Myriad 6-in-1, number 514 (oh, whoopee). The boxes are also numbered.
Note the original Caltron label under the slapped-on Myriad label.
Around 1992, Caltron released a six-in-one multicart in the US. The true origin of these games is a bit unclear; some of the games, such as Bookyman, have turned up on pirate multicarts and other pieces of Taiwan hardware, indicating a Chinese origin. In any case, soon after Caltron stopped producing their version of the 6-in-1 a company in Texas called Myriad Games, Inc. bought the rights to the carts. According to Myriad's press release, they were going to release the 6-in-1 to video stores only; the retail price was $75.

The cart pictured above is the Myriad version, which seems to be a little easier to find than the Caltron version. Myriad apparantly bought all of Caltron's remaining 6in1 stock; if you peel their label away you'll have, more or less, a Caltron 6in1 since Myriad simply slapped their label on top of Caltron's... a bit of a shame since Myriad's label and box are all simple text, while Caltron used an art style that can be described as "pirate-cart-like" for their version.

The games themselves? They're actually not bad at all, for a change. Click below to explore:

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