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Following its success in late 1997 with the revamped Frogger (which has been an overwhelming sales success), Hasbro Interactive has once more delved into the hit-packed Atari games vault and come up with Centipede – an all-new version of the classic smash hit arcade game of 1981. The original coin-op version of the game was created by Ed Logg (who also is credited with other hits like Asteroids, Millipede, Gauntlet, Space Lords, Xybots and Steel Talons) and featured addicting gameplay that also managed to attract female game players into the fray. ‘Getting the bugs out’ was the mission in this perennial favorite, with the player launching rapid-fire attacks against persistent centipedes, sticky spiders, mushroom-dropping fleas and poisonous scorpions in order to re-claim the mushroom patch.

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In the all-new version, centipedes once again rise from the ground to attack the peaceful and earthy race known as the Wee People. The player takes the part of one ordinary Wee Person, Wally, who has been chosen to defend his village against the onslaught of the centipedes.

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As Wally, the player drives a Wee-designed fighting machine, the Shooter, and battles across seven different worlds in an attempt to gain points by destroying the centipedes and rescuing the captured Wee People. The final challenge is to conquer the Queen Centipede and put an end to the insect menace.

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Although the PC version has been on store shelves since late last fall, this Playstation edition ran into several snags during its development -- hence the delay. The finished PSX Centipede shown at this year's E3 is dramatically improved, with smoother control, faster framerates and a more polished look. The exceptional first-person edition that drew praise on the PC looks to be just as good on Playstation. Hasbro has done a commendable job in giving the classic game "new legs" while retaining the elements which made the original game so addictive in the first place.

Centipede will be available on the Sony PlayStation in June, 1999.

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