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-  Games originally released through 1986.
-  Ports, "Enhanced" versions of a game and sequels/remakes.

-  Games not originally released in the U.S.  Cutie Q (on the 
   Japanese Playstation Namco Museum 2 disc) was a Japan-only
   coin-op release, as was Nichibutsu's Heiankyo Alien (1980).
   Time Gal for the SegaCD, PS (Japan) and Saturn (Japan) was 
   released in 1985 as a laserdisc coin-op game in Japan by Taito 
   and is thus considered a part of the classic-era in Japan, but 
   does not qualify here.
-  Post-1986 games.  Assault (1988), Roadblasters (1987), Tetris 
   (1988), Chase H.Q. (1988), Gradius (1988), Klax (1989) and Rampart
   (1991) fail to make the cut.  They're classics in their own 
   rights, but we're narrowing this list to the "classic" era, not
   whether a game is great or has a classic "feel" to them.  Perhaps 
   in the future the era will be extended when the time is right and 
   said games will be included on this list.
-  Games that are NOT official releases are out.  Just because some
   game plays similarly to an earlier classic is not enough.
   (case in point: Gal's Panic for Saturn (J) plays very similar to 
   Qix but is not an official sequel.)

Emu    Emulated.  (Uses the exact code of the original version)
Port   Port of original.  Near-exact replication.
Enh    Enhanced or "arranged" (Semi-Remake). Slightly different from 
         original but not significantly overhauled either graphically
         or in terms of gameplay.
Rem    Complete overhaul of graphics with often drastic changes in 
       gameplay & options.  In other words, it's a sequel.

Note:  Some versions have multiple types on one cart or CD.  For 
       instance, Tempest 2000 has classic (Port), Plus (Semi-remake) 
       and 2000 (Remake) modes.  In addition, the game must share some 
       resemblance to its predecessor (i.e.-- Donkey Kong Country has 
       no relation to the classic other than having the same characters;
       Gameboy Donkey Kong, however, qualifies).

* (after the title)  --  May have been a Japan-only release.

A "(J)" After each system designates that it was only available in Japan.
    This designation only applies if the system had the same name in
    Japan as it did in the U.S. (example: Game Gear, Playstation)

32X       Sega 32X
32XCD     Sega 32X CD
3DO       REAL 3DO Interactive Multiplayer
CDi       Phillips Compact Disc Interactive
DC        Sega Dreamcast
GB        Nintendo Game Boy
GBA       Nintendo Game Boy Advance
GBC       Nintendo Game Boy Color
GC        Nintendo Gamecube
GCom      Tiger Game.com
Gen       Sega Genesis
GenCD     Sega CD
GG        Sega Game Gear
Jag       Atari Jaguar
JagCD     Atari Jaguar CD
LX        Atari Lynx
MD        Sega MegaDrive (Everywhere else but North America)
MDCD      Sega Mega CD (Japanese Sega CD)
N64       Nintendo 64
Neo       SNK Neo Geo
NGP       SNK Neo Geo Pocket
NUON      VM Labs NUON Players
PCE(Hu)   NEC PC Engine HuCard (Japanese TG16 HuCard)
PCE(CD)   NEC PC Engine CD-Rom (Japanese TG16 CD)
PCE(CD2)  NEC PC Engine CD-Rom2 (Japanese TG16 CD2/Turbo Duo)
PCFX      NEC PC-FX (Japan-only)
PS        Sony PlayStation
PS2       Sony PlayStation 2
Sat       Sega Saturn
SFC       Nintendo Super Famicom (Japanese SNES)
SGfx      NEC SuperGrafx (Japan-only)
SN        Nintendo Super Nintendo Entertainment System
TG(Hu)    NEC TurboGrafx-16 HuCard
TG(CD)    NEC TurboGrafx-16 CD-Rom
TG(CD2)   NEC TurboGrafx-16 CD-Rom2/Turbo Duo
VBoy      Nintendo Virtual Boy
WS        Bandai WonderSwan (Japan-only)
WSC       Bandai WonderSwan Color (Japan-only)
XB        Microsoft X-Box

2A/MC    2-in-1 Asteroids/Missile Command by Nintendo
2CM      2-in-1 Centipede/Millipede by Nintendo
2DJ      2-in-1 Defender/Joust by Nintendo
2GG      2-in-1 Galaga/Galaxian by Nintendo
AAH      Atari Arcade Hits by Hasbro Interactive
AAH1     Atari Arcade Hits Volume 1 by Midway
AC       Arcade Classics by Sega
ACT      Activision Classics: 30 Games For The Atari 2600 by Activision
AGHA1    Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection Volume 1 by Midway
AGHA2    Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Atari Collection Volume 2 by Midway
AGHM2    Arcade's Greatest Hits: The Midway Collection Volume 2 by Midway
AHDJ     Arcade Hits: Defender/Joust by Midway
AHSM     Arcade Hits: Spy Hunter/Moon Patrol by Midway
APG      Fantasy Zone is hidden in Arnold Palmer Golf by Sega
APP      Arcade Party Pak by Midway
BB/RA    Bubble Bobble/Rainbow Islands by Taito
CG1      Capcom Generations Volume 1
CG2      Capcom Generations Volume 2
CG3      Capcom Generations Volume 3
CG4      Capcom Generations Volume 4
G&W1     Game & Watch Gallery 1 by Nintendo
G&W2     Game & Watch Gallery 2 by Nintendo
G&W3     Game & Watch Gallery 3 by Nintendo
GDP      Gradius Deluxe Pack by Konami
INTV     Intellivision Classics by Activision
IAC      Irem Arcade Classics by I'Max
KAC      Konami Arcade Classics
KGBC3    Konami GB Collection Volume 3
KGBC4    Konami GB Collection Volume 4
MGAH1    Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 1
MGAH2    Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Volume 2
MSCE     Ms. Pac-Man Special Color Edition by Namco
MSX1     Konami Antiques: MSX Collection Volume 1 by Konami
MSX2     Konami Antiques: MSX Collection Volume 2 by Konami
NAC1     Nichibutsu Arcade Classics 1 by Nichibutsu
