Since we focus on weird countries, here's a little info about the 2600 in Japan, the Atari 2800.It did well there, and various 2800 games exist (NTSC of course). These are 2600 games with Japanese labels andJapanese boxes. Best Electronics, USA, has sold some of these boxes for sale, and my friend Keita got these.

The Atari 2800 Console Unit is the same as the Sears Super Video Arcade II.I don't know (yet) which came first.

I took the original 2800 picture from Shinto's Atari Page. A big shout out goes to Keita Iida for the translation of the ad.I restyled the ad in Photoshop 3.0. First up is the Japanese, then the new one:

Here is a list of 2800 games that are known to exist. As of now we don't know what thecarts themselves look like, but the boxes are covered with Japanese characters! Whoo-hah!Feel free to send me email about this if you know more or have pictures..

Air-Sea BattleAlpha Beam with ErnieAsteroidsBattlezoneBerzerkBig Bird's Egg CatchCentipedeCircus AtariCookie Monster MunchDefenderDemons to DiamondsE.T. GalaxianGolfHaunted HouseJoustJungle HuntMath Grand PrixMissile CommandNight DriverPac-ManPhoenixRaiders of the Lost ArkRealsports BaseballRealsports SoccerRealsports TennisRealsports Volleyball
Space InvadersStar RaidersStar RaidersSuper BreakoutSwordquest: EarthworldSwordquest: FireworldVanguardWarlordsYar's Revenge

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