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Intellivision Lives!
12/19/98 - The wait is finally over. Intellivision Lives is now available from the Blue Sky Rangers, a group of former Mattel employees who developed for the Intellivision game system. The CD-ROM lets you play 75 classic and unreleased Intellivision games on your PC or Macintosh. It also includes such goodies as package art, credits, development history, hidden features, trivia and biographics of the original programmers. And if that weren't enough, it also contains dozens of video clips, including programmer interviews, original television commercials and never-before-seen footage shot at Intellivision in the early 1980's. You can order Intellivision Lives at

Two More Atari 2600 Games Discovered
12/08/98 - Just when you thought it was safe to print out the gargantuan 2600 cartridge list in its supposed complete form, along comes two never released prototypes that will force even more changes to the ever-expanding lineup of games for the venerable Atari machine. You can read all about Combat II and RealSports Basketball on AGH's Atari 2600 Page.

Telegames Planning To Publish Hyperdrome
11/27/98 - The first-person Ballblazer look-alike is rumored to be on its way to the Lynx, courtesy of Telegames. The game was completed long ago, although Atari decided against bringing it to market. Hyperdrome was unveiled in finished form at World of Atari '98 in Las Vegas, although pirated copies of the game are being sold by dealers such as Video 61. Look for the official Telegames release sometime early next year.

JEO Volume 2 Issue 3 Now Available Online
10/17/98 - The latest issue of Jaguar Explorer Online has been uploaded for your viewing pleasure. Vol. 2, Issue 3 is filled to the brim with good stuff, among them being the latest BattleSphere news, Jagfest '98 report, Don Thomas's World of Atari '98 keynote speech transcript, a preview of Protector (new Jaguar game) and more. Check it out at the:
Jaguar Explorer Online Website

A Changing Of The Guard For 2600 Connection
10/15/98 - The venerable Atari 2600-only newsletter has a new editor, Russ Perry Jr. The first Perry-led issue (#51) will be available in December. For subscription info, please contact him at

Tim Duarte, the former editor, will still be handling the 2600 Connection Website ( and if anyone is interested in back issues 1-50, those will still be available for $1.50 each through him at:

Midway Announces A Slew Of Classics For Gameboy
10/13/98 - As if Yar's Revenge alone wasn't tempting enough to rush out and grab a Gameboy Color (due in November), Nintendo's upcoming color portable machine is set to get Rampage World Tour, 720 Degrees and two double-packs: Moon Patrol/Spy Hunter and Defender/Joust. Games designed for Gameboy color are backwards-compatible with the original system, just only in black and white.

Yar's Revenge Revived on Gameboy
10/02/98 - Telegames has announced that a new version of Yar's Revenge will make its way to Gameboy and Gameboy Color in January of 1999. Mike Mika of Next Generation (and who is an avid classic gaming fan) worked on the title so we're confident that the elements which made the original so enjoyable will be preserved in the updated edition.
Telegames' Yar's Revenge Page (

SNES Frogger Closer To Original
09/30/98 - Even we were floored when we heard the news: Super Nintendo is not dead! Majesco has penciled in October 19 as the day when SNES fans will be able to get their hands on Frogger. And it's not the completely revamped, polygonal version that made its way to Playstation and PC either. The SNES version sticks closer to the original gameplay which is a relief to some of us around here. Dan Kitchen (of 2600 Donkey Kong, Crackpots and Double Dragon fame), CEO of Morning Star Multimedia, worked on the title so can be sure that gameplay is all there. For further details on SNES Frogger, visit Nintendo's Frogger Page (

First Defender, Now Protector For Jaguar
09/28/98 - Great news for Jag fans! Believe it or not, BattleSphere is not likely to be the last commercially released Atari Jaguar game. Carl Forhan has cquired the rights to Protector, which is 80% complete, and has set about finishing the game. Protector is similar to Jaguar Defender, but should contain several distinguishing play aspects which will appeal to gamers who loved the original. For more info, check out AGH's Protector Preview or pay a visit to Carl Forhan's Protector Page (

Limited Cartridge Run For Lynx SFX
09/02/98 - Carl Forhan is now taking pre-orders for SFX, a neat little audio tool for the Atari Lynx. Although it's not a game, SFX should please the hobbyist developer or curious tinkerer with its ability for the user direct control over the four audio channels available for the Lynx. Interested parties should E-Mail Carl ( to reserve a copy of SFX.

Coin-Ops Galore On Labor Day Weekend
08/25/98 - The annual California Extreme Show is your opportunity to see and play hundreds of classic arcade games. Tons of classic video games and pinball machines will be set up for your enjoyment. Play games that you haven't seen for years. Many of these titles are hidden away in private collections during the year. This is a once in a year opportunity.

