Flat Eric

Flat Eric visited me this week end. It is large nostalgic of the old video plays too him. [It's very nostalgic to play classic video games with him, too. (?)] It was even implied in step badly of project of the time to knowing [?]: Prototype of Vectrex color (only yellow), yellow MO5, etc. Alas, the problem is that Flat Eric is dumb... thus I did not learn a lot. Not serious, one [we?] played.

Flat played the Vec a lot. He initially had small problems because of those 4 stiff fingers but then, he has an imparrable[?] technique on Minestorm.


Inevitably, Flat made a point of testing the 3D glasses and seems to have liked that. After this experiment, he jumped in all the directions by tapping his hands[?]... Flat is weird sometimes.


Flat made a point of being connected to answer his mail. I benefitted from it to present our 8-bit club to him. Flat then made me understand that he wanted to see "the initiative list" indexing all the hardware[?] of French collectors. When I said to him that this list had fallen out of use because of the tardiness[?] of some, he appeared pained and it is not funny to see Flat Eric sad...


This is when I told Flat that David Winter had sold an Odyssey on the Net for 8000 balls on Ibazar. When I told him that it was a canulard [an extra?], he was relieved.


But Flat had come with his favorite electronic game and he spent all night going make beep beep on his thing...I told you that Flat is weird sometimes, but otherwise he is very cool.

Contact: sap1@club-internet.fr



Translation by Altavista Translations with some sprucing by Lee K Seitz.