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joystick JAGUAR SPOTLIGHT: Speedster II
A Jaguar game intended for kiddie ride in front of supermarkets? You bet! The owner of this recently discovered unreleased prototype takes Speedster II for a spin.

joystickJaguar and Lynx Museum
Take a look at some of the greatest and more unusual cartridges, systems, accessories and lots of other neat tidbits!

joystick The OMC Games Story
Brian Rittmeyer digs deep and finds the skinny on the status of Jaguar developer OMC Games. Published on January 7, 2000

joystick New Jaguar Developments
Songbird Productions has recently released a slew of new games for the 64-bit cat.

joystick Designer Diary: 4Play's Doug Engel
Coding for BattleSphere is finished! Scott LeGrand of 4Play discusses the long and winding road to completion of the eagerly awaited Jaguar title.

joystick Jaguar Reviews
Worms is now available! But is it worth seventy bucks?

joystick Jaguar Explorer Online
The most comprehensive Jaguar-related online magazine, hosted by AGH for your viewing pleasure.

joystick Atari Jaguar FAQ

  • (Off-site link)
    Robert Jung's terrific Jaguar resource for the first-timer.

    joystick Atari Jaguar Frequently Asked Cheats

  • (Opens in new window)
    Tons of cheats and tricks to be found here.

    joystick Interview: Francois Yves-Bertrand
    The man behind Fight For Life discusses the trials and tribulations during the development of his ill-fated 3-D fighter.

  • joystick LYNX SPOTLIGHT: Aliens vs. Predator
    A prototype of this unreleased Lynx cartridge was discovered recently. How does this beta version stack up against its sibling on the Jaguar?

    joystick LYNX REVIEW: Remnant: Planar Wars 3D
    We pilot the latest and greatest Songbird Productions effort, but this time it's in 3-D, baby.

    joystick LYNX REVIEW: Championship Rally
    Carl Forhan and Lucien Kleijkers have joined forces to bring us a gem of an overhead-perspective, multiplayer racer. AGH takes it for a test drive.

    joystick New Lynx Developments
    Find out what's happening in terms of new games, emulators, and other neat projects from software companies and talented enthusiasts.

    joystick Atari Lynx Screenshots
    Wondering what a particular game looks like? Have a look for yourself.

    joystick Atari Lynx Reviews
    This brand new section will be beefed-up as time permits.

    joystick Atari Lynx FAQ

  • (Off-site link)

    joystick Interview: Telegames
    Terry L. Grantham, the president of Telegames, talked to Patrick Holstine about his company's newest Jaguar releases and what to expect (or not to expect) down the road.

    joystick Interview: 4-Play's Doug Engel
    Doug talks to Brian Bessemer about 4-Play's eagerly anticipated Jaguar game, BattleSphere.

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