#3: Ninja Gaiden (AL Singer)

This one actually follows the game for the most part (as it should since the game actually provided a sensible plot). Ryu Hayabusa is a totally awesome ninja (hmm, this was coming along right at the height of the ninja craze). His father, Ken, was an archaeologist who found something in South America that was so amazingly bad that he managed to conjure up some kind of mega demon that he dies trying to kill (he's a ninja/archaeologist, by the way). His co-archaeologist, "Dr. Randolph Wimple, shining star of the University of Peru archaeology department", is told by Ken to run away and change his name and so on to cover up what he discovers.

In any case, Ryu, upon becoming a totally awesome master ninja, is given a letter to him from Ken telling him to go see Dr. Walter Smith (who is what the guy changed his name to) in America. On the way there, Ryu gets shot by some FBI chick who gives him the 'dark' demon statue. Walter explains the whole statue thing to him, and is really pissed off that Ryu has the dark demon statue since -he- has the light demon statue, and when they meet under an eclipse (which is in a few hours), there's a lot of evil and stuff!!!

Someone makes off with the dark demon statue, and when Ryu retrieves it, he returns to find Dr. Smith dead and the light demon statue stolen. So, he follows the Jaquio through the game's levels, and eventually finds his "lair" or whatever.

There, he finds his father (who doesn't die, like in the game, since this is Worlds of Power and no one's supposed to die) and kills everyone off, so everything turns out ok in the end. Plus, Ryu falls for the FBI chick (who isn't named in the book until the very end, just like the game).

Rating: 7/10

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