NAC2     Nichibutsu Arcade Classics 2 by Nichibutsu (SFC Only)
NG1      Namco Gallery Volume 1 by Namco
NG2      Namco Gallery Volume 2 by Namco
NM1      Namco Museum Volume 1 by Namco
NM2      Namco Museum Volume 2 by Namco
NM3      Namco Museum Volume 3 by Namco
NM4      Namco Museum Volume 4 by Namco
NM5      Namco Museum Volume 5 by Namco
NM64     Namco Museum 64 by Namco
NMDC     Namco Museum by Namco (for Sega Dreamcast)
NMGBA    Namco Museum by Namco (for Gameboy Advance)
NME      Namco Museum Encore
PAC2     Pac-Man 2: The New Adventures
SAges    Sega Ages Compilation (Published by Working Designs)
SAges(J) Sega Ages -- Japan only (Published by Sega), individual
SA/MC    Super Asteroids/Missile Command by Atari
SAMC1    Sega Ages Memorial Collection Volume 1 -- Japan only.
SAMC2    Sega Ages Memorial Collection Volume 2 -- Japan only.
TG/NH    Time Gal and Revenge of the Ninja (Ninja Hayate)
           multi-CD (Japan-only)
TS/RB    Thunderstorm FX (Cobra Command) and Roadblasters (Road Avenger)
           multi-CD (Japan-only)
TVP      Taito Variety Pack by Taito
WAGH     Williams' Arcade's Greatest Hits by Midway

Title     = Game Title
Type      = Type of Game (Port, Emu, Rem, etc.)
Publisher = Publisher
Systems   = Game systems it is available for.
Original  = The format that the original version was
            available for.
Comments  = Comments/Original game title (if different)

2600 - Atari 2600 (VCS)
5200 - Atari 5200 SuperSystem
AP2  - Apple II Series Computers (II/II+/IIe/IIc, etc.)
AT8  - Atari 8-bit Computers (400/800, etc.)
C64  - Commodore 64 Home Computer
Coin - Coin-operated (Arcade) game
CV   - Colecovision
G&W  - Nintendo Game & Watch (Note: G&W is stand-alone, 
            meaning that it's not programmable.)
INTV - Mattel Intellivision
MSX  - MSX Computer
NES  - Nintendo Entertainment System
                                                                  ORIG.     TITLE (IF
TITLE                TYPE         PUBLISHER       SYSTEMS         FORMAT    DIFFERENT)
=====                ====         =========       =======         ======    ==========

10-Yard Fight        Emu          I'Max           PS(J),Sat       Coin
720 Degrees          Port         Midway          GBC             Coin
720 Degrees (APP)    Port         Midway          PS              Coin
1941                 Port         Hudson          SGfx            Coin
1941 Counter         Port         Hudson          PCE(Hu)         Coin
1942                 Port         Capcom          GBC             Coin
1942 (CG1)           Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
1943 (CG1)           Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
1943 Kai             Port         Naxat           PCE(Hu)         Coin
1943 Kai (CG1)       Enh          Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
After Burner         Port         Sega            32X             Coin
After Burner II      Port         Sega,NEC Ave.   Gen,PCE(Hu)     Coin      After Burner
After Burner II      Emu          Sega,Work.Des.  Sat             Coin      After Burner
After Burner III     Port         Sega            GenCD           Coin      After Burner
Amidar               Port         Coconuts Japan  GB(J)           Coin
Antarctic Adventure  Emu          Konami          PS(J),Sat(J)    MSX,CV      
Arkanoid: Doh It     Enh          Taito           SN              Coin      Arkanoid
Arkanoid Returns     Enh          Taito           PS(J)           Coin      Arkanoid
Armor Battle (INTV)  Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Asteroids            Port         Accol.,Majesco  GB,GBC          Coin
Asteroids            Port,Enh     Majesco         GBC             Coin
Asteroids            Rem          Activision      PS              Coin
Asteroids (2A/MC)    Port         Nintendo        GB              Coin
Asteroids (AAH)      Emu          Hasbro Int.     PS              Coin
Asteroids (AAH1)     Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Asteroids (AGHA1)    Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin
Asteroids (AGHA1)    Port         Midway          SN              Coin
Asteroids Deluxe     Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Asteroids Hyper 64   Rem          Crave           N64             Coin      Asteroids
Astrosmash (INTV)    Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Atlantis (ACT)       Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Auto Racing (INTV)   Emu          Activision      PS              INTV      USAC Auto Racing
Ball (G&W1)          Port,Enh     Nintendo        GB              G&W
Ballblazer           Rem          LucasArts       PS              5200      Ballblazer
Barnstorming (ACT)   Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Baseball (INTV)      Emu          Activision      PS              INTV      Major League Baseball
Basketball (INTV)    Emu          Activision      PS              INTV      NBA Basketball
Battle City          Port         Nova            GB(J)           Coin      Tank Battalion
Battle City (NG1)    Rem          Namco           GB(J)           Coin      Tank Battalion
Battle Lode Runner   Enh          Hudson          PCE(Hu)         AT8,AP2   Lode Runner
Battlezone (AAH1)    Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Battlezone (AGHA1)   Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin
Battlezone (AGHA1)   Port         Midway          SN              Coin
