Pyramids of Ra is an unreleased game from Matchbox for the NES (it was released on Game Boy, though). Pictured below is Scarabeus, which is the same game with a little more coding work completed.

The two carts were found by NES archive goofball Mike Etler when they were packed in with an order of several hundred NES carts from a wholesaler.

The game itself is kind of like the "Bomb Disposal" sections of Ultimate Stuntman. You have a little grid with numbers, and each time you hit a number it goes down by one until it hits 0 and disappears. Your object is to go across and clear the entire board without being stranded. It's a pretty fun game, actually. Both carts have a menu at the beginning that lets you select levels to play, along with some other options. On both games, interestingly enough, the graphics themselves are still black and white; I guess they converted the graphics directly from the Game Boy version and didn't color them in yet.

Pic. Mike Etler

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