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From: atarianna
Re: Breakout, good 'ol days

I noticed that Breakout was listed as a 1983 game. Well, I remember playing it in the free game room in CHQ on Borregas back in the late 70s, where it was located with other freeplay games. (An 8-player Tank game used to play by itself--starting with Revelie and ending with Taps.) Those were the days! (Hey, Eugene J., have you finally acquired an adult face?)

From: Jonn Nebbe
Re: Atari 5200

Mighty fine site Atari Rocks!

From: Robert Coleman
Re: Interested in tank designs for Origin's "Omega" game

I am looking for previous archives or Atari ST users of the Origin game "Omega". You designed a tank with artificial intelligence and created a playing field to have it roam around on to attack other tanks. I am specifically looking for the files related to tank AI language. Thanks

From: Jason Smalley

Playing da Jaguar is da best ting to do during a snowy, cold Minnesota winter. Ya know.

From: Bill Foster
Re: the screen shots

I loved the gallery of the classic video games, especially the screen shots. I can't belive how many video games I missed out on back in the good 'ol days. Yes, MACH 3 was actually in a music video called "Jet Fighter" by three- o'clock

From: Jason S
Re: Atari Jaguar Modem?

Ive heard something about an atari jaguar modem. Is there really such an item? If so email me pleease and tell me where I can find it! I would be very grateful.

From: Patrick Wallace

Very nice. I'm impressed.

From: Alan Sharkis
Re: Your page
ASharkis@worldnet.att.net or ASharkis@aol.com

To John Hardie: John, this is one of the best-designed pages I've seen! I hope Mark Glicksman uses it as inspiration fow what he's going to use for LIAUG and/or NEAR*US. I hope to see you at the next OHAUG meeting and the next joint OHAUG-LIAUG meetings.

From: sam
Re: Atari pirate carts

"If he smells the poison gas he will get dizzy and fall down" - Tonky Kon. Ace! The whole site is cool.

From: Paul Allen Panks
Re: Cool page :)

Hey, nice page :) I wish I could do frames, but alas I am not very web-minded. :( I like the pictures you scanned in and especially the morphing pics of consoles! It looks a bit grainy on the macintosh, but it kicks some serious rear-end on the IBM. :) Come visit my prehistoric page sometime. :) Its not as visual as your page, but its there...somewhere...in cyberspace. :) Have a nice day! Regards, Paul Allen Panks --Who still thinks Playdough is the neatest thing.

From: Daniel J Stevans
Re: 2600 carts and just browsing.....

Nice place! :-D an

From: PAC

Very Nice! So much ATARI stuff and such little time to look at it all! Please keep up the excellent job and I am SOOOO glad people still love ATARI! Tootles!

From: Stephane Dubuc
Re: this site
I'm at a cafe

This is the first time I search the internet, and I came to this site first. My old 2600 back home didn't work, so now that I'm in the "big city" (Vancouver, Canada) I took the opportunity to track down a new system. It even had the original box and it's an older model than the one I've got. Enough about me; amazing site, man.


Glad to see the classics aren't dead!

From: William Augustine

Lets get that trade going. :)

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