Battlezone 2000      Enh          Atari           LX              Coin      Battlezone
Battlezone: Rise of  Rem          Crave           N64             Coin      Battlezone
   the Black Dogs
Blaster (AGHM2)      Emu          Midway          PS              Coin
Bosconian (NM1)      Emu          Namco           PS              Coin
Boulder Dash         Port         JVC (Victor)    GB(J)           AT8,Coin  
Boxing (ACT)         Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Boxing (INTV)        Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Breakout - The Great Rem          Hasbro          PS              Coin      Breakout
Breakout 2000        Port,Rem     Telegames       Jag             Coin      Breakout
Bubbles (MGAH1)      Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Bubbles (WAGH)       Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin
Bubble Bobble        Port         Taito           GB              Coin
Bubble Bobble (TVP)  Port         Taito           GB(J)           Coin
Bubble Bobble        Emu          Taito           PS              Coin
Bubble Bobble        Port         Metro3D         GBC             Coin      Bubble Bobble
Bubble Bobble:       Port         Taito           GB              Coin
   Part 2
Bubble Bobble Jr.    Port         Taito           GB(J)           Coin
Bubble Symphony      Rem          Taito           PS              Coin      Bubble Bobble
Burgertime Deluxe    Enh          Data East       GB              Coin      Burgertime
Buzz Bombers (INTV)  Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
California Games     Port         Epyx,Others     GB,Gen,LX       AT8,C64
California Games 2   Port         DTMC            SN              AT8,C64   California Games
Centipede            Port         Accolade        GB              Coin
Centipede            Port         Majesco, Tiger  GBC, GCom       Coin
Centipede            Rem          Atari           DC,PS           Coin
Centipede (AAH)      Emu          Hasbro Int.     PS              Coin
Centipede (AAH1)     Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Centipede (AC)       Port         Sega            Gen,GG          Coin
Centipede (AGHA1)    Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin
Centipede (AGHA1)    Port         Midway          SN              Coin
Centipede (2CM)      Port         Nintendo        GB              Coin
Chef (G&W2)          Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W
Chess (INTV)         Emu          Activision      PS              INTV      Chess
Choplifter II        Port         JVC             GB              AP2,AT8   Choplifter
Choplifter III       Rem          Extreme         Gen,SN          AP2,AT8   Choplifter
Chopper Command(ACT) Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Circus Charlie (KAC) Emu          Konami          PS              Coin
Cobra Command        Port         Renovation      GenCD           Coin 
Cobra Command        Port         Wolfteam        PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin      Thunderstorm 
   (TS/RB)                                                                     FX in Japan
Commando (CG4)       Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
Cosmic Commuter(ACT) Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Crackpots (ACT)      Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Crazy Balloon 2000   Port,Enh     Success         PS(J)           Coin      Crazy Balloon
Crazy Climber        Port,Enh     Nichibutsu      WS              Coin
Crazy Climber        Emu,Enh      Nichibutsu      PS(J)           Coin
Crazy Climber        Port,Enh     Nichibutsu      SFC             Coin
Crazy Climber 2000   Rem          Nichibutsu      PS(J)           Coin      Crazy Climber
Crush Roller         Port,Enh     ADK             NGP             Coin
Crystal Castles      Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Crystal Castles      Emu          Midway          PS              Coin
Defender (2DJ)       Port         Nintendo        GB              Coin
Defender (AHDJ)      Port         Midway          GBC             Coin
Defender (MGAH1)     Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Defender (WAGH)      Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin
Defender (WAGH)      Port         Tiger,Midway    GCom,Gen,SN     Coin
Defender II (WAGH)   Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin      Stargate
Defender II (WAGH)   Port         Tiger,Midway    GCom,Gen,SN     Coin      Stargate
Defender 2000        Port,Enh,Rem Atari           Jag             Coin      Defender
Dig Dug              Port         Namco           GB              Coin
Dig Dug (NG2)        Port,Enh     Namco           GB(J)           Coin
Dig Dug (NM3)        Emu          Namco           PS              Coin
Dig Dug (NM64)       Emu          Namco           N64             Coin
Dig Dug (NMDC)       Emu          Namco           DC              Coin
Dolphin (ACT)        Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Donkey Kong (G&W2)   Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             Coin
Donkey Kong          Port,Rem     Nintendo        GB              Coin
Donkey Kong Jr.      Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             Coin
Donkey Kong Jr. 2    Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             Coin      Donkey Kong Jr.
