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*Nice Site!--- From Danny
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Tuesday December th, 01:58:36 at 5]

  • My Favorite Games: Pac Man
  • How I Found your Site: Yahoo
  • My Favorite System: Old School Atari
  • What I Think of the Content: Like it
  • Comments:
    I really liked your site. I was a big old school Atari
    fan! Will you guy's come out with a new system anytime soon?
    I was playing this racing game from the "Gone In Sixty Seconds" website @ http://video.go.com/goneinsixty/flash_intro.html
    Reminded me of "Pole Postion" for Atari.

[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Sunday December th, 12:57:44 at 3]

  • My Favorite Games: CHIPS CHALLANGE
  • How I Found your Site: SEARCHING
  • My Favorite System:
  • What I Think of the Content: NEAT
  • Comments:

*The Albino Dragon's Digimon Domain--- From Nikki
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Friday December th, 11:51:09 at 1]

  • My Favorite Games: Pac-man, Frogger
  • How I Found your Site: Just looking at Atari sites!!!
  • My Favorite System: Atari 2600
  • What I Think of the Content: I'ts the best I've seen!
  • Comments:
    Great Site!
    Job well done! ^_^

*The Grandfathers Of All Home Game Systems--- From Mark Wolongevicz
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Wednesday November 29th, 2000 at 15:10:33]

  • My Favorite Games: Indy 500, Mr. Do's Castle, Cosmic Conflict, Swords and serpents, ect....
  • How I Found your Site: clicked on videogame/org.
  • My Favorite System: I love Coleco, all Atari systems and the Intellivision, But my love stays with the Odyssey 2.
  • What I Think of the Content: This is great. I'm not the only one that plays with his old systems.
  • Comments:
    Only if there was a way to thank the creaters of these games and systems, I would truely like to thank all of them for the wonderful memories they have given me.As I still play with my Odyssey2, the Atari 2600, Colecovision, Intellivision, ect, I think of the memories they have given to me, and maybe someday, when I have children of my own, these systems will give them the memories they have given to me.

*--- From Jason Sirovy
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Saturday November 25th, 2000 at 14:14:27]

  • My Favorite Games: anything by Capcom and old school
  • How I Found your Site: happened upon it from a friend
  • My Favorite System: PlayStation (Atari will always be my favorite though!!)
  • What I Think of the Content: very insightful, even taught me some rare knowledge
  • Comments:
    What an exciting web site. This was like taking a trip down memory lane to the days of my early child hood. Many fond memories in the pages that you provided. The Atari was the machine that made me a gaming fan even to this day. Only thing that could be added is information on how to obtain any of these systems if it is at all possible. Thanks for the fun.

*--- From Ruiner
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Friday November 24th, 2000 at 16:15:38]

  • My Favorite Games: Karateka, Dig Dug, Chrono Trigger, FF7
  • How I Found your Site: http://www.google.com/
  • My Favorite System: Atari 7800
  • What I Think of the Content: Excellent
  • Comments:
    AtariHQ? This place has more than enough to be that. I'll check back in later

*--- From Red Rook
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Friday November 24th, 2000 at 07:29:19]

  • My Favorite Games: Combat, Circus Atari, Asteroids, Star Wars:Jedi Arena
  • How I Found your Site: I've forgotten!
  • My Favorite System: 2600
  • What I Think of the Content: VCS-tastic!
  • Comments:
    I may not have as many games as Russ, but I'm getting there! I have 96 games so far (97 if you count the American version of Galaxian I bought today. I hope it works on my PAL TV!)
    I have some German games (Video-Spiel), all 3 Pac-man games, 2 Star-Wars games, and, well, if you really want to see the full list of my growing collection, visit the URL above,
    and see for yourself. I've still got to review loads yet!

*Merchandise?--- From Steven Keogh
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Tuesday November 21st, 2000 at 18:39:43]

  • My Favorite Games:
  • How I Found your Site: looked it up
  • My Favorite System:
  • What I Think of the Content:
  • Comments:
    Alright, I have a sort of infatuation with Atari, I
    purchased 2 of the 5200's at an auction for 5 bucks
    in their original packaging and with a variety of
    games also in their packs (California games, caverns
    of mars, asteroid, centipede, and some others) I was just
    wondering what I need to get in order to play these games,
    since the cartridges do not fit the system. I am also very
    curious to know of any merchandise, such as shirts with
    the Atari logo on them...are they available? and if so how?
    thanx- Steve

*Good site, go on !--- From TheDerF
[Mail Me][Saturday November 18th, 2000 at 09:35:17]

