Missile Command Classic 1
Missile Command, the classic space war game from Atari, now explodes in 3D. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to take on aliens and protect your six cities from incoming missile bombardment. Players fire anti-ballistic weapons from three launch sites to try to intercept the incoming attacks. Beware, this time around the enemy missiles are even tougher to battle as you try to protect your planet from invasion.

Missile Command Classic Pic 2

Rendered in a rich 3D environment, Missile Command goes well beyond the original game concept by introducing new locations, weapons, enemies and mission objectives, and counter-strike opportunities with spectacular visual effects.

Ultimate Missile Command 3

As in most good remakes, there are two modes of play in Missile Command -- Classic and Ultimate. Classic Missile Command is similar to the original except that the graphics have been spruced up. Ultimate is the full-blown modern version of the game. The PC version of the game is multiplayer capable and can be played via the internet, a modem or LAN. Look for this game to hit store shelves during Christmas time.

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