Dragon Buster        Emu          Namco           PS              Coin
Dragon's Lair        Enh          Data East       SN              Coin
Dragon's Lair        Port         Capcom          GBC             Coin
Dragon's Lair        Port         Readysoft       3DO,CDi,GenCD,  Coin
Dragon's Lair:       Enh          Sony Imag.      GB              Coin      Dragon's Lair
   The Legend
Dragster (ACT)       Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Egg (G&W3)           Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W
Elevator Action      Port         Taito           GB              Coin
Elevator Action (TVP)Port         Taito           GB(J)           Coin
Elevator Action EX   Enh          Altron          GBC(J)          Coin      Elevator Action
Elevator Action      Rem,Emu      Bing            Sat(J)          Coin      Elevator Action
Enduro (ACT)         Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Exed Exes (CG3)      Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
Excitebike 64        Rem          Nintendo        N64             Coin,NES  Excitebike
Fantasy Zone         Port         NEC Avenue      TG(Hu)          Coin
Fant. Zone (APG)     Port         Sega            Gen             Coin  
Fantasy Zone         Emu          Sega            Sat(J)          Coin  
Fire (G&W1)          Port,Enh     Nintendo        GB              G&W
Fishing Derby (ACT)  Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Flagman (G&W3)       Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W
Flicky               Port         Sega            Gen             Coin  
Flicky (SAMC1)       Emu          Sega            Sat(J)          Coin  
Football (INTV)      Emu          Activision      PS              INTV      NFL Football
Freeway (ACT)        Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Frisky Tom           Port         Nichibutsu      GB(J)           Coin
Frisky Tom (NAC1)    Emu,Enh      Nichibutsu      PS(J)           Coin  
Frisky Tom (NAC1)    Port,Enh     Nichibutsu      SFC             Coin  
Frogger              Port         Majesco, Tiger  GBC,GCom,Gen,SN Coin
Frogger              Rem          Hasbro          PS              Coin
Frogger (KGBC4)      Port         Konami          GB(J)           Coin
Frogger II           Rem          Majesco         GBC             Coin      Frogger
Frogger II: Swampy's Rem          Hasbro          DC,PS           Coin      Frogger
Frogger: The Great   Rem          Konami          PS2             Coin      Frogger
Frog Bog (INTV)      Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Frosbite (ACT)       Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Galaga (2GG)         Port         Nintendo        GB              Coin
Galaga               Port         Namco           GB              Coin  
Galaga: Destination  Rem          Hasbro,Majesco  PS,GBC          Coin      Galaga
Galaga (NM1)         Emu          Namco           PS              Coin  
Galaga (NM64)        Emu          Namco           N64             Coin
Galaga (NMDC)        Emu          Namco           DC              Coin  
Galaga (NMGBA)       Port         Namco           GBA             Coin
Galaga '88           Port         Namco           PCE(Hu)         Coin      Galaga,Galaga '88
Galaga '90           Port         Namco           Gen,TG(Hu)      Coin      Galaga,Galaga '88
Galaga '91           Port         Namco           GG              Coin      Galaga,Galaga '88
Galaxian (2GG)       Port         Nintendo        GB              Coin  
Galaxian (NG2)       Port         Namco           GB(J)           Coin
Galaxian (NM3)       Emu          Namco           PS              Coin  
Galaxian (NM64)      Emu          Namco           N64             Coin
Galaxian 3           Port         Namco           PS(J)           Coin      Galax.,Galaxian 3
Galaxy Wars          Port         Imagineer       SFC             Coin  
Gaplus (NM2)         Emu          Namco           PS              Coin
Gauntlet (AGHA2)     Port         Midway          PS              Coin  
Gauntlet II          Enh          Mindscape       GB              Coin      Gauntlet
Gauntlet IV          Port,Enh     Tengen          Gen             Coin      Gauntlet
Gauntlet Dark Legacy Rem          Midway          PS2             Coin      Gauntlet
Gauntlet Legends     Rem          Midway          DC,N64,PS       Coin      Gauntlet
Gauntlet: The        Port         Atari           LX              Coin
   Third Enc.
