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  • During the VCS's early years, Atari toyed with several ideas on how to improve upon the machine. One such project was a remote control system, dubbed the 2700. It was also known within the research department as the "RC (Remote Control) Stella". This sleek and modern looking system was planned as the natural evolution of Atari's best-selling VCS. Unfortunately, several design flaws prevented the system from ever becoming a reality.

    Atari 2700 Pic 2

  • Although Atari ultimately decided against bringing the 2700 to market, many of the 2700's innovations (and flaws) were implemented in Atari's next generation machine, the 5200 SuperSystem. The sleek, sexy exterior of the 2700 was the inspiration for the 5200, 7800 and the "2600jr" machines. The area above the cartridge slot was a handy storage bin which housed the controllers when they were not being used. And like the 5200's controller, the joystick do not self-center.

    Atari 2700 Box

  • Although several factors conspired to doom the 2700, the biggest problem had to do with the remote control itself. The radio signals sent from the 2700 to the controllers were unreliable, making accurate inputs with the joystick an exercise in frustration. When Atari later solved this problem, they opted instead to release a (optional remote control joystick for the 2600 instead of the costly 2700.

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