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5200 gamers were asked to rate each game that they played, in both graphics and gameplay, on a scale of 1-5 (with 5 being best). Below are the results (ranked in order of their average gameplay scores).

In an attempt to eliminate skew, the high and low scores are dropped when a game receives enough ratings from contributors.

Only games that have been rated by at least three voters will be included in the poll. Otherwise, the sampling error would simply be too large for reliable scores.

If you would like to contribute as a game rater, by all means drop me a line.

                                          GAMEPLAY    GRAPHICS    # RATERS

1.  Montezuma's Revenge         4.71        4.43        (7)
2.  Rescue on Fractalus!        4.6         4.2         (5)
3.  Space Dungeon               4.5         4.08        (12)
4.  Zaxxon                      4.43        4.57        (7)
5.  Pitfall II                  4.33        4.33        (12)
6.  Star Raiders                4.27        3.8         (15)
    Qix                         4.27        3.73        (11)
8.  Ballblazer                  4.25        4.5         (8)
9.  Wizard of Wor               4.22        4           (9)
10. Defender                    4.15        4           (13)
11. Gyruss                      4.14        3.29        (7)
12. Centipede                   4.13        3.6         (15)
13. Moon Patrol                 4.1         3.9         (10)
    Robotron: 2084              4.1         3.7         (10)
15. Jr. Pac-Man (Proto)         4           3.75        (4)
    Millipede                   4           3.5         (4)
    Gremlins                    4           3.8         (5)
    Choplifter!                 4           3.14        (7)
    Miner 2049er                4           3.36        (11)
    Frogger II: Threeedeep!     4           4           (7)
    Mountain King               4           2.89        (9)
    Pengo                       4           3.89        (8)
23. Pitfall!                    3.9         3.6         (10)
24. Joust                       3.87        3.87        (15)
25. Ms. Pac-Man                 3.83        4.08        (12)
    Beamrider                   3.83        3.5         (6)
27. Kaboom!                     3.82        3.27        (11)
28. Bounty Bob Strikes Back     3.8         3.8         (5)
    Zone Ranger                 3.8         3.8         (10)
30. River Raid                  3.79        3.64        (14)
31. H.E.R.O.                    3.75        3.75        (4)
32. Mario Bros.                 3.73        3.55        (11)
33. Dig Dug                     3.71        3.71        (14)
    Missile Command             3.71        3.36        (14)
35. Megamania                   3.7         3.6         (10)
36. Xari Arena (Proto)          3.67        3.33        (3)
    Xevious (Proto)             3.67        3           (3)
    Star Trek                   3.67        3.56        (9)
39. Pac-Man                     3.6         3.73        (15)
40. Keystone Kapers             3.56        3.78        (9)
41. Berzerk                     3.54        3.08        (13)
42. Jungle Hunt                 3.5         3.83        (12)
    Vanguard                    3.5         3.58        (12)
    Dreadnaught Factor, The     3.5         4           (8)
    Pole Position               3.5         3.43        (14)
46. RealSports Baseball         3.44        3.44        (9)
47. Q*Bert                      3.38        3.46        (13)
48. Last Starfighter (Proto)    3.33        3.33        (3)
49. Galaxian                    3.31        3.38        (16)
50. Buck Rogers                 3.3         3.3         (10)
51. Frogger                     3.25        3.83        (12)
    Gorf                        3.25        3.38        (8)
53. Kangaroo                    3.2         2.87        (15)
54. Blue Print                  3.08        3.5         (12)
55. RealSports Tennis           3           3.33        (6)
    Mr. Do's Castle             3           2.86        (7)
    Super Cobra                 3           3.33        (6)
    Super Breakout              3           2.71        (17)
59. Popeye                      2.92        3.15        (13)
60. Star Wars: The Arcade Game  2.89        3.11        (9)
61. RealSports Soccer           2.88        2.62        (8)
62. Countermeasure              2.79        2.93        (14)
63. Astro Chase                 2.75        3.62        (8)
    Meteorites                  2.75        2.25        (4)
    Star Wars ROTJ: Death Star  2.75        2.75        (4)
66. RealSports Football         2.73        2.64        (11)
67. Space Invaders              2.69        2.62        (13)
68. Road Runner (Proto)         2.67        2.67        (3)
    Zenji                       2.67        2.67        (3)
70. Decathlon                   2.6         3           (5)
71. Battlezone (Proto)          2.5         2           (4)
72. Space Shuttle               2.43        3.43        (7)
73. James Bond 007              2.29        2.57        (7)
74. Congo Bongo                 2.27        2.27        (11)
75. Quest for Quintana Roo      1.2         2.4         (5)
76. Miniature Golf (Proto)      1           1.33        (3)

PROVISIONALLY RATED (not enough responses for these games yet)