Ghosts 'N' Goblins   Port         Capcom,Bandai   GBC,WS          Coin
Ghosts 'N' Goblins   Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
Ghouls 'N' Ghosts    Port         Various         GB(J),Gen,SGfx, Coin      Ghosts 'N' Goblins
Ghouls 'N' Ghosts    Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin      Ghosts 'N' Goblins
Golf (INTV)          Emu          Activision      PS              INTV      PGA Golf
Grand Prix (ACT)     Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Gravitar (AAH1)      Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Greenhouse (G&W3)    Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W
Gunsmoke (CG4)       Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
Gyruss (KAC)         Emu          Konami          PS              Coin
Head On              Port         Sega,Tecmo      GB(J),GG(J)     Coin  
Head On (SAMC1)      Emu          Sega            Sat(J)          Coin
Helmet (G&W2)        Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W
H.E.R.O. (ACT)       Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Hockey (INTV)        Emu          Activision      PS              INTV      NHL Hockey
Hyper Crazy          Rem          Nichibutsu      PS(J)           Coin      Crazy Climber
Hyper Lode           Enh          Bandai          GB              AP2,AT8   Lode Runner
Hyper Sports 2       Emu          Konami          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin      Track and Field
Ice Hockey (ACT)     Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Int'l Track and      Rem          Konami          PS              Coin      Track and Field
Int'l Track and      Rem          Konami          PS              Coin      Track and Field
   Field 2000
Joust                Port         Shadowsoft      LX              Coin
Joust (2DJ)          Port         Nintendo        GB              Coin  
Joust (AHDJ)         Port         Midway          GBC             Coin
Joust (MGAH1)        Emu          Midway          DC,N64          Coin  
Joust (WAGH)         Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin  
Joust (WAGH)         Port         Tiger,Midway    GCom,Gen,SN     Coin
Joust 2 (AGHM2)      Emu          Midway          PS              Coin  
Joust 2 (MGAH2)      Emu          Midway          DC              Coin  
Jr. Pac-Man          Port         Namco           Gen             Coin
Judge (G&W3)         Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W
Kaboom! (ACT)        Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Karateka             Port         Shinsei Kogyo   GB(J)           AP2
Keystone Kapers(ACT) Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Kingdoms: The        Port         Interplay       3DO             Coin      Thayer's Quest
   Far Reaches
Klax                 Port         Tengen,Various  GB,Gen,GG,LX,   Coin  
Klax (APP)           Port         Midway          PS              Coin
Kung Fu Master       Port         Irem            GB              Coin 
Kung Fu Master       Emu          I'Max           PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
Laser Blast (ACT)    Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Lion (G&W3)          Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W
Lock 'N Chase        Port,Enh     Data East       GB              Coin
Lode Runner Extra    Rem          Patra           PS(J),Sat(J)    AT8,AP2   Lode Runner
Lode Runner          Rem,Enh      Natsume         PS              AT8,AP2   Lode Runner
Lode Runner 3D       Rem,Enh      Infogrames      N64             AT8,AP2   Lode Runner
Lode Run.: The       Enh          Patra           PS(J),Sat(J)    AT8,AP2   Lode Runner
   Legend Returns
Lode Runner: Lost    Enh          Pack-In-Video   PCE(Hu)         AT8,AP2   Lode Runner
Lunar Lander         Port,Enh     Pack-In-Video   GB(J)           Coin
Manhole (G&W1)       Port,Enh     Nintendo        GB              G&W
Mappy                Port,Enh     Namco           GB(J),GG(J)     Coin  
Mappy (NG1)          Port         Namco           GB(J)           Coin
Mappy (NM2)          Emu          Namco           PS              Coin  
Marble Madness       Port         EA              GB,Gen          Coin
Marble Madness       Port         Midway          GBC             Coin
Marble Mad. (AGHA2)  Port         Midway          PS              Coin  
Mario Bros. (G&W3)   Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             Coin
Mario Clash          Rem          Nintendo        Vboy            Coin      Mario Bros.
Megamania (ACT)      Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Mercs (CG4)          Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
Metro-Cross (NM5)    Emu          Namco           PS              Coin
Millipede (2CM)      Port         Nintendo        GB              Coin  
Millipede (AAH1)     Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Millipede (AGHA2)    Emu          Midway          PS              Coin
Miner 2049er         Port,Enh     Mindscape       GB              5200,AT8
Missile Command      Rem          Atari           PS              Coin
Missile Command      Port         Mindsc.,Majesco GB,GBC          Coin
Missile Com.(2A/MC)  Port         Nintendo        GB              Coin  
Missile Com. (AAH)   Emu          Hasbro Int.     PS              Coin
Missile Com. (AAH1)  Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Missile Com.(AC)     Port,Enh     Sega            Gen,GG          Coin
Missile Com.(AGHA1)  Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin  
Missile Com.(AGHA1)  Port         Midway          SN              Coin
Missile Com.(SA/MC)  Port         Atari           LX              Coin
Missile Com. 3D      Port,Rem     Atari           Jag             Coin      Missile Comm.
