Hi, kids! SUPER JOE YAMATO here. I've spared the evil |tsr his life for now, but his injustice can go on no longer! The world of the NES does not revolve around he alone; thanks to the blessings of the World Wide Web, 8-bit sites are taking root all over the world, spreading the words of truth, honor and decency!

The links at the top are those that I, the impeccable SUPER JOE YAMATO, personally recommend for first-time viewers. Below them are listed some more top NES pages across the land, and at the bottom are listed just a few of the Japanese sites sprawling up on the other side of the world.

If you have any links not here, send some mail or forever hold your peace! Victory will soon be at hand! Hail the heroes of the revolution!


~~~ Super Joe's Top Sites ~~~

 NES World
The original NES site (September 95). Still going at it, despite almost as many sudden moves as me! Lots and lots of info and pictures. View this after (or before) you view |tsr's.
 The Gray Area
A day-to-day news site, devoted to all topics of the NES from emu releases to people and sites going up and down again. SUPER JOE YAMATO owes him bit for not linking to him for about five years.
 The Metroid Database
Run by all around good person TJ Rappel, the database has absolutely everything you'd desire to know about that wild space ranger chick and her amazing adventures.
 The Zelda Headquarters
This goes to show what happens when you devote a web page to a subject that people actually care about (as opposed to stupid 10-year-old games). Niels t'hooft started this site and, like web sites have a tendency to do if they're good, it ballooned. There's so much Zelda info that if you put all of it in your pants, they'd probably fall down.
 The Castlevania Dungeon
Another one of those crazy mazey classicgaming.com game worship sites, this one exposes the story of a Gothic family who've been listning to Devo's classic "Whip It" for too long.
 The Internet NES Database
An ambitious project aiming to make a complete database of NES information, including reviews, game help, media, endings, and so on. You can contribute your own entries, too. Hopefully it'll grow to be an invaluable resource!
~~~ Some More Okay NES Sites ~~~

 Blaster Master Underground
An amazingly well designed tribute to one of the best platform shooters ever made, this site features graphics that I only wish I could create (as opposed to just scattering NES clip art around this site).
Not strictly NES, but like the sickly cute Taito series of games it covers, it's too much to resist.
 Chris Covell's Homepage
Chris has written a few demos runnable on NESes, and a lot of cool little utilities - text viewers, a NES music player for the Commodore 64, and a Game Genie convertor. He is also a great fan of the great Kirby of Dream Land, which is automatic inclusion into SUPER JOE YAMATO's "cool" list.
 The Definitive Guide to River City Ransom
The classic beat-em-up slash RPG is exhaustively walked through for you by Ben Turner.
Say what you will, good or bad, about online auctioning. The fact remains that Ebay and sites like it have permanently changed the way many hobbies, including classic gaming, work. Worth looking just for the scans of stuff, mostly. You can wail about prices all you want, though...
 The Howard & Nester Comics Archive
For anyone who picked up a copy of Nintendo Power, the adventures of Nintendo Fun Club president Howard Phillips and his hotshot sidekick Nester will always bring back some memories. This page has all 25 installments online!
  John Valesh's Nintendo Page
The former Color Dreams programmer lets out his history of one of the strangest NES software houses ever. Fortunately for us, he's not uptight about admitting his roles in games like Pesterminator and Operation Secret Storm. Anyone need 80,000 copies of Baby Boomer?
 The Kid Icarus Coliseum
Blazemore's page has everything you could possibly want to know about the old NES sleeper.
 The MJP NES Database
Features on the easiest, hardest and worst NES games, and (most amazing to me) a complete compilation of Electronic Gaming Monthly NES game ratings.
 The NES Enshrined
Another fun site just to read through for a while, Mike Craig's page a lot of info on things like the classic movie The Wizard, as well as reviews and FAQs.
 The Ninja Gaiden Home Page
The world's most mysterious ninja and his three NES action games get their own tribute site.
 Nintendo Information Insemination
Quite nicely designed site. Probably best noted for its Euro-info, especially all of the stuff Nintendo and its importers brought into Finland.
 The Nintendo Old Skool
Hee hee, nice design. There's also the Famicom Old Skool, with the entire Famicom Disk System manual/comic book scanned in.
 The PlayChoice-10 page
More information on the NES-based arcade system.
 RBI Baseball Homepage
I link to this more for nostalgia than anything else. This page is so old that it contains direct links to my page back when it was on Voicenet! It's so old that NES World was linking to it by the time I created my web page! Not only that, but their claims of RBI Baseball being "the world's greatest video game" are entertaining enough that this page shouldn't be missed by anyone.
 Seanbaby's NES Page
An awe-inspiringly hilarious look at 6 different reality-impaired NES games.
 The Unofficial Captain N Homepage
A site devoted to that classic marvel of Saturday-morning literature, the heavily Nintendo-inspired Captain N: The Game Master.

~~~ Japanese Sites ~~~

To view these sites correctly, you may need to configure a Japanese font for your WWW browser. The Anime Web Turnpike just happens to have a handy guide showing you how.

 Ankoku Gamer Shuchu Chiryoshitsu
Something like "The Dark Gamers' Intensive Care Unit"; Super Tiger covers things like unreleased games, prototypes, giveaway-only games, pirates and other odd corners of the Japanese game collecting world.
 Classic Video Gamestation: Odyssey
The definitive page on pre-Famicom Japanese game systems, this covers everything from the first Pong consoles to the 2600-like Cassette Vision. Dento Teramachi's Famicom page also has some neat pictures of unreleased games and brochures.
 Hanya Honya Empire
A very very large site, mostly devoted to game fandom than actual collecting. Reams of articles in Japanese. Interesting enough just for the images.
 Moeyo Famicom
Nice page, I like his extremely red web-page design. TWAT (that's the webmaster's name) also has game walkthroughs, features on Namco's FC stuff, and a rocking webboard.
 Mizuyan Homepage
Anyone whose game list takes up 228K has to be cool, right? Mizuyan's page has pictures of the rarest of the Famicom rare, as well as a few fun electronic projects, such as hacking AV into your FC, using Playstation controllers with your FC, or just putting some LEDs on your FC to make it a Knight Rider emulator. =) As often happens with mega-collectors, Mizuyan's cooled off and is selling some of his collection.
 Tantei Club Homepage
A page devoted to a classic Disk System adventure game series called Famicom Tantei Club (FC Detectives Club). Nice design.

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