Secret Video Game Tricks, Codes, & Strategies
Length: 60 minutes
From: MPI Home Video, 1989

Ad copy: "A Game Player's Dream Come True! The U.S. National Video Game Team reveal their secret TRICKS, CODES, & STRATEGIES to you with accurate, step-by-step instructions on how to make your good game sensational! Become Video Invincible!"

The truth: This is definitely the most entertaining tape I own. Basically the US National Video Game Team go through 20 or so codes and secret little things (bugs in Double Dragon, for example). The US National Video Game Team, although their mastery certainly won't be contested by me (they're obviously "playing" a videotape of the game), definitely need some work on their verbal skills. As you can hear in the sound samples below, [pretending to] play games and talk at the same time is not the US National Video Game Team's strong suit.

The US National Video Game Team: (l to r) Jim Allee, Donn Nauert, Shane Olivo

The concept of a "US National Video Game Team" (I just love typing that) seems a little silly to me, somehow, though. Who do they play against? Do they have yearly contests against the All Japan Video Game Team? Was "Nintendo" an exhibition sport at Seoul in 1988? Many unanswered questions, but the Video Game Team attached their name to several products of the time (including, for a time, Electronic Gaming Monthly), and Donn Nauert did writing for several other magazines. So, although I won't deny their qualifications, I'd say that the US National Video Game Team should stick to gaming and lay off the tip videos from now on.

The US Pretending to Play a Videotape of a Game Team in action

The Team uses nothing but Beeshu joysticks, for the ultimate in lack of quality