Monaco GP (SAMC2)    Emu          Sega            Sat(J)          Coin
Montezuma's Return   Rem,Port     Take Two Int.   GBC             2600      Mont. Revenge
Montezuma's Return   Rem,Emu      Take Two Int.   PS              2600      Mont. Revenge
Moon Cresta (NAC1)   Emu,Enh      Nichibutsu      PS (J)          Coin  
Moon Cresta (NAC1)   Port,Enh     Nichibutsu      SFC             Coin
Moon Patrol (AGHM2)  Emu          Midway          PS              Coin
Moon Patrol (AHSM)   Port         Midway          GBC             Coin
Moon Patrol (MGAH2)  Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Motocross (INTV)     Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Motorace USA (IAC)   Emu          I'Max           PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin      
Mr. Do!              Port         Ocean,TH*Q      GB,SN           Coin  
Ms. Pac-Man          Port         Namco,Others    GB,GG,LX,Gen,   Coin  
Ms. Pac-Man: Maze    Rem          Namco           DC,N64,PS       Coin      Ms. Pac-Man
Ms. Pac-Man Special  Enh,Port     Namco           GBC             Coin      Ms. Pac-Man
   Color Edition
Ms. Pac-Man (NM3)    Emu          Namco           PS              Coin
Ms. Pac-Man (NM64)   Emu          Namco           N64             Coin
Ms. Pac-Man (NMGBA)  Port         Namco           GBA             Coin
Ms. Pac-Man (PAC2)   Port         Williams        SN              Coin  
Night Stalker (INTV) Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Octopus (G&W1)       Port,Enh     Nintendo        GB              G&W
Oil Panic (G&W1)     Port,Enh     Nintendo        GB              G&W
Out Run              Port         Sega,NEC Ave.   GG,Gen,PCE(Hu)  Coin
Out Run (SAges)      Emu          Sega,Work. Des. Sat             Coin 
Outrunners           Enh          Sega            Gen             Coin      Out Run 
Pac-Land             Port         Namco,Various   Gen,LX,TG(Hu)   Coin
Pac-Land (NM4)       Emu          Namco           PS              Coin  
Pac-Man              Port         Namco           GB,GG           Coin
Pac-Man              Port,Rem     SNK             NGP             Coin
Pac-Man (NM1)        Emu          Namco           PS              Coin  
Pac-Man (NM64)       Emu          Namco           N64             Coin
Pac-Man (NMDC)       Emu          Namco           DC              Coin  
Pac-Man (PAC2)       Port         Namco           Gen,SN          Coin
Pac-Man Fever        Enh          Namco           GBA             Coin      Pac-Man, 
Pac-Man Special      Enh,Port     Namco           GBC             Coin      Pac-Man
   Color Edition
Pac-Man World        Rem          Namco           PS              Coin      Pac-Man
   20th Anniversary
Pac-Mania            Port         Tengen          Gen             Coin  
Pac-Mania (NM5)      Emu          Namco           PS              Coin
Paperboy             Port         Various         GB,Gen,LX       Coin  
Paperboy (AGHA2)     Port         Midway          PS              Coin
Paperboy             Enh          Midway          GBC             Coin
Paperboy             Rem          Midway          N64             Coin
Paperboy 2           Port,Enh     Mindscape       GB,SN           Coin      Paperboy
Parachute (G&W2)     Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W
Parasol Stars        Port         Taito           PCE(Hu)         Coin      Bubble Bobble
Pengo                Port         Sega            GG(J)           Coin
Pengo                Port,Enh,Rem Sega            MD              Coin
Pengo (SAMC1)        Emu          Sega            Sat(J)          Coin  
Pinball (INTV)       Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Pitfall! (ACT)       Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Pitfall 3D           Rem          Activision      GB,PS           2600      Pitfall!
Pitfall: Beyond      Rem,Port     Crave           GBC             2600      Pitfall!
   The Jungle
Pitfall: The         Rem,Port     Activ.,Atari    Gen,GenCD,Jag,  2600      Pitfall!
   Mayan Adv.                                        SN
Pitfall: The 
   Mayan Adv.        Rem          Majesco         GBA             2600      Pitfall!