  • My Favorite Games: Adventure games, RPG,..... and IRON LORD
  • How I Found your Site: link on altavista
  • My Favorite System: Atari ST
  • What I Think of the Content: Good and complete, quite rare...
  • Comments:
    First, congratulations for this site.
    Then, I seek some help about Iron Lord : how do u beat the 9 armwrestling champions ?
    EVERY help would be REALLY appreciated (cheat, hexadec codes, special holding technique for the joystick....)
    I beat the 8 first men holding the stick by its base and shaking it frenetically, but the ninth is unbeatable....
    Thanks in advance for those who will help me
    Sorry for my poor english speaking
    Bye, let this site live forever !

*--- From Russ
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Saturday November 11th, 2000 at 13:03:20]

  • My Favorite Games: Spy Hunter, Ms. Pac-Man, pretty much all the classics! Every new game made is a copy of some Atari game!!
  • How I Found your Site: Surfin
  • My Favorite System: 7800
  • What I Think of the Content: Awsome site!!!!
  • Comments:
    Grew up with the 2600, pulled it out of storage one day and got hooked again! found a 7800 with about 30 games at a garage sale for $15 and now I'm collecting, have 218 games so far. Now I'm collecting the full size uprights too! (just the classics!!) New games & systems are definitely awsome, but the good ole Atari is the only one with originality!!

*cool--- From John The Eskimo Matchett
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Tuesday October 17th, 2000 at 11:45:38]

  • My Favorite Games: frogger (any verson), any mario game
  • How I Found your Site: msn
  • My Favorite System: N64
  • What I Think of the Content: great
  • Comments:

*--- From Paula McDaniel
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Friday October 13th, 2000 at 17:03:37]

  • My Favorite Games: Pinball and Pac Man
  • How I Found your Site: Looking to have old Atari repaired
  • My Favorite System: original system
  • What I Think of the Content: Informative
  • Comments:
    I would like to know if you know of anyone in Birmingham, AL that repairs
    Ataris. Also, I would like to know if you have any catalogs to order games?
    Thank you in advance,
    Paula McDaniel

*Atari artist..--- From Ricardo Ortiz
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Thursday October 12th, 2000 at 12:55:42]

  • My Favorite Games: Jungle Hunt, Cakewalk, Kangaroo!!
  • How I Found your Site: Strolling
  • My Favorite System: 2600, and 5200
  • What I Think of the Content: It's radical in a good sense!
  • Comments:
    Hi everyone!! I'm from L.A, CA and I'm an artist that paints anything relating to Atari such as games, logos, etc. If anybody is interested e-mail me at paris89k187@excite.com
    - Atari RULES!!!!!!

*--- From matt johnson
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Thursday October th, 17:36:33 at 5]

  • My Favorite Games: frogger, missle command, robot tank, asteroids
  • How I Found your Site: just "surfed" in
  • My Favorite System: atari 2600 (fake wood rules!!!!!)
  • What I Think of the Content: very cool
  • Comments:
    I've loved the 2600 since i was a kid, and got one for christmas. I got the sears video arcade and a bunch of games, it was the best Christmas ever. I kind of forgot about it until a couple of months ago, and i pulled it out on a whim, and have not looked back since, I love it. Fake wood is awesome, they don't make game systems like that anymore.

*just had to see my old child hood memories once again it was a real trip down a road of good times--- From russell morton
[Mail Me | Visit My Homepage][Wednesday September 27th, 2000 at 19:47:37]

  • My Favorite Games: asteroids and cloak and dagger
  • How I Found your Site: i got it from a friend. i thought atari was gone for good -- i am glad it is not
  • My Favorite System: well i have only owned an atari game console. i still have my original 2600 with all the switches on the front and wood grain finish with controllers and all
  • What I Think of the Content: it is the most informative archive of vidoe game history and fact i have ever seen compiled yet out side of my own
  • Comments:
    i hope one day some one will say hey guys lets remake the 5200 console to play its games, and for 2600's add an extra cpu, clean up the graphics and sound and blow away all the wannabes. we have graphics today but no games. it can be done, i know, but i know it is just a pipe dream that is never going to be a reality but i am telling you retro is back and it is not going anywhere any time soon. today's kids are more into what was cool than what is cool for the trendy new year i have always promoted atari products for years. all i have owned is atari. hell, my first computer was an atari 1450 xld with all the trimmings. my only dream as a kid was to work for atari as a game designer but i was born 10 years too late.
    yours truly, russell morton - a lifetime supporter

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