There's a fair amount of secret graphics and stuff you can access by hitting various buttons:

  • White bird: Hold down A on controller 2 and use the mike.
  • Rabbit: On controller 2 hit A 15 times then B 15 times.
  • "The Scream": Hit B five times on controller 2.
  • Buds: When your girl is watering the plants, repeatedly hit Up on controller 2.
  • White elephant: On controller 1 hit Select 13 times, then Right once.
  • Falling off stairs: When the girl is going up the stairs, and is between the 2nd and 3rd steps, use the mike. When going downstairs, hold down A and B on controller 2 and use the mike.
  • Cat droppings: When the cat is on the 3rd floor hold down Left on controller 2.
  • Get both the girl and the cat mad at you: In the fortune telling section enter some impossible date of birth.
  • Change the music: When the girl is playing the piano, hit Reset to change the tune.