7800 Keyboard Pic 1

  • During the classic era, just about every videogame hardware company either promised a computer add-on or released one to market. For some reason, the prevailing belief among the hardware giants was that a computer module added credibility and helped to boost sales of the console as a result. As history has shown us, this is far from being the case.

  • Atari planned to introduce a 7800 computer adapter shortly after the system's release. It was to retail for a little over $100, and although it would not run existing software for the Atari 8-bit computer, they 7800 keyboard was supposed to be compatible with all peripherals designed for the 400/800/1200 line.

    7800 Keyboard Pic 2

  • As was the case with the Graduate (2600 computer add-on), the 7800 computer adapter failed to make it to market. This isn't surprising given that the 7800 was killed by the Tramiels shortly after they took over Atari in 1984.

  • One interesting tidbit.... They prototype keyboard shown above hooks up to the 7800 via the joystick port and not the expansion port at the back of the unit as most people have theorized.

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