The New Atari

In March of 1998, Hasbro Interactive purchased all of the intellectual property and remaining assets owned by Atari Corp. for a mere $5 million. Most industry followers (ourselves included) predicted that Hasbro would take advantage of the epic back catalog of classic Atari games and revamp them for contemporary game consoles and PC. Little did we know, however, that Atari's new owner was planning a massive re-launch of the Atari name. Says Richard Cleveland, Hasbro Interactive's director of marketing, "We want to take all these wonderful Atari components -- wonderful titles, wonderful gameplay, wonderful history -- and rebuild the brand to be the preeminent action-games brand." And lest any diehard Atari aficionados have any worries that quality will suffer, Cleveland asserts, "we're taking ownership of the Atari brand seriously, we know there are a lot of dedicated Atari fans, and we don't want to disappoint them."

At the 1999 Electronic Entertainment Expo in Los Angeles, Atari Gaming Headquarters took a tour through Hasbro's booth to see if Hasbro's mission was accomplished. We're glad to report that they're on the right track. We've provided a sneak preview of Q*Bert, Missile Command, Pong, Centipede and The Next Tetris -- the first titles that will be using the Atari name. Star Raiders, Breakout are next in line to go under the knife. We can hardly wait...

Missile Command

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