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Mona Tramiel

Rare Console Entries

RDI Halcyon

The first (and only) home laserdisc game machine barely reached the market in 1984-85.


You might remember the Ultravision Video Arcade System (VAS) being heavily advertised in contemporary videogame magazines. That's about as close as any consumer ever got to this vaporware machine.

Adventure Vision
The tabletop fanatic's dream machine.

Advertisements, Console and Cartridge Photos
(A through F)

A Somewhat Humorous Joystick Advertisement
Arcadia 2001 Game System by Emerson
Bally Home Arcade (Astrocade) by Bally
Clay Pigeon (Cartridge) by Philips (for Odyssey 2)
Clay Pigeon (Manual)
ColecoVision (Prototype) by Coleco
ColecoVision Kiosk by Coleco
Cosmic Avenger (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Intellivision)
Fidelity Chess Challenge (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Colecovision)
Frenzy (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Intellivision)
Horse Racing (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Colecovision)
Imagination Machine by APF
Intellivision II by Mattel
Intellivision II & Peripherals by Mattel
Intellivision Keyboard (Original) by Mattel
Joy Sensor Controller by Suncom (for Colecovision)
Kevtris by CVRS (for Colecovision)
Looping (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Intellivision)
Mattel "Coming Soon" Catalog by Mattel (for Colecovision)
Mr. Do! (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Intellivision)
Mr. Turtle (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Colecovision)
North American Philips Colecovision Games (Unreleased)
Odyssey3 Command Center (Unreleased) by North American Philips
Odyssey3 Command Center (Pic 2)
Pepper II (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Intellivision)
Q*Bert's Qubes by Parker Brothers (for Colecovision)
Ripcord (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Colecovision)
Rocky (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Intellivision)
Side Trak (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Colecovision)
Skiing (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Colecovision)
Smurfette's Birthday (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Intellivision)
Smurf Play & Learn (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Colecovision)
Spectar (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Colecovision)
Super Action Controllers by Coleco (for Colecovision)
Super Buck Rogers by Coleco (for CV Super Game Module)
Super Game Module (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Colecovision)
Super Smurf by Coleco (for CV Super Game Module)
SV-318 Computer by Spectravideo
SV-328 Computer by Spectravideo
SV-603 Colecovision Adapter (Unreleased) by Spectravideo (for SV-318/328)
Tempest 2000 by Interplay (for Windows PC)
Tunnels And Trolls (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Colecovision)
Turtles (Data sheet) by Magnavox (for Odyssey2)
Vectrex Game System by GCE
Videobrain by Videobrain
Videoplexer by Compro Electronics (for Intellivision)
Wild Western (Unreleased) by Coleco (for Intellivision)
Z-Grass 32 Computer (Unreleased) by Bally (for Astrocade)

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