A new addition to the AGH staff, Marty Goldberg is the guy responsible for the exciting fresh look of the site as well as the cornucopia of new content. Multi-talented is his middle name, and besides his demonstrable programming, art, and writing skills he is also a musician and teaches Wing Chun kung fu.

Marty has been a video game fan since first walking into a bowling alley and playing Breakout back in the mid '70's as a young kid. Now a grown Gen-x'er, over the years his passion has grown to include a large collection of computers, game consoles and video game memorabilia. He was also fortunate to attend the Consumer Electronics show from the late 80's onward, where he had a chance to see the home console industry from it's revival days through to the early 3D era.

Besides AGH, Marty is also the curator of the Museum of Home Video Gaming as well as editor of the internationally known and respected ClassicGaming.Com online magazine/website. After running the Computing and Video Gaming museum for Jagfest in 2001, Marty joined with the Dan Loosen and Gary Heil of the Goat Store to put on the Midwest Classic - which is fast becoming a major retro computing/gaming convention.

Through his time in the collecting and gaming scene, he has also had the opportunity to talk with, interview, and strike friendships with many notables of the past and present video game industry. Besides using his considerable knowledge of gaming history for these websites, he is also currently involved in writing a book on Atari from 1972-Present. Likewise, he also lends a helping hand to those working on their own projects, articles, or research in an effort to give back to the passion that has brought so much joy in his life.

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