And the games are all set on free play. How long has it been since you've played games like Tempest, Zaxxon and Centipede? Pinball classics like Fathom, Black Knight, Xenon and Wizard are scheduled to appear as well. Please visit the California Extreme Page ( for more information.

World Of Atari '98 Recap!
08/23/98 - The ultimate classic video and computer game expo was a smashing success, and plans for next year's event are already well underway. In the meantime, you can read all about the show at the World of Atari '98 Page, Wired Magazine (, Next Generation Online ( and IC When (

S.I.M.I.S. for Lynx Goes On Sale
08/16/98 - The multi-game cartridge for the Atari Lynx by Bastian Schick, Matthias Domin and Lars Baumstark is now available on cartridge. For information on S.I.M.I.S. as well as ordering information, check the Lynx New Developments Page.

Space Invaders Next In Line For An Update
08/14/98 - Activision has acquired worldwide publishing rights (except Japan) to Space Invaders for PC, Gameboy, Nintendo 64 and Playstation from Taito, and it will in turn license the Space Invaders' games to Taito for publishing in Japan. Activision promises to update the 1978 classic with cutting-edge technology and explosive graphics while preserving the original's addictive gameplay.

TNT-Terry To Explode On The Lynx
08/12/98 - Work is progressing nicely with TNT-Terry, Laurens Simonis's Bomberman-inspired comlynxable game for Atari's portable Lynx system. For those who are planning to attend World of Atari '98, you'll get a sneak peek at the game being demonstrated in beta form. For all others, check out the Lynx New Developments Page for an early look at the promising party game.

Game Lineup Revealed for Activision's Classics Disc
08/10/98 - The final name for Activision's 2600 compilation CD for the Playstation is Activision Classics: A Collection of 30 Games for the Atari 2600. The titles are: Atlantis, Barnstorming, Boxing, Chopper Command, Crackpots Dolphin, Dragster, Enduro, Fishing Derby, Freeway, Frosbite, Grand Prix, H.E.R.O., Ice Hockey, Kaboom!, Keystone Kapers, Laser Blast, Megamania, Pitfall!, Plaque Attack, Title Match Pro Wrestling, River Raid, River Raid II, Seaquest, Skiing, Sky Jinks, Spider Fighter, Stampede, Star Master and Tennis. It's due to be out by the end of the year.

A Slew Of 5200 Games Discovered!
08/08/98 - The discovery of 5200 Asteroids, Tempest, Behind Jaggi Lines, Super Pac-Man and Final Legacy have been confirmed! In addition, a demo of Black Belt has also been found. All five of the aformentioned titles are playable and appear finished, with the exception of Tempest which is about 70% complete (collision detection is slightly off.) We'll have screenshots and detailed information about these unreleased prototype games following the World of Atari '98 show, so keep checking back with us right here at Atari Gaming Headquarters.

High Voltage To Give Paperboy A Jolt
08/07/98 - Jaguar NBA Jam developer High Voltage Software has indicated that it is developing a Nintendo 64 version of Paperboy for Midway. The game now takes place in a 3-D polygon world (or neighborhood) and gamers will get the choice of piloting Paperboy or Papergirl. It's tentatively scheduled for a 1999 release.

The Next Generation WoA '98 Ticket Sweepstakes!
08/05/98 - Next Generation Online will be giving away ten pairs of weekend passes to World of Atari '98! Ten lucky winners will receive tickets to the event, a free one-year subscription to Next Generation Magazine, an Atari pin and a Flying High pin.

In order to enter the sweepstakes and be eligible to win, participants need only to complete the official on-line entry form on the Next Generation WoA'98 Sweepstakes Page and submit it by August 13, 1998. It's as simple as that.

2600 Development Tools For The Macintosh
08/01/98 - There is finally a suite of development tools for you Macintosh PowerPC's with which to create 2600 games.  For info on how to start coding your very own Atari game on a Power Mac, visit William Ruffin Bailey's Mactari Page (

07/28/98 - Jaguar Explorer Online (also once known as Atari Explorer Online) has a new home. Its new address is All of the AEO back issues can also be found in the JEO page as well.

Les Caron On FixoFiles
07/26/98 - The AGH co-editor was recently reviewed by the folks at Emulators Unlimited, one of the premier sites dedicated to emulation coverage on the 'net. To check out the interview, pay a visit to their site ( and then go to the Fixo Files page.

