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When you really want to get into the game.. Get Tengen RBI Baseball (The only video game licensed by the Major League Baseball Players' Association for your Nintendo!) It's you and the pros! Throw Roger Clemens' heater. Flash Vince Coleman the steal sign! Let Gibson swing for the fences. It's going, going, GONE!!!!!... RBI Baseball.. The one the pros pitch.

When you -really- want to get into the game

Unsurprisingly enough, Tengen did not do too much TV advertising for their unlicensed games; however, this ad for RBI Baseball managed to get produced.

In the ad, this kid enters his room and takes out his RBI cart, which seems to be magical-or-something since little electrical bolts spark out of it (you can tell they really blew the special-effects budger on this one). When the guy puts the cart in his NES, he is immediately transported - right into the game world!

The fine print reads, in part, "Actual game play differs"

For some reason, instead of showing actual gameplay with its shitty graphics, Tengen decided to show an -approximation- of the gameplay with shitty graphics. It's really funny to see this silly kid run around a green field with a bunch of badly animated "computer players" running around beside him. You have to wonder if this would actually make anyone want to buy the game after seeing the ad.

Anyway, after the kid, playing the part of Kirk Gibson, hits a home run, he gets kicked out of the game and lands on the bed in his room with a "oh, wow" look on his face. It's OK, but it's not the powerhouse that, for example, the SuperSonic ad is.

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