Previous special features

  • Ed Logg interview - He coded Tengen's version of Tetris and he has a thing or two to say about Nintendo. A must read!

  • Chris Bieniek interview - The former writer at VideoGames & Computer Entertainment magazine waxes nostalgic on the NES mag-shelf scene.

  • NES in Brazil - How much different is it from other pirate paradises? A lot! Read on...

  • Shadowgate Classic review - the old, smelly adventure game reappears on Game Boy Color.

  • Akihabara report - And onward to the Tokyo electronics mecca. Do they have any old stuff?

  • |tsr Does Kansai - is there any Famicom stuff to be found in the center of Japanese civilization? Let's find out!

  • |tsr interviews Zach Meston, embittered NES tipbook writer and game-industry renegade.

  • |tsr interviews Gregg Tavares, veteran game designer and coder of MC Kids for the NES.

  • What to Get - your guide to what NES games to get before they become too scarce.

  • The Tetris saga - the history of the game, from its original conceiving to the climax of the Nintendo/Tengen battle.

  • Japanese for Lamers, a crash course in Japanese specialized for all you would-be Famicom freaks.

  • Jackal vs. The Jackal - which should you spend your money on? A special |tsr's NES archive comparison.

  • The NES Cleaning FAQ, by Jay McGavren.

  • A tribute to Video Power, a late, great video game game show. With RealAudio sound sample.

  • The Nintendo World Championships, an article taken from Video Games & Computer Entertainment magazine.

  • Captain Nintendo, a short story in two parts printed in issues 3 and 4 of Nintendo Power.

  • Friends, another short story printed in issue 6 of Nintendo Power, the winner of a fiction contest

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