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For what we know now is that in the Early Eighties 3 different game copyers were available.Two of these were not available in America. Following are descriptions of the copyers.

This is one of the niftiest items made for the Atari 2600. It was produced by Yoko somewhere around 1983 and sold and distributed through Europe by a company called C.S.K.It came boxed. The EPROM cart that could hold two games, was sold seperately. You could get to these by selecting A or B with a small switch on the front of the cart. We are still searching for one, and hope to provide a picture then.

The "YOKO Game-Copier" in it's full glory

Along with the copier comes a manual (ours is in Dutch and English) which explains how to usethe game-copier. You use the power unit of the 2600 for the copyer, stick the EPROM in one slotand the original in the other, and hit the red start button until the red light goes on. Thenyou wait until the light goes out, remove the cassettes, and... Presto!
There also is a list with games that can be duplicated. Weird here is that it lists loads of games that have never been released, like 20th C. Fox's Fall GuyAlligator People,Voyage to the bottom of the sea, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Also on the list areTarg, Kickman and Stomp it, by Coleco and other ER or Never Released Games...The games mentioned were probably the games that were (going to be) imported and distributed by C.S.K.


Although it's not stated anywhere, the Duplikator seems to be imported (from Asia) in Germany only.The Unimex EPROMS are often found here.
Upon it's release in 1984, the Unimex Duplikator costed 200 DM, about as much as the 2600 VCS itself.Like the Yoko, it uses the Atari Power Supply. The EPROMS available are a 4K EPROM (costed 20 DM)and an 8K EPROM (27 DM). The label stated the were "Empty Cassettes".
The device which looks a lot like a half six-switch VCS, has a MASTER and a COPY slot.Copying a game takes about 8 minutes, after having pressed the START button.If the copying doesn't succeed (which happens too often), the FAIL LED will light.There's also a USED LED that might light when the EPROM isn't a new one. The system looks great,but unfortunately doesn't turn out to be very practical. A lot of gaes aren't suitable (a list with whether games are 4 or 8K and compatible or not, wasn't upplied with the Duplikator). Smallchanges in voltage will cause the copying to fail. Not all new EPROMs work.
Source: the German Telematch  Magazine, issue #2 1984.Article provided by Marc Oberhauser.