                1983     554-33 367      ER2 Laser Blast                   AcTiVision                      1982     AG-008          C     M1 Laser Gates                   Imagic                          1983     EIX-007-04I     R1 Lily Adventure                Pirate                          1983      Germany        R1 Lilly Adventure               Pirate                          1983      Germany        R1 Lock 'n' Chase                M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5663          C       N1 Lock 'n' Chase                Telegames                       198?                     R     B2 Lost Luggage                  Apollo                          1981     AP 2004         U     B1 M.A.D.                        U.S. Games                      1982     VC1012          U1 Marauder                      Tigervision                     1982     7-005           ER2 Mario Bros.                   Atari Inc.                      1988     CX2697          U     B1 M*A*S*H                       20th Century Fox/Sirius         1982     11011           U       N1 Master Builder                Spectravideo                    1983     SA-210          R     B1 Masters o/t Universe (He-Man) M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1983     MT4319          R       N1 Math Grand Prix               Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2658          U     S N1 Maze                          Sears Tele-games                1978     49 75112        U       N1 Maze Craze                    Atari Inc.                      1980     CX2635          C     M1 Mega Force                    20th Century Fox                1982     11005           R       N1 Megamania                     AcTiVision                      1982     AX-017          C     M N1 Midnight Magic                Atari Inc.                      1982     CX26129         R     B2 Millipede                     Atari Inc.                      1984     CX26118         R     S 1 Miner 2049er                  Tigervision                     1983     7-008           ER    B 1 Mines of Minos                CommaVid                        1982     CM-005          ER1 Miniature Golf                Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2626          C     M4 Missile Command               Atari Inc.                      1981     CX2638          C     B      1 Mission 3,000                 Pirate (BIT)                    1983      Germany        R     B1 Mogul Maniac                  Amiga Corporation               1983     3120            ER      N1 Moon Patrol                   Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2692          U     S 1 Moonsweeper                   Imagic                          1983     EIZ-001-04I     U1 Monster aus dem All           Suntek                          1983     SP-206          R1 Montezuma's Revenge           Parker Brothers                 1984     PB5760          ER    B N1 Motocross                     Suntek                          1983     SS-022          R1 Motocross                     Pirate                          198?      Germany        R1 Motocross                     Quelle                          1983      Germany        R1 Motorodeo                     Atari Inc.                      1990     CX26171         UR    B1 Mountain King                 CBS Electronics                 1983     4L2738          R     M N1 Mouse Trap                    CBS Electronics                 1983     4L1818 PA241925 U       1 Mousetrap                     Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26146         R     B1 Mr. Do!                       CBS Electronics                 1983     4L4478 PA262225 R1 Mr. Postman                   BIT Corporation                 1983     PG207           R1 Mr. Postman                   CCE                             1983     C-108           UR1 Mr. T                         Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R3 Ms. Pac-Man                   Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2633          C     B  1 My Golf                       Salu Ltd. /HES                  1990                     ER    S1 My Way                        Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Name This Game                U.S. Games                      1982     VC1007          U     M N2 Night Driver                  Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2633          C       N 1 Nightmare                     Sancho                          1983                     R                                                               1 No Escape!                    Imagic                          1983     IA3312          R     M N1 Obelix                        Atari Inc.                      1983     CX26117         ER1 Octopus                       Carrere Video Dist. /TELDEC     1983     USC1007         R1 Off the Wall                  Atari Inc.                      1989     CX26168         ER    B 1 Okie Dokie                    Retroware                       1997     #3/100          R     M N1 Omega Race                    CBS Electronics                 1983     4L-2737-0000    R       N   1 Oscar's Trash Race            Atari Inc.                      1983     CX26101         ER    B1 Othello                       Atari Inc.                      1980     CX2639          U     B1 Othello                       Sears Tele-games                1981     49 75162        U     B N1 Outer Space                   Sears Tele-games                198?        