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W elcome to the new Famicom Disk System section! I'll be working hard to increase the number of reviews and scans in this part of the page in the coming days 'n' weeks, so stay tuned!

Despite the best efforts of us webmasters, there is still very little information about the FDS in English. Most people know it from playing some games on an emulator, or how Super Mario Bros. 2 was based on some disk game, or by seeing all those pirate disks and copies of FDS Zelda on Ebay go for way too much. I want to demystify this system - Nintendo in Japan spent almost two years of the FC's life working exclusively on the Disk System and there's a ton of games, special contests, literature, and other pieces of legacy remaining.

Despite what anyone on eBay says, FDS disks are not all that extremely rare in Japan. Go to a flea market or two and you'll definitely find at least a couple piles of disks at one stand or another. Many games don't have that much value either, as Nintendo still lets you copy new games onto disks if you send them some in the mail. As a result, the only things that are worth real dough are games that Nintendo aren't copying anymore (due to licensing or whatnot) or games that came with freebies. Hopefully I can get some more of these...

Anyway, enjoy the page and look forward to more in the future!


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FDS Developer Disks from Nintendo

Ai Senshi Nicol from Konami
Air Foot from VAP
Akai Yousai (Red Fortress) from Konami
Akumajo Dracula from Konami
Almana no Kiseki from Konami
Apple Town Story from Square/DOG
Aspic from Bothtec
Bio Miracle: Boku tte Upa from Konami
Meikyu Jiin Dababa from Konami
Dirty Pair from Bandai
Druid from Jaleco
Exciting Baseball from Konami
Falsion from Konami
Golf Japan Course from Nintendo
Golf US Course from Nintendo
Hao's Mysterious Journey from Square/DOG
Marine-gumi from Bandai
Othello from Kawada
Palutena no Kagami from Nintendo
Pro Golfer Saru from Bandai
Super Mario Bros. 2 from Nintendo
Tokimeki High School from Nintendo

3d Hot Rally from Nintendo
Big Challenge! Dogfight Spirit from Jaleco
Bodycon Quest I from Hacker
Deep Dungeon from Humming Bird Soft/Square
Mato no Houkai from Pony Canyon
Omoikkiri Tanteidan Hard-gumi from Bandai
Replicart from Taito
Samurai Sword from Capcom
Sokoban Special from ASCII
Titanic Mystery from Gakken
Topple Zip from Bothtec
Ultraman from Bandai
Vs. Excitebike from Nintendo
Wardner no Mori from Taito
Yuu-Maze from Taito
Yuushi no Monsho (Deep Dungeon 2) from Square/DOG
YuuYuuKi (pt.1) from Nintendo

Pirate software

Altered Beast
Chase HQ
Final Mission
Fire Rock
Green Beret
Heavy Barrel
Ice Hockey
Kamen Rider Black
Power Blazer
Rockman 2
Street Fighter 2010
Super Contra

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