Q*Bert Classic
Quick! Save Q*bert! The colorful, lovable, and quirkiest arcade character of the 1980's, Q*bert, is back for an exciting cube-hopping adventure. Players must help Q*bert safely navigate the familiar cube-pyramids and cool new worlds by hopping on cubes and changing their colors until all match. But watch out for Ugg, Wrong-way, and the arch-nemesis Coily the Snake, as they continuously try to foil poor Q*bert. With great skill and a little luck, you'll free Q*bert from these and other nasty enemies as you solve fun puzzles and explore dozens of exciting new levels.

Q*Bert Pic 2

Q*Bert is the only game of the 1999 E3 Atari bunch that is a non-Atari property. No matter, because the gameplay is truly classic, and besides, it made its way to the 2600, 5200 and 8-bit computers anyways so I guess that has to count for something. Anyways, you get to test your skill in two play modes: Classic and Adventure. Classic Q*Bert is just like the original, as you hope around the pyramid-shaped playfield as you try and match all the colors on the blocks. Adventure mode is an evolution of this theme, as it offers dozens of new and challenging levels in nifty 3D worlds. As expected, secret worlds and power-ups are included here in this updated version. Look for a fall release on PC and Playstation.

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