99803        U       N2 Outlaw                        Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2605          U1 Pac-Kong                      Suntek                          1983     SS-003          R       1 Pac-Kong                      Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R       1 Pac-Kong                      Hotshot                         1983      Germany        R5 Pac-Man                       Atari Inc.                      1981     CX2646          C     B2 Pac-Man                       Sears Tele-games                1981     49 75185        U       N1 Pac Man                       Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R                                                                               1 Paris Attack                  Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R2 Pelé's Soccer                 Atari Inc.                      1981     CX2616          C     B1 Pengo                         Atari Inc.                      1984     CX2690          ER      N1 Pete Rose Baseball            Absolute Entertainment          1988     AK-045-02       R     S N1 Phantompanzer II              Quelle                          1983      Germany        R1 Phaser Patrol                 Starpath/Arcadian               1982     AR-4101 #1      C     S N1 Phoenix                       Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2673          C     B1 Pick 'n Pile                  Salu Ltd.                       1990                     ER1 Picnic                        U.S. Games                      1982     VC 2004         R       N1 Pigs in Space                 Atari Inc.                      1983     CX26114         ER    B1 Pitfall!                      AcTiVision                      1982     EAX-018         C     M1 Pitfall II: Lost Caverns      AcTiVision                      1984     EAB-035-04      ER    B 1 Planet Patrol                 Spectravideo                    1982     SA-202          R     B1 Plant Patrol                  Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Polaris                       Tigervision                     1982     7-007           ER    B2 Pole Position                 Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2694          C     B 1 Pole Positn                   Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2694          R    1 Pong Sports                   Sears Tele-games                198?     49 75104        C       N1 Pooyan                        Gakken                          1982     001             ER    B                        1 Popeye                        Parker Brothers                 1983     PB5370          C     B1 Porky's                       20th Century Fox                1982     11013           R       N1 Pressure Cooker               AcTiVision                      1983     AZ-032          U       N1 Private Eye                   AcTiVision                      1983     EAZ-034-04I     ER1 Quest for Quintana Roo        Telegames                       198?                     R     S1 Q*Bert                        Parker Brothers                 1983     PB5360          C     B2 Q*bert                        Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26150         R     B 1 Quick Step                    Imagic                          1983     EIX-004-04I     R1 Racquetball                   Apollo                          1981     AP 2003         U     B N1 Radar Lock                    Atari Inc.                      1989     CX26176         R1 Raiders of the Lost Ark       Atari Inc.      -signed-        1983     CX2659          C     B1 Rampage                       AcTiVision                      198?     AK-049          R     B 1 Raumbasen-Attacke             Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Raumroboter                   Suntek                          1983     SP-203          R1 Reactor                       Parker Brothers                 1982     PB5330          U     B1 RealSports Baseball           Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2640          U     S N  1 RealSports Boxing             Atari Inc.                      1982     CX26135         U     B1 RealSports Football           Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2668          U     B1 RealSports Football Soccer    Atari Inc.                      1987     CX2667          U   1 RealSports Soccer             Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2667          U     B1 RealSports Tennis             Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2680          U     B2 RealSports Volleyball         Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2666          U     B1 Reconnaissance                Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R2 Reever Raad II                Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Revenge ot Beefsteak Tomatoes 20th Century Fox                1983     11013           R       N1 Riddle of the Sphinx          Imagic                          1983     IA3600          U     S1 River Raid                    AcTiVision                      1982     AX-020          U     M      1 River Raid II                 AcTiVision                      1988     AK-048-02       ER    S N1 River Raid III                Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Road Runner                   Atari Inc.                      1989     CX2663          ER    B1 Robin Hood                    Quelle                          1983      Germany        R1 Robot Tank                    AcTiVision                      1983     AG-028-04       R     M N1 Roc 'n' Rope                  CBS Electronics                 1982     4L1751          R1 Schießbude                    Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Schnapp die Apfeldiebe        Quelle                          1983      Germany        R1 Schnecke und Eichhörnchen     Pirate (BIT)                    1983      Germany        R1 Schussel, der Polizistenschr. Quelle                          1983      Germany        R1 Sea Hawk                      Froggo Games Corp.              1987     FG 1008         U     S N1 Sea Houck                     Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Sea Hunt                      Froggo Games Corp.              1987     FG 1009         R     S N1 Seaquest                      AcTiVision                      1983     AX-022          C       N1 Secret Quest                  Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26170         R     B N1 Seemonster                    Pirate (BIT)                    1983      Germany        R1 See Saw                       Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Sentinel                      Atari Inc.                      1990     CX26183         ER    B1 Shark Attack                  Apollo                          1982     AP 2005         U       N1 Skateboardin'                 Absolute Entertainment          1988     AG-042          R     B1 Skeet Shoot                   Apollo                          1981     AP 1001         R       N2 Skiing                        AcTiVision                      1980     EAG/PAG-005-04B R     B1 Skin Diver                    Sancho                          1983     TEC003          R     M2 Sky Diver                     Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2629          U     B1 Sky Skipper                   Parker Brothers (/Nintendo)     1981     PB5350          R       N1 Slot Machine                  Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2653          U     B N1 Slot Racers                   Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2606          U     B 1 Smurf  (R.in G's Castle)      CBS Electronics                 1982     244325          C     B1 Smurfs Save the Day           Coleco                          1983     2511            UR    A N1 Sneak 'n Peek                 vidtec (U.S.Games)              1982     VC 1002         R       N1 Snoopy and the Red Baron      Atari Inc.                      1982     CX26111         R1 Soccer                        Telegames                       198?                     U1 Solar Fox                     CBS Electronics                 1983     4L1852          U     B1 Solar Storm                   Imagic                          1982     O3206           R     B1 Solaris                       Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26136         U     S1 Sorcerer                      mythicon                        1983     MA-1001         U       N1 Sorcerer's Apprentice         Atari Inc.                      1983     CX26109         R     S N                                                  1 S.O.S.                        Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Space Attack                  M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5659          U     S N1 Space Attack                  Telegames                       198?                     R     B                                               2 Space Cavern                  Apollo                          1982     AP 2002         U       N 1 Spacechase                    Apollo                          1981     AP 2001     6 Space Invaders                Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2632          C     S       1 Space Invaders                Sears Tele-games                1980     49 75153        C       N    1 Space Jockey                  vidtec (U.S.Games)              1982     VC1001          C     B N1 Space Robot                   Arctic                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Space Robot #1                Goliath                         1983      Germany        R1 Space Shuttle                 AcTiVision                      1983     EAZ-033         R1 Space War                     Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2604          C           1 Spaidder Fight                Pirate                          1983      Taiwan         R1 Sparker Gardon                Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Speedway II                   Sears Tele-games                198?     