Two Classic Atari Coin-Ops Go 64-Bit
07/24/98 - Crave Entertainment has announced that Asteroids and Battlezone will be coming to N64 later this year. Both games are set to have multiplayer modes, and other features that are said to utilize the capabilities of Nintendo's console.

Lynx Multi-Game Cartridge On The Way
07/22/98 - S.I.M.I.S. is the abbreviation for a multi-game cartridge that will soon be released for the Lynx. It contains four games (SnakeByte, Invaders, Mines and Isolation, as well as four "Special" demos -- Dungeon, Marble, a Wolfenstein 3-D demo and a polygon demo. For more information on S.I.M.I.S. and other Lynx titles in the works, please visit the Lynx New Developments page.

BattleSphere Complete
07/19/98 - Yes, you heard right! The long-awaited Jaguar space game is finished, which means it should be entering production in the very near future (barring any encryption problems.) For a retrospective on the game's development, check out the Scott LeGrand's Designer Diary on the AGH Jaguar page.

Kevin Horton's Next ColecoVision Game Revealed
07/15/98 - This time, the creator of KevTris has a graphics specialist on his side in what is, without question, the most ambitious classic game effort yet. We have screenshots and details about the tentatively titled The Mating Game in our AGH Features Page.

Miss Piggy's Wedding Discovered!
07/10/98 - It's time again to update the Atari 2600 cartridge checklist. AGH co-editor John Hardie has discovered a prototype of this hitherto not believed to exist game for the Atari 2600. For more on this historic moment, check out a review of the game on our AGH 2600 Page.

M.U.L.E. Creator Passes Away
07/05/98 - Legendary designer/programmer and Ozark Software founder Danielle Bunton Berry's M.U.L.E. was one of the flagship games (including the Atari 8-bit computers) that launched Electronic Arts in '83. Computer Quarterback and Seven Cities of Gold were also among the long-line of award-winning titles created by Mrs. Berry. For more information regarding this gaming pioneer, please visit the Dani Bunten Berry Memorial Site (

World of Atari '98 Update
06/31/98 - If you haven't done so already, we strongly suggest that you finalize your plans for the show NOW. Everything from hotel accomodations to admission tickets to the show are either discounted or include bonus items that are not available for those who do not pre-purchase them. For more information about the show, please visit the official World of Atari '98 page.

Programming Great Passes Away
06/09/98 - In very sad news, Jim Nitchals, a true friend of the classic gaming community and a renowned programmer, passed away. Nitchals was best-known for his Apple II creations such as Ring Raiders, Microwave, Asteroid Field, Bug Attack, Star Thief and Archon. He was instrumental in assisting aspiring 2600 programmers create games for the system, and was responsible for the CD mastering and game development materials for the Supercharger CD project. Our thoughts and prayers go out to Jim's family.

Playstation To Get 2600 Games
06/04/98 - No, the library of titles for the PSX isn't THAT large yet. Rather, Activision Classics is coming out for the system this fall, and will include emulated (meaning exact) versions of Activision's Atari 2600 titles such as Kaboom!, River Raid, Pitfall!, Fishing Derby, Freeway, Boxing, Plaque Attack, Pressure Cooker, Chopper Command and Frosbite. It'll be offered for the low price of $30 when it hits store shelves in October.

Classic Games Explode At E3
05/28/98 - Asteroids, Centipede, Montezuma's Return and Pac-Man 3-D were among the updated classics that were on display at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta, Georgia, and AGH was there to check them all out. Visit our exclusive report on these titles in our E3 Special Report in the AGH Features Page.

Worms Released For Jaguar
05/15/98 - Telegames' latest Jaguar title (in cartridge format) is now available. Please show your continued support for the system by ordering Worms or some other recent Jaguar release(s) from Telegames.

Virtual SuperSystem Updated
04/13/98 - Dan Boris has massively improved his Atari 5200 emulator, Virtual SuperSystem (VSS). New to version 0.77 include an improved color palette and a more accurate speed limiter for faster PC's. Todd Lawrence has concurrently released version 0.77 Regal Beagle, a front end software for VSS. Both can be downloaded from AGH's 5200 page.

Asteroids Floating Our Way
04/03/98 - Once again, Activision is set to modernize a classic gaming great. Following on the heels of its successful revamp of Battlezone, the "new Asteroids will recapture the non-stop dodging and firing of the original, but will take the classic game to an all-new level with vivid 3D graphics, expansive playing areas, increasingly difficult space hazards and multiple modes of gameplay," according to Activision. Asteroids is scheduled to be out by year's end.

