Download the sound from this ad (~50k RealAudio file)

I can't quite place a date on this ad, but it's definitely old; they hadn't even released Zelda by this time! The ad is a sort of parody of Alien with three cool-looking mid-80's kids walking down a futuristic hall. Suddenly, large silver TV screens with controllers shoot out at them! The kids are helpless - they must play all of the hot new Nintendo releases or face a fate worse than death!

Although it seems a little silly to have an ad get this worked up about games like Hogan's Alley and Kung Fu, this was the sort of ad that people hooked on the NES in the first place, so we have that much to thank this for..

"Look out, people - we might run into some amazing new video games!"

"Oh no! I've been sucked into Duck Hunt! We'll never escape Nintendo now!"

The amazing circa-1986 line up of the NES world, including ROB!