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joystick Atari Mindlink
Controlling games using your brain? Atari obviously believed they could make such a device.
joystick Atari 7800 Computer
The 7800 Keyboard was among a plethora of peripherals for the 7800 (along with the 7800 for over three years) that were planned and ultimately canned when the Tramiels took over Atari in the Summer of 1984.
joystick Holy Grail Games
Take a look at the holy grails of American 2600 cartridges, and find out the reasons why many of them were destined for obscurity from the very start.
joystick Unitronics Expander
Unitronics' Supercharger clone promised to take 2600 gaming where no games had gone before. To nowhere :) A keyboard attachment was also in the works before they pulled the plug on the entire concept.
joystick Amiga's Power Module & Power Play Cartridges
Find out what Amiga was up to before they hit it big time with the Amiga Computer. That is, not much... since the majority of their planned 2600 products never saw the light of day.
joystick Group Cartridge Pictures by Company
For the companies with a large library of 2600 titles (like Atari and Parker Brothers, we have scanned group pictures to save web space. Pictures of games from smaller outfits can be found in the games section.
joystick Atari 2800
The 2800 was Atari's attempt to grab a share of the Japanese videogame market. Unfortunately, it came out just months before Nintendo's Famicom (known as the NES in the US.)
joystick Atari CX-2000
If it were released back in 1982, Atari's 2000 system may very well have become the joke of all systems. Find out why.
joystick Atari 2700 Remote Control VCS
Although the RC Stella, as it was called within Atari's hardware development labs, didn't make it to market due to fear of reliability problems (and FCC regulations), many of its design features, good and bad, laid the foundation for the 2600's eventual successor, the 5200 SuperSystem.
joystick Atari Graduate Computer Atari's bold attempt at a 2600 computer upgrade might have been a success had it been brought to market in 1982. However, in the wake of declining prices in 1983 of more powerful computers like the C64 and Atari's own 8-bit line, they wisely decided against releasing an upgrade for a system on its way out.
joystick Entex Piggyback
Yet another computer add-on that was scrapped during its development stage.
joystick Megaboy
A Brazilian electronics company briefly test-marketed this hand-held (albeit screen-less) 2600 clone in its home country. Only 500 were ever made!

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