Super Pac-Man (Proto)           5           5           (2)
Centipede ("Killer")            5           3           (1)
Tempest (Proto)                 4           5           (2)
Final Legacy (Proto)            3.5         3.5         (2)
Track and Field (Proto)         3.5         3.5         (2)
K-Razy Shootout                 3.5         2           (2)
Black Belt (Proto)              2.5         3.5         (2)
Sport Goofy (Proto)             2           2           (2)
Looney Tunes Hotel (Proto)      2           1.5         (2)
Micro-gammon SB (Proto)         2.5         3           (2)
Spitfire (Proto)                2           3           (2)
Asteroids (Proto)               1.5         2           (2)
RealSports Basketball (Proto)   1.5         1.5         (2)


The ratings after each comment are the scores given by that
particular individual.

A "5/4" would stand for Gameplay=4 Graphics=5.

     (KI) - It's no wonder Atari canned the game.  Sloppy isn't 
            a brutal enough description of the controls. (1/2)

Astro Chase
     (TL) - I don't understand it.  What's the point?  Graphics are
            good though. (score not given)

     (BW) - One of my all time favorites on any platform! (4/5)
     (KI) - Split screen, first person perspective and two player
            simultaneous gameplay.  Who could ask for anything more?

Battlezone (Prototype)
     (DM) - How did they manage to make this game so bad?  Redefined
            character sets made the tanks and obstacles unscalable,
            and just made the whole thing look like a bad game you
            typed-in on your own 8-bit from Antic magazine or
            something. (3/1)
     (KI) - No wonder this game was never released. (2/2)

     (TL) - This cool game taught me how to fight like a robot
            instead of chicken. (4/4)
     (EB) - Best home version of this game.  Speech is cool! (4/4)

Black Belt
     (KI) - A very early and unfinished fighting game.  Shows 
            promise but the lack of collision detection makes it 
            hard to judge the game.  (2/3)

Bounty Bob Strikes Back
     (KHe)- All I can say is "WOW!"  I thought Miner 2049er was great
            (and it still is), but Bounty Bob is king!  This game is
            incredibly fun AND challenging.  It takes the best
            elements of Miner, then expands on them.  There is so
            I like about this game: Lots-o-levels, tons of strategy,
            humor, warps, and a special configuration page to boot.
            Even the high score entry and display pages are great.
            This game is a definite 5/5 for graphics/playability.
            Thank you Bill Hogue! (5/5)
     (DER)- Game play is really different.  Takes all the fun of
            Miner 2049er out, sometimes it's hard to tell the
            difference between the two except for the different
            colors.  It's really difficult to jump from one level to
            another.  I'll say it again; game play is really
            difficult. (1/2)

Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom
     (DER)- A game I like except I wish they would have taken it
            further and made the graphics a bit better a la
            Ballblazer.  A distant predecessor to games like 1942.

     (DM) - My 5/5 rating is really based on the fact that this is a
            port, it's just a plain good 5200 version.  Smooth moving
            enemies, fantastic sound, and the trak-ball makes this
            probably one of my favorite 5200 titles. (5/5)
     (KHe)- Gameplay improves when using trak-ball.
     (EB) - Different from (and better than) the Atari 8-bit Computer
            version. (4/3)
     (JJ) - Beats Atari Computer version by a mile. (5/5)

Congo Bongo
     (JT) - Hate this damn game.  Cheezy 3-D perspective doesn't work
            at all. (1/2)
     (DER)- It's an OK game.  I liked playing it in the arcade, but
            the 5200 version is kinda lame.  The opening level seems
            like a big splotch of yellow with some brown added to it.
     (EB) - Awful, just awful. (1/2)

     (TL) - The 5200's version of Combat. (4/2)

     (KI) - If you want to kill your joystick by playing this game,
            be my guest.  Don't say that I didn't warn you, though.
            Decent enough game for those who don't mind the risk of
            thrashing their controllers. (2/4)

     (DER)- I consider this game the "feel-good" game of the Atari
            series.  It seems no matter how bad you are playing, you
            can always rack up a high score.  I like Defender a lot,
            it's one of my all-time faves. (5/3)
     (TL) - Not a big fan of the game but the graphics are
            outstanding! (3/5)
     (KI) - Smooth gameplay coupled with the absence of flicker
            (unlike the 2600 version) combine to make this one of
            the most faithful ports of Defender on any classic
            system. (4/4)

Dig Dug
     (DER)- I've seen better ports of this than the 5200 version, but
            there's something about Dig Dug I like that I can't put a
            finger on.  An entertaining game. (3/3)

Final Legacy
     (KI) - None of the sub-games is good enough to stand on its own, 
            but judged as a whole it's slightly more enjoyable than 
            Countermeasure. (3/4)