Plaque Attack (ACT)  Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Pole Position        Emu          Namco           PS              Coin  
Pole Position        Emu          Namco           N64             Coin
Pole Position        Emu          Namco           DC              Coin  
Pole Position        Port         Namco           GBA             Coin  
Pole Position II     Emu          Namco           PS              Coin
Pong                 Rem          Majesco,Atari   GBC,PS          Coin
Pong (AAH)           Emu          Hasbro Int.     PS              Coin
Pong (AAH1)          Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Pong (AC)            Port,Enh     Sega            Gen,GG          Coin  
Pooyan (KAC)         Emu          Konami          PS              Coin
Power Drift          Port         Asmik           PCE(Hu)         Coin
Q*Bert               Rem          Atari,Majesco   DC,PS,GBC       Coin
Q*Bert               Port         Jaleco          GB              Coin  
Q*Bert 3             Rem          NTVIC           SN              Coin      Q*Bert
Qix                  Port         Nintendo,Teleg. GB,LX           Coin
Qix 2000             Port,Enh     Success         PS(J)           Coin      Qix
Qix Adventure        Enh          Natsume         GBC             Coin      Qix
Radar Mission        Port         Nintendo        GB(J)           Coin      Radar Scope
Rainbow Islands      Port         Taito           PCE(Hu)         Coin      Bubble Bobble
Rainbow Islands      Emu/Enh      Taito           PS              Coin      Bubble bobble
Rally-X (NM1)        Emu          Namco           PS              Coin  
Rampage (APP)        Port         Midway          PS              Coin
Rampage (MGAH2)      Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Rampage: World       Enh          Midway          GBC             Coin
Rampage: World       Rem          Midway          PS              Coin      Rampage
Rampage 2: Universal Rem          Midway          GBC,N64,PS      Coin      Rampage
Rampage Through Time Rem          Midway          PS              Coin      Rampage
Rampart              Port         Midway,Atari    GBC,LX
River Raid (ACT)     Emu          Activision      PS              2600
River Raid II (ACT)  Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Road Fighter (KAC)   Emu          Konami          PS              Coin
Robotron: 2084       Port         Shadowsoft      LX              Coin
Robotron: 2084       Emu          Midway          DC,N64          Coin  
Robotron: 2084       Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin  
Robotron: 2084       Port         Tiger,Midway    GCom,Gen,SN     Coin
Robotron 64          Rem          Crave           N64             Coin      Robotron: 2084
Robotron X           Rem          Midway          PS              Coin      Robotron: 2084
Roc 'N' Rope (KAC)   Emu          Konami          PS              Coin
Root Beer Tapper     Emu          Midway          PS              Coin      Tapper
Root Beer Tapper     Emu          Midway          N64             Coin      Tapper
Root Beer Tapper     Emu          Midway          DC              Coin      Tapper
Satan's Hollow       Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Scramble (KAC)       Emu          Konami          PS              Coin
Seaquest (ACT)       Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Sea Battle (INTV)    Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Shao Lin's Road (KAC)Emu          Konami          PS              Coin
Shark! Shark! (INTV) Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Sinistar (MGAH1)     Emu          Midway          DC,N64          Coin
Sinistar (WAGH)      Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin
Sinistar (WAGH)      Port         Tiger,Midway    GCom,Gen,SN     Coin  
Skiing (ACT)         Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Skiing (INTV)        Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Sky Jinks (ACT)      Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Smash TV (APP)        Port         Midway         PS              Coin
Snafu (INTV)         Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Soccer (INTV)        Emu          Activision      PS              INTV      NASL Soccer
Son Son (CG3)        Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
Space Ace            Rem          Absolute        SN              Coin
Space Ace            Port         ReadySoft       3DO,CDi,GenCD,  Coin  
Space Armada (INTV)  Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Space Battle (INTV)  Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Space Chaser 2000    Port,Enh     Success         PS(J)           Coin      Space Chaser
Space Harrier        Port         NEC Ave.        PCE(Hu)         Coin
Space Harrier        Port         Sega            32X             Coin
Space Harrier        Emu          Sega,Work. Des. Sat             Coin  
Space Harrier        Emu          Sega            Sat(J)          Coin
   Special Pak
Space Harrier II     Enh          Sega            Gen             Coin      Space Harrier
Space Hawk (INTV)    Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Space Invaders       Port,Enh     Sunsoft         WS              Coin  
Space Invaders       Port         Taito,Various   GB,PCE(CD2),    Coin  
Space Invaders       Port,Rem     Taito           Vboy(J)         Coin
Space Invaders       Emu          Taito           PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin  
Space Invaders       Enh          Taito           PCE(Hu)         Coin  
Space Invaders       Rem,Emu      Activision      GBC,N64,PS      Coin
Space Invaders '91   Port,Enh     Taito           Gen,GG          Coin      Space Invaders
Space Invaders 2000  Port,Rem     Taito           PS(J)           Coin      Space Invaders
Space Invaders XL    Port,Rem     Taito           NUON            Coin      Space Invaders
Space Invaders/      Emu          Taito           Sat(J)          Coin
   Puzzle Bobble
Spider Fighter (ACT) Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Spiker! Super (INTV) Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
   Pro Volleyball
Spitball Sparky      Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W
Splat! (AGHM2)       Emu          Midway          PS              Coin  
Spy Hunter (AGHM2)   Emu          Midway          PS              Coin
Spy Hunter (AHSM)    Port         Midway          GBC             Coin
Spy Hunter (MAGH1)   Emu          Midway          N64             Coin
Spy Hunter (MGAH2)   Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Spy Hunter           Rem          Midway          PS2             Coin
Spy Vs. Spy: Oper.   Enh          Jaleco          GB              AT8,C64   Spy vs. Spy
   Booby Trap
Stadium Mud (INTV)   Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Stampede (ACT)       Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Stargate (MGAH1)     Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Starmaster (ACT)     Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Star Strike (INTV)   Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Sub Hunt (INTV)      Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Super Asteroids      Enh          Atari           LX              Coin      Asteroids
Super Breakout       Port         Majesco         GBC             Coin
Super Breakout (AAH) Emu          Hasbro Int.     PS              Coin
Super Breakout(AAH1) Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Super Breakout       Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin  
Super Breakout       Port         Midway          SN              Coin
Super Cobra (KAC)    Emu          Konami          PS              Coin
Super Cobra (MSX2)   Port         Konami          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
Super Ghouls 'N'     Port         Capcom          SN              Coin      Ghosts 'N' Goblins
Super Ghouls 'N'     Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin,SN   Ghosts 'N' Goblins
   Ghosts (CG2)
Super Mario 64       Rem          Nintendo        N64             Coin,NES  Mario Bros.