49 75103        U       N1 Spiderdroid                   Froggo Games Corp.              1987     FG 1002         U     S N1 Spider Fighter                AcTiVision                      1982     EAX-021         U     B1 Spider-Man                    Parker Brothers                 1982     PB5900          R     B1 Spike's Peak/Ghost Manor      XonoX (Double-Ender)            1983     6230            R1 Spitfire Attack               Milton Bradley Co.              1983     4363            R       N1 Sprintmaster                  Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26150         R1 Squeeze Box                   U.S. Games                      1982     VC2002          ER      N1 Sssnake                       Data Age, Inc.                  1982     DA1003          U       N1 Stampede                      AcTiVision                      1981     AG-011          C     M N1 Stargate                      Atari Inc.                      1987     CX26120         U     1 Starmaster                    AcTiVision                      1982     AX-016          C       N1 Star Force                    Pirate                          198?      Germany        R1 Star Fox                      mythicon                        1983     MA-1003         U       N1 Star Raiders                  Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2660          U     A       1 Star Ship                     Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2603          R       N1 Star Strike                   M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT4313          R       N1 Star Trek S.O.S.              SEGA                            1983     004-01          R     B N1 Star Voyager                  Imagic                          1982     IA3201          C     S                                                              1 Star Wars: Empire Strikes B.  Parker Brothers                 1982     PB5050          C     B2 Star Wars: Death Star Battle  Parker Brothers                 1983     PB5060          R     B1 Star Wars: Jedi Arena         Parker Brothers                 1983     PB5000          U     S N1 Steeplechase                  Sears Tele-games                1980     49 75126        R       N  1 Stellar Track                 Sears Tele-games                1980     49 75159        R       N1 Stell-A-Sketch                Retroware                       1997                     R       N1 Stralen der Teufelsvögel      Quelle                          1983      Germany        R1 Strategy X                    Gakken                          1982     010             ER1 Strawberry Shortcake M. M.    Parker Brothers                 1983     PB5910          U       N1 Street Racer                  Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2612          U       N1 Submarine Commander           Sears Tele-games                1982     49 75142        ER      N1 Sub Scan                      SEGA                            1983     002-01          R       N1 Subterranea                   Imagic                          1983     EIZ-003-04I     ER1 Suicide Mission               Starpath/Arcadia                1982     AR-4102 #4      R     S N      1 Summer Games                  Epyx                            1987     8056100250      R1 Super Breakout                Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2608          C     B                                              1 Super Challenge Baseball      M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5665          C       N  2 Super Challenge Football      M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5658          C     M N   1 Super Cobra                   Parker Brothers                 1983     PB5320          U 1 Super-Cowboy beim Rodeo       Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R 1 Super-Ferrari                 Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Super Football                Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26154         U     B 1 Super-Man                     Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R2 Superman                      Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2631          C       N1 Supperman                     Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Surround                      Atari Inc.                      1978     CX2641          C 1 Survival Run                  Milton Bradley Co.              1983     4362            R       N1 Sword Quest: Earthworld       Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2656          U     B1 Sword Quest II: Fireworld     Atari Proto Lab                 1982     EPROM           UP                                                                                      1 Sword Quest: Fireworld        Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2657          U     B1 Sword Quest: Waterworld       Atari Inc.    -BEST PROTOTYPE-           CX2671          UP    B N1 Tac Scan                      SEGA                            1983     001-01          U       N1 Tank City                     Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Tank Plus                     Sears Tele-games                1977     49 75124        C       N1 Tanzende Teller               Pirate (BIT)                    1983      Germany        R  1 Tape Worm                     Spectravision                   1982     SA-204          R       N1 Tapper                        SEGA                            1984     010-01          ER      N1 Target Fun                    Sears Tele-games                1977     49 75102        C     M N 1 Task Force                    Froggo Games Corp.              1987     FG 1003         R     S N1 Tax Avoiders                  American Videogame              1982     n/a             ER    S N 1 Taz                           Atari Inc.                      198?     CX2699          R       N2 Tennis                        AcTiVision                      1981     EAG-007         C     B                                                           1 Tennis #7                     home vision                     1983     VCS83107        R1 Termool                       Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Theamk                        Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R1 Threshold                     Tigervision                     1982     7-003           ER    B1 Thunderground                 SEGA                            1983     003-01          R       N1 Title Match Pro Wrestling     Absolute Entertainment          1988                     R     B1 Tonky Kon (Donkey Kong)       Pirate                          198?      Taiwan         R     B1 Top Gun                       Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Towering Inferno              vidtec (U.S.Games)              1982     VC1009          U     B N1 Trick Shot                    Imagic                          1983     IA3000          R     S1 Tron Deadly Discs             M-Network (Mattel Inc.)         1982     MT5662          C       N1 TRON's Deadly Discs           Telegames                       198?                     U     B1 Tunnel Runner                 CBS Electronics                 1983     4L-2520-5000    R       N1 Turmoil                       20th Century Fox / Sirius       1982     11007           U       N         2 Tutankham                     Parker Brothers                 1983     PB5340          U     B  1 Ufi u/s gefŠhrlicher Eimsatz  Quelle                          1983      Germany        R1 UFO Attack                    Pirate (Zellers PAL)            198?      Taiwan         R1 Universal Chaos               Telegames                       198?     7062 A305       R     B1 Up 'n Down                    SEGA                            1984     009-01          ER      N1 Vanguard                      Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2669          C     B               1 Venture                       Coleco                          1981     2457            U     S N1 Venture                       Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26145         R     S1 Video Checkers                Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2636          R 1 Video Chess                   Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2645          U     M1 Video Jogger                  Exus Corporation                1983                     ER      N1 Video Olympics                Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2621          C     B N2 Video Pinball                 Atari Inc.                      1982     CX2648          U               1 Video Reflex                  Exus Corporation                1983                     ER      N1 Volleyball                    Pirate                          1983      Taiwan         R1 Wabbit                        Apollo                          1982     AP2010          R     B N1 Wachroboter jagt Jupy         Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Wall Defender                 Onbase Co. Ltd. (BOMB)          1983     CA285           R2 Warlords                      Atari Inc.                      1981     CX2610          U     S          1 Warlords                      Sears Tele-games                1981     49 75127        U       N         1 Warplock                      Data Age, Inc.                  1982     DA1002          C       N1 Weltraum Tunnel               Video Spiel Cassette (Quelle)   198?      Germany        R     B1 Weltraum Tunnel               Quelle (S.S.)                   198?      