Centipede And Breakout Return To Arcades
03/26/98 - Full Story

Choplifter To Make A Comeback
03/18/98 - Dan Gorlin's company, Ariok Entertainment, is working a new version of Choplifter for the PC and Playstation, to be published by Microprose. This will be the third remake of the game since it was released for the Apple II, Atari Computers, Atari 5200 and other systems in the early eighties. An enhanced arcade game was released by Sega in 1985, and Choplifter III was brought to the Genesis and Super Nintendo machines by Extreme Entertainment in 1993.

Hasbro To Resurrect Classic Atari Titles
03/16/98 - The 80's hits will be coming home to PC, Playstation and Nintendo 64.

JTS Officially Announces Atari Sale For $5 million
03/13/98 - Read the official JTS press release here.

JTS In Legal Trouble?
03/11/98 - Rumor has it that JTS officers are being investigated. Who's doing the investigating and for what reason are not know at this moment. Furthermore, A class action lawsuit on behalf of former Atari Corporation (ATC) stockholders who were bamboozled by JTS is in the works as well. We imagine this is the result of the agreement in 1996 when JTS purchaed Atari that a "good faith effort" would be made to keep the Atari side of the company alive. Obviously, that didn't happen so naturally many stockholders are upset about this. You can be sure to hear more about this and other news surrounding Atari, JTS and Hasbro in the coming weeks ahead.

Activision's Battlezone Ships To More Than 10,000 Stores
03/11/98 - Battlezone, which is based on the classic 1980 Atari arcade game of the same name, today ships to more than 10,000 stores throughout the United States and Canada.

- Full Story -

Atari Is Back!
03/10/98 - According to a SEC document dated February 23, 1998, JTS will be selling all of its Atari holdings to a subsidiary of Hasbro for five million dollars. Why there has hitherto been no mention of the filing statement is anyone's guess. More updates will be forthcoming as we gather more details surrounding the sale.

- Full Story -

Jaguar Interactive Comes To AGH
03/05/98 - Jaguar Interactive, long known as the premier message board for mature, Atari Jaguar-related discussion, has found a new home at Atari Gaming Headquarters. If you're in the mood for some Jag talk, this web-based interactive forum is the perfect place for you. Come check out Jaguar Interactive II and exchange ideas, opinions and information with some of the biggest Atariphiles on the planet!

03/02/98 - tsr's NES Archive is the latest web site to be hosted by AGH. It is arguably the best page dedicated to the Nintendo Entertainment System, so if you even have a passing interest in the hugely successful 8-bit machine, by all means give it a look. Now you're playing with POWER!

New Mailing List for Classic Game Tecchies
02/28/98 - Aspiring classic game programmers and tech fanatics rejoice! A new mailing list called GameTech ( has been formed by Kevin Horton (author of Kevtris). It's a forum to discuss programming and other technical aspects with other coders and hardware aficionados. Discussions of all classic game systems are welcome, whether it's for the 2600, 5200, Vectrex and even the Microvision. Anything classic is fair game.

If you wish to join the list, just e-mail Kevin Horton at your e-mail address with:
Subscribe gametech
in the subject line and Kevin will get you right on the list.

Two Sites Join The AGH Team
02/21/98 - Atari Gaming Headquarters is pleased to be the new host of two excellent classic video game sites: Dan Boris's Home Page and Ancient Atari PAL Division. Dan is the author of O2em, the impressive new Odyssey2 emulator, and Virtual Super System, an awesome Atari 5200 emulator (both are for DOS.) His page contains numerous tech info for many classic systems as well. The Ancient Atari PAL Division is the definitive site for European Atari 2600 information and contains a wealth of information pertaining to the 2600 in Europe.

New Gauntlet In The Works at Atari Games
02/11/98 - Next Generation is reporting that a new Gauntlet coin-op game is in the works by the Atari Games (, and should be showing up in arcades by the end of this year. Here's hoping that the designers don't stray too far away from the formula that made the classic adventure game such a smash hit in the mid-1980s.

AGH To Move To A Faster Server
02/04/98 - We here at Atari Gaming Headquarters are well aware of the recent network problems on our server that has often slowed the site down to a crawl. To remedy this problem, we will be moving our page onto a new, OC-3 web server. Hopefully this will address the speed problem at AGH. The URL (and everyting else, for that matter) will remain the same, so the only thing you should notice is a speed increase in the coming weeks.... we hope.

New Home For Videotopia
01/26/98 - Videotopia, the now-famous traveling video game exhibit, has announced its next stop in its worldwide tour. It is scheduled to open in the National Press Building in Washington D.C. on Thursday, January 29. Visit their site at for more details about what is unquestionably the greatest gathering of historic coin-op games available to see and play.

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