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Wing Chun Friendship Seminars

The Friendship Seminars were first conceived by Wing Chun Mailing List founder Marty Goldberg in late 1997. They were intended as a way for the Wing Chun Kuen community to get together, face to face, to better understand the similarities and differences that existed among the various branches. In keeping with the spirit of friendship, the first event, organized for May of 1998 by Marty Goldberg, Ray Van Raamsdonk, and Rene Ritchie, was done as a benefit to help with the medical expenses of a fellow Wing Chun Kuen practitioner. All subsequent events had their profits donated to local charities. Thusfar, the Friendship Seminars have been a great success, with two events held in 1999, with Benny Meng, John Crescione, and Antony Casella and one in 2001 with Dzu Nguyen, David McKinnon, and Jerry McKinley.