Yeah, that's all it really is. Actually, there's also a ribbon to help you get the thing out of the NES when you're done playing, but I didn't put that in the picture.

For one reason or another, the HoneyBee was/is the most popular FC-to-NES converter out there, and (assuming you don't feel like searching for an Excitebike or Stack-up or something that has a converter inside of it) is pretty much indispensible for stateside Family Computer hijinx.

Honey Bee Soft is another obscure Taiwanese company whose niche is in making these little userful convertors between various systems. They're still around today; in fact, they had a booth at this year's E3 convention, hawking N64 convertors and cheap memory cards.

The box is thing I dig about this product. "FAMILY CONVERTOR" blares the title, using the same font as Nintendo used to write " Family Computer" on its consoles. Honey Bee Soft's logo bears a suspicious similarity to a certain other game company's.. I just can't quite seem to place it, somehow...

(note: the above is sarcasm. thanks anyway to the five or so people who mailed me the name of the company.)

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