Tumbleweeds Label


  • To call Tumbleweeds a game would be somewhat of a reach. After all, scoring is not even possible in this game. Describing it as a "leisurely sim game" would be more appropriate.

    The screen shows a first person view of Puffer. The operator pedal speed determines how fast the object in the foreground come to the front view of the screen (The mountains always provide a horizon.) Since there is only a left/right control possible, the buttons are redundant on each side. The object of this game is to maneuver around the tumbleweeds and the cacti that approach you.

    The prototype 5200 version of Tumbleweeds appears complete, if the description of the game in the memos is any indication. Although Tumbleweeds is playable with a joystick, unlike Jungle River Cruise this game is one that can only be enjoyed with the exercycle.

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