Kart Fighter is another HK original production; in fact, it may be from the same outfit that produced Super HIK 1998 4 in 1 (the warning on the back of both carts is in exactly the same style).

Simply put, Kart Fighter is a SF2-type game starring the characters from Super Mario Kart. You can play as Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, the lovely princess, Toad, Donkey Kong, Bowser, and a turtle. Like other HK games, there's really no ending. Once you fight Bowser after beating everyone else, you fight a clone of yourself, then Bowser again, then the clone, then Bowser...

Everyone has more or less the same moves.. you can kick, you can punch, you can do the same stuff while jumping around. Several fighters have "charge" attacks, most have fireball-style attacks, and so on. Yoshi is the most fun to play, of course - watch him get back at Mario for all that time he's taken advantage of him! He also has the amazing "tongue attack"!!

This is definitely the highest-quality HK work i've seen; the backgrounds and sprites are excellently drawn and look like they fit into the SMB games (they ripped some graphics from Little Nemo: The Dream Master in one background). The game plays at a very fast clip, and flicker is almost nonexistant. Even the music's good! (an extreme rarity in HK-Land...) The only thing missing: A 2-player mode.

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