     (JT) - Friggin' retarded control scheme. (2/5)
     (TL) - What a sissy concept for a game. (2/3)
     (KHe)- Looks good, but button/joystick combo that you have to
            use to control Frogger's movement is a pain.  Keypad
            controlling is even worse. (2/4)
     (KI) - Play this game with the Masterplay and you'll change your
            mind, guys :) (4/4)

Frogger II: Threeedeep!
     (DER)- I like this game a lot.  One of the last games I got
            before they became impossible to get.  As a matter of
            fact, this game IS impossible to get.  I like the
            graphics and it's a big improvement over the first one.
     (KI) - Great sequel, but this game is bound to frustrate even
            the best gamers with its absurd difficulty. (4/4)

     (BW) - Looks and plays like Galaxian, but just lacks something.
     (DER)- This game is haunted by the fact that the game play and
            screens never change. (See also Space Invaders).  I like
            this better than Space Invaders, however. (3/3)

     (TL) - I can't give it a 5/5 because they forgot the Galaxian
            level.  Otherwise it is awesome! (4/5)

     (JT) - Fantastic music. (4/5)
     (KI) - Along with Ballblazer, Pengo and Moon Patrol, this game
            is a showcase title of the 5200's remarkable audio
            capabilities. (4/3)

James Bond 007
     (KI) - An insanely difficult game, and an awful one to boot. (2/3)

     (KI) - A faithful home port of the Williams coin-op. (4/4)

Jungle Hunt
     (KHe)- Is it just me or is the final scene much more difficult
            than in the original coin-op? (3/4)
     (KI) - Most people either love this game or despise it.  I'm
            somewhere in between, however. (3/4)

K-Razy Shootout
     (KI) - A decent ripoff of Berzerk on a system that already has
            an (almost) pixel perfect port of the real thing. (3/2)

     (DM) - Although many people believe playing Kaboom! without a
            paddle is some kind of sacrilege, I love this version of
            the game.  With the 5200 joystick, you're simply
            controlling the same potentiometer in the controller, but
            with a knob on the 2600 and a stick on the 5200.  Output
            is analog either way.  Plus, the 1812 Overture really
            gets me pumped up! (5/4)
     (KI) - The option of allowing a second player to play as the Mad
            Bomber is a cool feature not found in any other version
            of Kaboom! (4/3)

     (TL) - This game is downright stupid.  The graphics are even
            worse.  I bet they had Commodore shaking in their boots
            at the time. (1/1)
     (KI) - Controlling Mama-roo is tricky with the standard 5200
            joystick, but this game truly shines for those lucky
            enough to have a third-party controller. (4/4)

Mario Bros.
     (KHe)- Great port.  Fun, especially with two players. (5/4)

     (TL) - Cool graphics, but redundant as #@$%. (3/4)
     (DM) - I love this game.  Apart from the fact that this game
            just feels a little different from the 2600 version that
            we're all used to, this game is terrific in every way.
            And aside from the game, the label and box art are quite
            superior to its 2600 counterpart.  If this one had come
            out first, they would have laughed the 2600 version out
            the door. (5/5)

     (KI) - A pretty decent Asteroids clone.  Speaking of which,
            whatever happened to Asteroids??? (4/3)

Micro-gammon SB (Prototype)
     (DM) - I'm glad they used the highest resolution possible for at
            least one game.  The computer may not be a very good
            backgammon player, but they really had a great idea here
            and I'm sorry it wasn't released. (3/5)

Millipede (Prototype)
     (KI) - Absolutely phenomenal.  The trak-ball option puts this
            version above the technically superior NES edition. (5/4)

Miner 2049er
     (DER)- This game is everything that BBSB isn't.  Easy to play,
            not too difficult, OK graphics, just a lot of fun. (4/2)
     (KHe)- Great game!  Was my favorite as a kid. (5/5)

Missile Command
     (TL) - This game has it all!  Easily my favorite 5200 game and
            among my favorites of all time.  Anyone have a trak-ball
            for sale? (5/5)
     (DM) - With two buttons and a keypad available, having only one
            missile base is inexcusable.  They even fit two bases
            into the Atari ST version, using each button on the
            mouse.  Why couldn't Atari port their own game worth a
            "bleep"? (2/3)

Mountain King
     (KHe)- Fun; are the higher levels winnable? (5/3)

Mr. Do's Castle
     (DM) - After seeing the Colecovision version, this is just plain
            sad.  The 5200 could certainly have moved the Do-meister
            and the Chameleon Unicorns around better than it did.

