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Check out a scan of the cart.

Hot Slots was one of three NES games released by some company called Panesian Taiwan Co., Ltd. The other games were named Bubble Bath Babes and Peek-a-Boo Poker, so maybe you have some idea of what to expect from this company. Plus, do I really have to state that these were all unlicensed games?!?

Anyway, once you press Start on the title screen (the screen above, featuring the most lethargic playboy bunny i've ever seen), you enter the game proper. You start out with a stake of $450, which can be converted to "medallions" (for use with the slot machines) in $50 increments. If you lose all your money, of course, the game is over.

Once you get some medallions, you have the choice of three different machines - Cutie Bunny (shown on the right), Juicy Fruit or Las Vegas - to spend them on. I find that the three machines pay off in incrementing order, ie. Cutie Bunny pays off a lot but doesn't give you much winnings, Las Vegas doesn't pay off very often but usually gives you a lot of money, and Juicy Fruit is somewhere in between.

BTW, the machines are about two screens long - it scrolls down to the pot below to show coins going into the pot when you win something, and it scrolls up to the siren and lights when you get 3 bars or 3 7's. Did you notice the line between the slot machine and the pot on the picture at right? That's there in the game, and it constantly changes color.. it looks like the game wasn't all that well coded.

Anyway, getting 3 bars or 3 7's in a row gets you around $15, but the real excitement happens after that when you enter the Jackpot Bonus Round. In this, for a limited time all you have to do is get three fruits with "JAC" written on them to win $15, and you can do this a -lot- during the bonus round, so you usually end up with about $100 of winnings by the time the bonus round ends.

Now for the exciting part

When you win certain amounts of cash at each of the slot machines, every now and then you'll get a screen featuring a nice girl coming on to you. The more cash you win at a machine, the more clothes the girl takes off, until at the very end, where she's butt naked and (supposedly) you take it from there. If you're good enough to get to that point, the game ends.

Each slot machine you play offers a different girl, for a total of 9 pictures (3 per machine). You can see the pics for Juicy Fruit below, or the pics for Cutie Bunny or Las Vegas via the links.

Here we are introduced to "Lucy" (probably not her real name). Although she doesn't seem to be the best speller, she definitely is well versed in the best in "anime chick" hair and clothing.To get to this point I started out with $50 and played until I had around $200 (which is actually pretty difficult).

After I got to around $300, the game stopped again and Lucy stopped by, took off that cute lime-green vest and hot pants revealing a somewhat cuter purple bikini, and made a cute little pun about slot machines and a very different kind of slot. You, umm, excited yet?

Finally, after a really long lucky streak of 3 jackpot bonus rounds in a row, I had gotten up to $450. Lucy was evidently impressed, as she took off all of her clothes for me (finally!) Lucy's right hand is fully animated in this scene, by the way; sorry I couldn't put that image across for you. At that point, the game ended (I assume that Panesian knew that there would be no other reason to play the game other than the porno scenes, eh?)

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