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Minestorm Rememberance

by Pete

I remember one time I got to level 34 (I'm pretty sure, it was almost 15 years ago) on Mine Storm. I remember this event so vividly because of the anticipation of waiting for the next level to appear (I'm sure anyone with a fond memory of the Vectrex can remember the spuradic nature of Mine Storm). I had amassed a formidable amount of men and was sailing through levels like nobody's business. Invisible mines, and strange stick mines were flashing by in a blur as I racked up some ungodly high score. I, oblivious to the world around me as strange new levels absorbed all of my attention. Only the occasional background voice diverted my attention occasionally.

Suddenly, in mid-play, everything went blank. No more high score, no more strange more power! My mother had been calling me to supper for quite sometime and decided that flipping the circuit breaker would get my attention. All I can say is that it took game developers way too long to develope the pause feature.

Another rememorable event was when I discovered that Mine Storm took on a whole new look when the brightness was turned up to the max.

Hope you find these memories at least amusing if not useful.


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