Super Mario Advance  Enh          Nintendo        GBA             Coin,NES  Mario Bros.
Super Mario          Port,Enh     Nintendo        SN              Coin,NES  Mario Bros.
Super Mario Bros.    Port         Nintendo        GBC             Coin,NES  Mario Bros.
Super Mario Land     Rem          Nintendo        GB              Coin,NES  Mario Bros.
Super Mario Land     Rem          Nintendo        GB              Coin,NES  Mario Bros.
  II: 6 G.C.
Super Mario World    Rem          Nintendo        SN              Coin,NES  Mario Bros.
SMW II: Yoshi's      Rem          Nintendo        SN              Coin,NES  Mario Bros.
Super Pac-Man        Emu          Namco           PS              Coin  
Super Pac-Man (MSCE) Port         Namco           GBC             Coin
Super Pro (INTV)     Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Super Punch-Out      Rem          Nintendo        SN              Coin      Punch-Out
Super Sprint (APP)   Port         Midway          PS              Coin
Taito Memorial:      Port         Jordan          GBC(J)          Coin      Bubble Bobble
   Bubble Bobble
Tempest (AAH)        Emu          Hasbro Int.     PS              Coin
Tempest (AAH1)       Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Tempest (AGHA1)      Emu          Midway          PS,Sat          Coin  
Tempest (AGHA1)      Port         Midway          SN              Coin
Tempest 2000         Rem,Enh,Port Atari,Interplay Jag,Sat         Coin      Tempest
Tempest X3           Rem,Enh,Port Interplay       PS              Coin      Tempest
Tennis (ACT)         Emu          Activision      PS              2600
Tennis (INTV)        Emu          Activision      PS              INTV
Terra Cresta 2       Port         Nichibutsu      PCE(Hu)         Coin      Terra Cresta
Terra Cresta 3D      Rem          Nichibutsu      PS              Coin      Terra Cresta
Time Pilot (KAC)     Emu          Konami          PS              Coin
Tom Strikes Back     Emu          Nichibutsu      PS              Coin      Frisky Tom
Toobin'              Port         Midway          GBC             Coin
Toobin' (APP)        Port         Midway          PS              Coin
Tower of Druaga      Port         Namco           GB(J)           Coin
Tower of Druaga      Emu          Namco           PS              Coin
Track & Field        Port         Konami          GB              Coin  
Turbo Out Run        Port         Sega            MD              Coin      
Turtle Bridge (G&W3) Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W
Ultimate Qix         Port         Taito           Gen             Coin      Qix
Up 'N Down (SAMC1)   Emu          Sega            Sat(J)          Coin      
Vermin (G&W2)        Port,Enh     Nintendo        GBC             G&W       
Vulgus (CG3)         Port         Capcom          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin
Warlords (AAH1)      Emu          Midway          DC              Coin
Wolfenstein 3-D      Rem          Various         3DO,Jag,SN      AP2,AT8   Castle Wolfenst.
Xevious              Port,Enh     Namco           PCE(Hu)         Coin  
Xevious (NM2)        Emu          Namco           PS              Coin
Xevious 3D+G         Rem,Enh,Emu  Namco           PS              Coin      Xevious
Yars' Revenge        Rem          Telegames       GBC             2600
Yie Ar Kung Fu (KAC) Port         Konami          PS              Coin
Yie Ar Kung Fu       Port         Konami          GB(J)           Coin
Yie Ar Kung Fu       Emu          Konami          PS(J),Sat(J)    Coin,MSX 
Zaxxon Motherb.      Rem          Sega            32X             Coin      Zaxxon