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From: Deleto
Re: The NEW AGH Site

I feel honoured to be one of the first to preview this site, and I must say it rules.

From: Dan Iacovelli
Re: hello

I enjoyed browsing through AGH's website.
keep up the good work.
Also could I have your permission to use
your "Have your played your Atari Today" wave
to put on my website(I'm planing on updating it
this month) I will of course give your website credit for the use of the wave.

From: Rodney Williams
Re: guestbook

i am signing your guestbook

From: Zerothis
Re: Sam Tramiel

Lets have a police line up. Include the major players of the video game industry, past and present. Now find a little old lady off the street. Have her look at everyone. Then ask her to point out the mobster.


very intereting pages !!!!!!!

From: Torrey Clark

Nice Page.

From: Christer Wickman
Re: Jaguar

I think that the Atari Jaguar is a very god system. I hope it will live forever.

From: Jacek Wichary

Witam Jestem posiadaczem Atari Jaguara z Polski. Chetnie nawiaze kontakt z kims o podobnych zainteresowaniach. Jaguar w Polsce przeszedl bez wiekszego echa wiec uzytkownicy sa w trudnej sytuacji. pozdrawiam

From: djneo@blkbox.com - collector
Re: mailing list

just wanted to get on your mailing list, Ive been collecting for awhile now. Just getting in to the online community of collecting. I collect about every system. thanks btw - great page

From: Mike Dolce
Re: Entire site

I think your web site is awsome I am a very big Atari fan, I have the 2600, 5200, 7800, Jaguar, Lynx, 400, and 810. I think your site covered everything very well and I have a question the first one is is there any way that i can get Arena Football or The Jag VR I know they were never released but if there is any way that i can get either one I will pay almost anything for them. also do you know if Worms is acually coming out for the Jag and if so when ? I kmow that Telegames was supposed to come out with it. 1 more thing 2 anyone that maybe reading this feel free to e-mail me

From: Gary Scott
Re: Games

Where can I buy or download the good games like frogger space invaders ect...... Regards Gary Scott

From: Brandon
Re: Atari 2600 Adaptor

Does anyone know what kind of Adaptor I need to plug in the back of my TV to play the Atari 2600. I just bought an Atari and it came without the Adaptor. I was told to buy one at Radio Shack but it didn't work when I brought it home. Does anyone know where I can get one and what the exact title is called. I would really appreciate it if someone can clue me in. By the way, this Atari page ROCKS

From: Paul Smith
Re: Atari, tis in the blood....

This is great page. The thought that has gone into, and its execution, is fantastic.

Your articles on the old machines brought back
memories of a time past.

I amy miss my old st, my st/e and my mega I loved my old Falcon, but time marches on....

Thanks for the memories.....


From: Kent Hawkinson
Re: Great Site! :)

From the 2600, to the 1200XL, to the jaguar, I have been a loyal ATARI user. You have a GREAT site that is informative and well thought out. Keep up the GOOD work. :)

From: Ken Lima
Re: Cyberball 2072 (1988)

I have played this game ever since its release in 1988. I now own the one I started on, in its dedicated cabinet. I want to know if there are any plans for a CYBERBALL 3000. There are many loyal followers who have been wanting this for some time now! The game is original and timeless as well as the cabinet. You can add a tournament mode within the game updated graphics more individualized teams the players are perfect and more plays! I think you will be surprised with this games longevity! I also own a 2600 and a 7800. Thanx, Ken

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