July 25, 2001

For immediate release:

LOS ANGELES, CA -- Long-time Atari 2600 supporter Cyberpunks Entertainment recently announced their donation of 100 "Stella Gets a New Brain" CDs to accompany the pending release of Schell's Electronics' Cuttle Cart for the Atari 2600.

"It makes sense that a next-generation Supercharger-like device for the 2600 be released with the Supercharger games," commented Glenn Saunders, owner of Cyberpunks Entertainment. "Because of the Cuttle Cart's high manufacturing costs and corresponding high price, donating the Stella CDs gives consumers more value at the same price."

"It's very generous of Cyberpunks Entertainment to donate these CDs for distribution with the Cuttle Cart. Their inclusion really completes the Cuttle Cart package by providing a wealth of high quality games ready for immediate play," commented Chad Schell, owner of Schell's Electronics and designer of the Cuttle Cart. "Making the Cuttle Cart more attractive to consumers is very important in making the Cuttle Cart an effective means of distributing new games by increasing the number of units sold, and thus increasing the distribution base for new games. This donation is just another example of the Cyberpunk's continuing efforts to support and preserve the Atari 2600."

The Cuttle Cart is a device that allows one to load games into an Atari 2600 using an audio interface such as a CD player, similar to (and compatible with) the Starpath Supercharger, but also expanded to support all known cartridge sizes and formats. It makes a great development tool and distribution medium for new games, which can be created using freely available development tools. Finally you can play all those prototypes, homebrew games, and extremely rare titles on the real 2600 just like they're intended to be played.

"Stella Gets a New Brain" is a multi-session audio CD/CD-ROM containing all the released (and unreleased) Starpath Supercharger titles such as "Communist Mutants from Space" and "Escape From the Mindmaster", as well as the best of recent homebrew titles like "Oystron". Other features include the song "Atari 2600" by the band Splitsville, a data portion containing a wealth of technical material on the 2600 and the Supercharger, with a large number of images of scanned materials, and a deluxe full-size booklet compiling the Starpath manuals. The CD has a retail value of $20 and is sold mail-order at the company website (see below).

Cyberpunks Entertainment are digital archaeologists for the Atari 2600.
Please visit the company web site at for updates.

Schell's Electronics is a producer of development systems for classic video game consoles like the Atari 2600 and the Mattel Intellivision. For more information see their web site at

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