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The best engineers in the world aren't at Nintendo, or Intel or, uh, Samurai Games or anywhere else. They're all working for Bung.

No other company I know has been so consistent in producing hardware that have helped so many people, like, save money and protect their equipment. From the Game Action Replay design, to the Game Doctor/Professor series of "backup devices" to the GB EPROM carts that has helped me commit at least 400 acts of software piracy in the last year, Bung products have all been created with the discerning game conoisseur in mind. And unlike other Hong Kong companies whose products fall apart even before US Customs gets their hands on 'em, Bung's game console add-ons are built to last.

If only Nintendo and other companies could get over their jealousy, families and children across the world can have the fascinating world of "game programming" and (aehahe) "cartridge backup" right at their fingertips! Hurry up and get your hands in on the real deal before the Commies get 'em!


Special report: Famicom pirate carts from Greece


About NES/Famicom pirate carts

4-in-1 from ? (Famicom)
1998 SUPER HIK 4 in 1 from ? (featuring SF2!)
20-in-1 from ?
42-in-1 with adapter from ? (Famicom)
64-in-1 from Supervision (Famicom)
76 GAMES IN 1 from Supervision (NES)
110-in-1 from ? (NES)
Various games from Supervision (NES)
Various games from Hong Kong Game Cartridge Co. (NES)
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Pirate Mutants


Several pirate Famicoms and NES consoles
Ending Man S700 Famicom clone
Dendy Russian Famicom clone
Mortal Kombat Super Creation 64 from ?
Super Computer 60 Greek Famicom clone
Top Guy portable NES from ?
MVC Famicom clone (with built-in watch)

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