Atari Mirai Prototype

This one has all of us perplexed. Judging by its XE Game System-like design and liberal use of pastel colors, we reckon that Mirai was a mock-up of a proposed late 80's game console. That's about the extent of it. If it weren't for the faceplate with "Mirai" written on it, we wouldn't have a clue of anything about this thing.

At first, we thought that it might be an early mock-up for a game machine based on the ST line of 16 and 32-bit Atari computers. Upon further inspection, however, we noticed the massive size of the cartridge slot... it's HUGE! Then we began to wonder if it wasn't something that Atari and SNK were discussing behind the scenes -- an Atari version of the Neo Geo, perhaps? Well, the Mirai's cartridge port would effortlessly swallow an already-hulking Neo Geo cartridge and spit it out for lunch. What about the unreleased Panther machine? The color and design scheme doesn't fit the time frame in which Panther was being developed (early 1990's). We're going to stop splitting our hairs over this one, and let you guys theorize on what this darned thing is. The only other thing worth noting is that Mirai means "future" in Japanese. Thankfully, the future as the Atari Mirai saw it was never realized.

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