Germany        R1 Wizard of War                 CBS Electronics                 1982     4L1720          U     B1 Winter Games                  Epyx                            1985                     R     B                                                                   1 Word Zapper                   vidtec (U.S. Games)             1982     VC1003          U       N1 Worm War I                    20th Century Fox                1982     11001           U       N1 Wüstenslacht                  Quelle (S.S.)                   1983      Germany        R1 Xenophobe                     Atari Inc.                      1988     CX26172         ER    B2 Yars' Revenge                 Atari Inc.      -signed-        1981     CX2655          C     B         1 Yars' Revenge                 Sears Tele-games                1981     49 75167        U       N  1 Zaxxon                        CBS Electronics                 1983     243525          C     B                                                 1 Z-Tack                        Onbase Co. Ltd. (BOMB)          1983     CA283           R1 Z-4                           arton - zimot industries        1996     #4              ER      NSome awesome loose ATARI 2800 boxes I am proud to own:Demons to Diamonds (w/manual), Golf (w/manual), Math Gran Prix, Realsports Soccer.
Systems and Stuff:3 Atari 2600 VCS 6 switch (with woodpanel) (boxed) 1977 3 Atari 2600 VCS 4 switch (with woodpanel)2 Atari 2600 VCS 4 switch3 Atari 2600 VCS junior (with rainbow line) (boxed)3 Atari 2600 VCS junior (with rainbow line) (loose)9 Atari Joysticks (square) 1977 CX401 Pirate Joystick (square) (boxed)3 Atari Joysticks (stick)2 Atari Joysticks (joypads) 1986 CX78 1 Atari Trak-Ball (International Ed. boxed) 1983 CX802 Driving Controllers (Indy 500 -different) 1978 CX1 Kid Controller 1983 CX1 Game Mate II set (boxed) 19822 Game Mate II Joysticks (rubber antennae) 19822 Game Mate II Joysticks (jointed iron antennae) 19821 Game Mate II Receiver 19821 Keyboard Controller (one set, boxed) 1977 CX501 Paddles pair (boxed) 1977 CX30 2 Paddles pair 1977 CX30 1 Video Touch Pad (from Star Raiders) 1982 CX211 KidVid Voice Module (COLECO) with lead 19831 Track 'n' Field Controller, loose 1984 CA025462-0011 Romscanner by Marjac (boxed) 1983 VGA-101 SuperCharger by Starpath large box PAL 19831 SuperCharger by Starpath small box NTSC 19831 Gameline Master Module (shrinked - modem) 19831 Yoko Game Copyer with one Yoko Cartridge (boxed) 19831 Unimex SP-2801 (4K) EPROM with Space Defend.7 different powersupplies (one boxed) 1977 VGA 04001 Atari Game Program Case, silver (shrinked) 1984 1 Atari Game Program Case, brown 198?1 Atari Game Center (no lid)

Games I would love to have for 2600:

Alien's Return, Aquatak, Boing!, Cosmic Town, Crackpots, Crazy Climber, Criminal Persuit (Taiwan ROC),Demolition Herby, Dice Puzzle, Dishaster, Exocet Missile, Final Approach, Forest, Frontline (Coleco),Glacier Patrol (Sunrise), Glactic Tactic, Glib, Gremlins, Halloween, Harbor Escape, Hunt & Score,Indy 500 (PAL!, Loose), I Want My Mommy, James Bond 007, Jumping Jack, Karate (Ultravision),Laser Gates, Laser Loops, London Blitz, Mangia, Marine Wars,Meteor Defense, Miner 2049er Vol. II, Mole Hunter (Taiwan ROC), Moonsweeper, Mountain Man, Mouse Trap (Coleco), Mr. Do's Castle, Nuts, Open Sesame, Orbit Base, Outer Space (SEARS picture label),Phantom Tank, Phantom Panzer, Pharao's Curse, Piece o' Cake, Plaque Attack, Q*bert's Qubes, Quadrun,Raft Rider, Ram It, Rampage (AcTiVision), Room of Doom, Shootin Gallery (Imagic), Shuttle Orbiter,Space Canyon, Springer, Spy Hunter, SW: The Arcade Game, Steeple Chase (Videogems), Stronghold, Stuntman,Surfer's Paradise: But Danger Below!, Tank Brigade,Tanks But No Tanks, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Time Pilot (Coleco), Track & Field, Vulture Attack, Wall Ball..

Some manuals I still need: Slot Machine, Gorf
Boxes I want (w/manual if possible): Ikari Warriors, Alpha Beam With Ernie, Pitfall!, River Raid,Summer Games
I need many ATARI ('77-'82), ActiVision, Coleco, Data Age, SEARS, M-Network, Mythicon, TeleSys,Twentieth Century Fox, Sears, SEGA, Spectravideo, US Games / vidtec boxes..

VECTREX games: (sorry, nothing 2600 about it, but I have to put them somewhere)1 Armor.. Attack Milton Bradley 1983 602 81xx xx R B1 Berzerk Milton Bradley 1983 602 8123 72 R B1 Clean Sweep Milton Bradley 1983 602 8122 72 R B1 Cosmic Chasm Milton Bradley 1983 602 8126 72 R B1 Flipper Pinball Milton Bradley 1983 602 8133 72 R S1 Rip Off Milton Bradley 1983 602 8129 72 R B1 Scramble Milton Bradley 1982 602 81xx xx R1 Solar Quest Milton Bradley 1983 602 8121 72 R B1 Space Wars Milton Bradley 1983 602 8130 72 R B1 Spike Milton Bradley 1983 602 8137 72 R B1 Milton Bradley Vectrex with Dutch box.I'm also into VFD Tabletops and Tomytronic 3D now! I have:Caveman (Tomy), Pac-Man (Coleco), Frisky Tom (Bandai), and Thundering Turbo (loose), Shark Attack (loose) (Tomytronic 3D)Virtual Boy Games HAVE:Golf, Mario Clash, Mario Tennis, Panic Bomber, Red Alarm, V-tetris (.jp), Vertical Force (.jp),Virtual Leage Baseball, Wario LandGame Boy Games HAVE:Ferrari Grand Prix Challange, Nemesis, Qix, Star Wars# Title Producer Year serial # rarity cond.

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