Ms. Pac-Man
     (DER)- The successor to Pac-Man is more challenging than the
            original, and gameplay is better. (4/3)

     (TL) - The screen is just too wide.  And what happened to the
            great sound effects that were included in the 2600
            version? (3/2)

     (KHe)- Fun!  I liked the arcade game, but wasn't too good at it.
            Played this version a lot!  Great port (5/3)
     (KI) - A pixel perfect port of the coin-op cult classic. (4/5)

     (BW) - I actually like 2600 Pitfall better! (3/3)

Pitfall II: Lost Caverns
     (KI) - For an additional challenge, try the secret Adventurer's
            world! (5/4)

Pole Position
     (BW) - Made me want a 5200 back in the day (4/4)

     (TL) - Graphics leave a bit to be desired. (3/2)
     (KI) - Never cared for Nintendo's coin-op version, so the 5200
            one doesn't do much for me. (3/3)

     (JT) - Retarded controls (like Frogger). (2/4)
     (KHe)- Not one of my favorite games, but seems to be a good
            port.  Of course, it's missing the "thwack" of the 
            original when Q*bert or Coily jumps off the side of the
            pyramid. (3/3)

     (TL) - A true classic.  Decent graphics.  Great concept!  One of
            the best ever! (5/5)

RealSports Baseball
     (DER)- This game is fun!  I like playing the higher levels,
            because the easy level is too easy.  On the easy level,
            you can bunt for home runs.  The voice in the game is
            cool, but can get old after a long time of playing. (4/4)

RealSports Basketball (Prototype)
     (DER)- I played this game for two weeks as part of an Atari
            survey my Dad got in '83 in the Northwest suburbs of
            Chicago.  The graphics were terrible and the gameplay
            wasn't too much better.  I suppose it would have been
            better if I had really good joysticks, or that I should
            have played it on the two-port version. (2/2)

RealSports Football
     (DER)- This game is just above average.  The playbooks are cool,
            but I can run the same play over and over again and
            demolish the computer.  I don't understand how a player
            can run around the screen and end up on the other side.

RealSports Soccer
     (DER)- I'm a big fan of Soccer, and this game is an OK version.
            It seems that most of the time the other players are out
            just wandering around. (3/2)

Rescue on Fractalus!
     (KI) - The system of fractile geometry which was used to 
            generate the planetary landscape was a gaming first. 

River Raid
     (BW) - I don't like the jagged river edges, and the stick ruins
            it for me. (4/3)

Space Dungeon
     (TL) - Berzerk in outer space with a little more meat in it.
     (JJ) - Simply put, this game rules! (5/5)
     (KI) - Robotron meets Berzerk meets Zelda.  A closet classic
            that begs to be played by everyone. (5/5)

Space Invaders
     (DER)- I know it's an older game, but Galaxian and Megamania
            picked up where this one left off.  Gameplay is OK and
            graphics are weak, but that's what it's like to be an
            original. (2/2)
     (KHe)- Not really like the original but kind of fun.  The mother
            ship comes out constantly! (3/3)

Star Raiders
     (BW) - Great, even with the 5200 stick! (5/5)
     (DER)- Predecessor to X-Wing and Wing Commander.  Really
            involved for a 5200 game.  It had one of the largest
            manuals for any game, 40-some pages. (5/3)
     (KHe)- I guess this is considered to be a "classic," but I just
            can't get into this game.  Yuck! (1/1)

Star Trek: Strategic Operations Simulator
     (EB) - Boring translation of a game that has no good home ports
            (vector to raster). (2/3)

Star Wars: The Arcade Game
     (DM) - After this guy got fired from Atari for Battlezone, he
            must have went to Parker Brothers.  Same crappy blocky
            Battlezone graphics ruined this one too. (3/2)
     (KI) - It (sort of) looks like the arcade version, and it sure
            sounds like it, too.  But it plays nothing like its
            color vector parent. (2/3)

Super Breakout
     (KHo)- The 2600 version blows this one out of the water! (1/1)
     (BW) - How do you rate graphics on Breakout?  Of course they're
            blocky. (3/4)

Super Pac-Man
     (KI) - Absolutely superb.  The graphics are sharp and colorful, 
            and everything that was found in the coin-op original is 
            featured in the SuperSystem adaptation. (5/5)

     (KI) - Incomplete, but what's there shows tremendous promise.
            Control is spot-on, and the sound effects seem to have 
            been taken straight out of the arcade version. (4/5)

     (TL) - I liked the 2600 version better but credit is due for a
            great game like Vanguard. (3/5)
     (KHe)- Captures the spirit of the original.  Sadly, the four
            fire button arrangement of the coin-op couldn't be
            duplicated.  I hate how the ship doesn't move easily
            while firing. (3/3)

Wizard of Wor
     (TL) - Cool game.  Decent graphics. (4/4)

Xari Arena (Prototype)
     (DM) - Good marks just based on originality.  What a nifty game
            this was. (5/4)
     (KI) - If you liked Warlords, you'll absolutely love this
            prototype game. (4/3)

     (KHo)- Blows away the Colecovision and C-64 versions by a mile!

Zone Ranger
     (TL) - Playability is awesome. (4/4)


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