Since I started up the page people have been sending me all sorts of stuff. Usually I wait until I accumulate a lot of it and then put it on the web page at once, but I still had a lot of scans of stuff that I didn't know what to do with. So I put them here. They basically cover everything that I didn't bother making a separate page for. Enjoy.

Those essential Nintendo accessories

Wanna know how to be cool in the late 80s? Look no further than the Nintendo Power catalog, full of clothes, room accessories and so on. It's too bad they don't have a Mario 8-track player. These pics come courtesy of AstroBot on #emu.

A cup filled with Mario pencils,
a tabletop pinball game,
a cool-ass radio complete with microphone so you can sing along with Madonna and Cyndi Lauper and Wham! and so on,
and those all important pajamas.

Multikarts galore

In Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, etc. various manufacturers released about five trillion of these pirate multicarts (the NES has the honor of being the first system to really start the Asian piracy scene, although there was some Atari 2600 piracy as well.)

Here's a typical example of a 4-in-1 multi. Multi's went on a huge range from 2 games to something like 512 (although the more games in the cart, the more likely that some of those games are just one game modified slightly. I've seen a "268 in 1" where about 50 of the variations were Contra with different variations (start with spreader, start on different levels, etc.)

Here's the back of the same cart. The label basically says the same thing as the back label of NES games - don't immerse this in water, don't store in really high temperatures, etc.

Another thing that several trillion companies in Hong Kong made were Famicom-to-NES adapters (pictured here with a 42-in-1 multi). Most people have heard of the HoneyBee adapter, but I've seen at least three other types, all of which have no manufacturer listed..

Some multis were made for the NES, but not too many, and they're pretty rare, which I guess is a testament to Nintendo of America's predatorial method of dealing with competition. Here's a 110-in-1 which lists all the games on the label..

Thanx to AstroBot and AlanD for these.

Some odd-ass single cart pirates

AlanD also has eight (8) NES carts from some company named Hong Kong Game Cartridge Co., Ltd. These are definitely weird - not only are they pirate NES games, but for some reason HKGC decided to release them all singly, as opposed to the multicart mayhem of everyone. The cart labels are all original, and are all extremely cheesy and funny to see. Check 'em out:

Protos and promo carts

Jay Tilton found two extremely strange NES carts at a pawn shoppe.

One of them was a demo cart for World Champ from Romstar. These carts were the ones that fell into the hands of video game magazine journalists for review purposes, or at trade shows and stuff and so on. The game is the same as the released version as the label indicates; note the white-out and crossed-out writing on the label. :) This cart is also noticeably heavier than an NES cart (since EPROMs are heavier than ROMs).

The other cart he found was a true prototype version of Terminator 2: Judgement Day. When a coder wanted to see how his game was coming along he would take the PRG/CHR sections, put 'em on EPROMs, put the EPROMs on a cart (suitably butchered for ease of insertion) and plug it in. This particular version of T2 (marked 7-15; the game was released early 1992) is nowhere near complete. There's a level select screen at the beginning, but three of the levels are non-selectable. The gun has no effect on enemies, and punching only kills some of them as well. You can hold down a button to increase your score. And so on.

You have to wonder how much the guy who had these asked the pawn shop owner for. Jay got these carts for $5 each. :)

Worlds of power

Scholastic Books made a series of 5-6 books for kids based on famous Nintendo games. Here are four:

I only have the Blaster Master one, so I can tell you about that. It's 119 pages of thrill and suspense.

Jason has a pet frog named Fred, they find a radioactive chest in the swamp, Fred mutates into a big ass frog and falls in, Jason falls in and runs into a huge armored vehicle, SOPHIA 3rd, piloted by an alien shapeshifer namd Eve (I like imagining Rei from Evangelion while reading). They go thru the levels together, with Jason going in and fighting the bosses. Along the way, Eve disappears and is replaced by Jason's friend Alex who was looking for his pet lizard or lobster or something (actually, both, but Alex kind of forgets about the lizard later on), and Alex shoots Eve and Jason gets all pissed at him but Alex swears it was some monster pretending to be Eve, then Jason has to fight against Fred the horribly mutated frog and he's emotionally drained but ok, he does it, and he kills off the Plutonium Boss too eventually, and Jason and Alex and Eve have a good laugh once they get back to the surface, and the funniest thing is that after the end of the novel how the author lists some other books he thinks you'd like to read and they're all like books like A Wrinkle in Time or The War of the Worlds when it's obvious that none of those books could POSSIBLY compare to this.

Highly recommended!! Thanx to Kalla of #rgvc for these pix.

And so on

From Valis- (no relation to the TG16 Valis, note the "-") we have scans of:

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