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2 Vectrex Computer Articles
Submitted by UB30

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from Popular Science, October, 1983...

"New add-ons turn

by Myron Berger


Model name: Keyboard
Price: $200
RAM: 16k
RAM maximum: 64k
Data storage: Wafer-tape
Modem connection: serial
Built in programs: BASIC
[And, from another source:
Display Size: 2000-4000 vector drawn characters]

Vectrex is a game system that integrates a black-and-white video monitor using X-Y or vector-scan technology. (lines are drawn between two plotted points for greater speed over conventional raster scanning, which must create dots one scan unit at a time.)

Vectrex showed a prototype of its proposed computer add-on at a recent trade show [CES]. Hope Neiman, a company official, said the device would probably be available by 1984.

The add-on will use a standard keyboard with programmable keys--their function depends on the software you're using. It will also have a HELP key: Press it, and you get information about specific programs and procedures. Price? Between $100 and $200, says Neiman.

External storage will be available on an optional wafer-tape drive for saving up to 128k bytes of data.

...If you like suspence, wait for the Vectrex; in 1984, we'll see exactly what the system is like.

and Creative Computing, November, 1983...

"Computer Benchmarks"

by David H. Ahl

[The article uses a simple 6-line BASIC program to benchmark the speed, mathematical accuracy, and true random number generation abilities of 22 then-popular computers. In all three catagories, the lower the figure, the better. The article states that the results are from a prototype Vectrex BASIC cart, but doesn't say that they actually had one.]

Computer Time (speed) Accuracy     Random
Olivetti M20 0:13 .0114136 6.2
Computer Devices DOT 0:22 .005859375 7.1
IBM PC 0:24 .01159668 6.3
GCE Vectrex 0:33 .0753174 0.9
Laser 2001 0:40 .0003272295 17.4
Panasonic JR2000 0:57 .00021481514 15.1
Mattel Aquarius 1:17 .187805 10.0
NEC PC-8201 1:44 .187805 9.3
VIC 20 1:49 .0010414235 23.7
Commodore 64 1:53 .0010414235 8.9
Apple II Plus 1:53 .0010414235 12.0
Apple IIe 1:53 .0010414235 12.0
TRS-80 Model III 1:59 .0338745 5.8
Micro Color Computer 1:59 .000596284867 7.6
Atari 2600 Graduate 2:15 .000224679708 7.9
Color Computer 2:23 .000596284867 7.3
Epson HX-20 2:36 .0338745 23.8
SpectraVideo 318/328 3:40 .0000002058 12.4
TRS-80 Model 100 4:54 .0000002058 12.4
Casio FP-200 5:05 .00723 30.3
TI CC-40 5:41 .00000011 6.2
Atari 400/800 6:48 .012959 22.8



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